Two Treatise On Gnostic Thought

Anunnaki’s debut album originally came out back in 2017 in a ridiculously small handmadeedition of only 111 copies so Cardinal Fuzz (Europe) and NAM (North America) have decided to give it the remaster/reissue treatment for it's 5 year anniversary. 'Two Treatise On Gnostic Thought' is now back in print on BLOOD RED vinyl, packaged with … Continue reading Two Treatise On Gnostic Thought

Return From The Stars

Mark Turner has been a frequent and significant presence on ECM recordings with Enrico Rava, the Billy Hart Quartet, the cooperative Fly trio (with Jeff Ballard and Larry Grenadier), Stefano Bollani and, most recently, Ethan Iverson, on the duo recording Temporary Kings. Albums under Turner’s leadership, however, have been rare and Return from the Stars … Continue reading Return From The Stars