World of Jazz 589

On this show interpretations of Wayne Shorter’s landmark tune Nefertiti from a variety of musicians and an exploration of the work of trumpeter Charles Tolliver

Nefertiti is a tune written by Wayne Shorter which provided the title track for the fourth album by Miles Davis’s Second Great Quintet. The album is best probably known for that track, on which the horn section repeats the melody numerous times without individual solos while the rhythm section improvises underneath, reversing the traditional roles of the instruments. The tune would go on to be interpreted many different times by a variety of different jazz artists. I’ve selected some examples of the unique ways the original composition has been revisited

Charles Tolliver – an excellent trumpeter whose work seems to have gone under the radar – I’ve selected some examples from across his career.

Miles Davis “Nefertiti” from Nefertiti
Charles Tolliver “Drought” from Live In Tokyo
Chick Corea, Dave Holland, Barry Altschul “Nefertiti” from A.R.C.
Charles Tolliver Music Inc. & Orchestra “Mother Wit” from Impact
Denny Zeitlin & David Friesen “Nefertiti” from Live at the Jazz Bakery
Charles Tolliver “On The Nile” from The Ringer
World Saxophone Quartet Featuring Jack DeJohnette “The Road To Nefertiti/Nefertiti” from Selim Sivad – A Tribute To Miles Davis
Charles Tolliver “Prayer For Peace” from Impact Live In Germany
Miles Davis “Nefertiti (Master Take))” from Miles Davis Quintet: Freedom Jazz Dance: The Bootleg Series, Vol. 5
Charles Tolliver and his All Stars “Peace With Myself” from Paper Man
Circle “Nefertiti” from Paris Concert

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