World of Jazz 421

Ben Zucker "Moths Eating The Wallpaper Of Concorde" from Fifth Season (Amalgam Records) 00:00Jane Ira Bloom and Mark Helias "Willing" from Some Kind of Tomorrow (Bandcamp) 12:45Alicia Waller & The Excursion "Some Hidden Treasure" from Some Hidden Treasure (Innova) 18:56Amanda Tosoff "A Dream Within a Dream (feat. Emilie-Claire Barlow)" from Earth Voices (Empress Music) 23:56Anna … Continue reading World of Jazz 421


Intense loud and fast free jazz which is as stylish as it is raucous anna högberg - alto saxophoneelin forkelid - tenor saxophoneniklas barnö - trumpetlisa ullén - pianoelsa bergman - bassanna lund - drums all songs composed by anna högberg recorded at atlantis studio, stockholm 16-17 december 2019mixed by göran stegborn, mastered by henrik … Continue reading Lena