World of Jazz 584

On this show a variety of new releases from Nick McLean Quartet feat. Brownman Ali, Leo Postolovsky, Bruno Råberg, Amaury Faye Ensemble, Brandon Seabrook, Bram Stadhouders and B.O.X., Damon Smith with Jason Stein and Adam Stead, Tomas Janzon, Michael Davis Hip-Bone Big Band,Yamabiko Quintet, Devin Gray, and Artie Roth.


  • Show Intro 00:00
  • Nick McLean Quartet feat. Brownman Ali  “The Wisdom Of Aurelius” from Convergence (Browntasaurus) 01:12
  • Leo Postolovsky “Algo Anda” from Pequeños Infinitos (ears&eyes) 09:15
  • Bruno Råberg “Chennai Reminiscence” from Look Inside (Orbis Music) 17:39
  • Amaury Faye Ensemble “Uprising” from Arise (suite) (Hypnote) 22:45
  • Brandon Seabrook “I Wanna Be Chlorophllyed I Corpus Conductor” from brutallovechamp (Pyroclastic) 26:46
  • Brandon Seabrook “I Wanna Be Chlorophllyed II Thermal Rinse” from brutallovechamp (Pyroclastic) 35:05
  • Bram Stadhouders and B.O.X. “Dyx” from Suite X (Challenge Records) 44:09
  • Bram Stadhouders and B.O.X. “Rox” from Suite X (Challenge Records) 47:25
  • Devin Gray “Hunker Down” from Most Definitely (Rataplan Records) 57:13
  • Devin Gray “Pull To Refresh” from Most Definitely (Rataplan Records) 58:58
  • Devin Gray “Bad Wifi” from Most Definitely (Rataplan Records) 1:00:00
  • Damon Smith, Jason Stein, Adam Shead “Precipitous Halo” from  Hum (Irritable Mystic Records) 1:01:39
  • Tomas Janzon “Rob’s Piano” from Nomadic (Changes Music) 1:23:15
  • Michael Davis Hip-Bone Big Band  “Ladybug” from Open City (Hip-Bone Music) 1:29:22
  • Yamabiko Quintet “Bow” from Yamabiko Quintet (Nemu Records) 1:37:51
  • Artie Roth Quartet “Flies With Butterflies” from Resonants (TPR Records) 1:44:37
  • Artie Roth Quartet “Second Moment” from Resonants (TPR Records) 1:50:01
  • Artie Roth Quartet “Sound and Sky” from Resonants (TPR Records) 1:57:00
  • Artie Roth Quartet “Resound and Ground” from Resonants (TPR Records) 1:58:38

Show Notes

Nick McLean Quartet

A follow up to his 2017 composition “Madness of Nero”, Brownman’s “Wisdom of Aurelius” is a joyous and energized odyssey taking inspiration from the brilliant mind of Rome’s greatest emperor, Marcus Aurelius. Its 8-min epic runtime takes listeners on a journey from intricate modern jazz lines, to quiet and contemplative ponderings, to fiery salsa-infused grooves. Featured as a special guest on conga and Latin percussion, is one of Canada’s greatest living Latin percussionists, Luisito Orbegoso. This is a single that appears on the Nick Maclean Quartet’s second studio album Convergence, due for release on Browntasauras Records in the summer of 2023.

Leo Postolovsky

Leo Postolovsky Septet proposes a search in the field of vocal / instrumental music where the focus is on the production of carefully arranged songs and where improvisation is just a balanced event within the form; which does not prevent free improvisation from appearing in the form of micro-pieces.

Luz Marmer, Voice

Gaby Stern, Flute and Tenor Sax

Inti Sabev, Clarinet and Claron

Leo Postolovsky, Piano

Vanesa Quarleri, Cello 

Nacho Szulga, Double Bass

Ezequiel Malec, Percussion 

Omar Menendez, Drums.

Bruno Råberg 

The bassist’s role in a jazz group is often defined by their relationship to their fellow instrumentalists – as the backbone of the band, the bridge between frontline and rhythm section, the timekeeper, the anchor, the bedrock. Bruno Råberg has played those roles expertly over the course of a career lasting nearly 50 years, releasing a dozen albums as a leader and becoming an in-demand collaborator for a wide array of artists including Kris Davis, Donny McCaslin, George Garzone, Tiger Okoshi, Ben Monder, Matt Wilson, Mike Mainieri, Adam Cruz, Bob Moses, Sam Rivers, Kenny Werner, Terri Lyne Carrington, Jerry Bergonzi, and many others.

With Look Inside, Råberg goes it alone for the first time with his debut album for solo bass. The depth and diversity of the music he’s recorded reflect the wealth of experiences and studies he’s undertaken over the course of his journey, from investigations of jazz standards to explorations of Indian and African traditions, free improvisation to through-composed chamber music. Due out May 19, 2023, Look Inside is a new venture for the veteran bassist, but also stands as a capstone to an eclectic and adventurous career.

Amaury Faye Ensemble

From dark valleys to snowy peaks, evergreen forests to sheer cliffs, ARISE is an ode to the mountains composed by Amaury Faye, a homage to his alpinist grandfathers. From this limitless source of inspiration Amaury Faye brings forth an instrumental suite, presented as a triptych. The three parts follow the idea of ascent; from the heart of the valleys, into the harshness of a steep climb, along precipitous paths and to the peace of the eternal summits.

Amaury Faye – Piano

Julian Lee – Sax Tenor

Louis Navarro – Double bass

Théo Lanau – Drums

Audrey Dupont – Violin

Aurélie Fauthous – Violin

Carlos Vizcaíno Gijón – Alto

Nabi Cabestany – Cello

Brandon Seabrook – brutallovechamp (Pyroclastic)

Guitarist and banjoist Brandon Seabrook is known for pushing his music past the far reaches of the extreme. Welding together elements from punk, jazz, pop, and metal, Seabrook revels in abrasive textures, paintpeeling virtuosity, and angularity so severe as to draw blood at the touch. But his Pyroclastic Records debut, brutalovechamp, is a different beast entirely. No less bold or bracing than his more confrontational work, the album trades the corrosive for the lyrical, venturing into areas of beauty and deeply personal emotion with the same intrepid spirit of exploration that Seabrook’s music has always thrived upon.

Due out May 26, 2023, brutalovechamp features Seabrook’s stunning and malleable octet Epic Proportions, which includes percussionist and vocalist Nava Dunkelman, cellist Marika Hughes, bassists Eivind Opsvik and Henry Fraser, electronic musician and vocalist Chuck Bettis, John McCowen on clarinets and recorders, and Sam Ospovat on drums, vibraphone and percussion. The unique ensemble evolved from the sextet Die Trommel Fatale, which released its self-titled album in 2017. “

Bram Stadhouders and B.O.X. – Suite X (Challenge Records)

Bram Stadhouders’ Suite X is a collection of eight baroque music tracks for the present. Is this the result of a jam session by Stadhouders with Nils Frahm, Arve Henriksen, and a reincarnated J.S. Bach? No, it is the out of the box thinkers of Baroque Orchestration X, with whom he has entered into this unorthodox alliance. B.O.X. is a Flemish baroque ensemble that mainly collaborates with acts from the Indie pop scene. They worked recently together with acts such as Dez Mona, Efterklang, or Spinvis. A dreamed pact for merging different music worlds.

With Suite X, Stadhouders pays tribute to the soothing baroque sound, which he manages to mix with the sound of an electric guitar and synthesizer in a logical and surprising way. One time as a soundscape, then in a catchy groove, and last but not least, with intriguing melodies that immediately settle into your head. A masterpiece in which the present, past, electronic, acoustic, and the art of improvisation from the rich baroque and jazz traditions merge.

Devin Gray

This is his debut solo recording, due June 9th from Rataplan Records. The music lends ears to the avant electro-acoustic beat chop up, jazz/free improvisation, styles. Brooklyn-Berlin based American drummer-composer Devin Gray made his widely lauded leader debut in 2012 with the release Dirigo Rataplan, which included a crew of heavyweight veterans Ellery Eskelin, Michael Formanek and Dave Ballou. Now in 2023 he gives us Most Definitely, a first showcase of his unique solo performances. Years of bandleading and sideman experiences have led to his growth as a continually forward thinking creative artist. Throughout the tracks are electronic twists and turns which push the envelope of musical possibilities from a solo drummer setting. On standout tracks like Hunker Down,  you can really feel Gray’s personality delivered directly as if you are between the microphones and his drums. Gray says, “The electronic integration really ramps up the excitement of this music for me, making it an honest modern musical offering, of which it Most Definitely is.”

Damon Smith, Jason Stein, Adam Shead – Hum (Irritable Mystic)

Since the Stein/Smith/Shead trio’s inception in the fall of 2021 they have quickly become one of the most creative and prolific bands working in the fields of jazz and improvised music. Hum see’s the group moving deeper into their collective language, producing an album that is unlike any bass clarinet trio album recorded to date.Throughout this recording Jason Stein proves

again and again that he is indeed the greatest living bass clarinetist working in improvised music today. Damon Smith, one of the most innovative bass players around, also shines on this recording, delving into deep grooves while maintaining a sideways and often detour inducing approach to improvisation. Adam Shead, the youngest member of the trio, has made his

presence known with an impressive gamut of creative approaches to his instrument; providing an incredibly propulsive energy to the music. The recording at hand provides a new lens for which

to understand the classic horn trio setting, and will undoubtedly become a recording of historical importance. Releases June 2nd

Tomas Janzon

In his career, Tomas Janzon has consistently created music that is tasteful, lyrical, and subtle but unpredictable except in its excellence. Nomadic (his sixth release as a leader) was born during the pandemic and is described by the guitarist as a snapshot of what went on during 2020–21.

For this intimate project, the guitarist teams up with vibraphonist Steve Nelson on six numbers, five of which also include bassist Hillard Greene and drummer Chuck McPherson.

Michael Davis

Open City marks Davis’ fourteenth album as a leader, and his sophomore recording fronting his acclaimed Hip-Bone Big Band. He has assembled a star-studded cast of New York City jazz and studio luminaries including Steve Wilson, David Mann, Andy Snitzer, Troy Roberts, Charles Pillow, Judy Lee, Mike Rodriguez, Scott Wendholt, Tony Kadleck, Marshall Gilkes, Ryan Keberle, Bill Reichenbach, Andy Ezrin, David Finck and Jared Schonig.

Yamabiko Quintet

A top-class line-up has gathered in the newly founded YAMABIKO QUINTET.

The five musicians demonstrate their high virtuosity and musicality with dense, intense and tension-filled improvisations and compositions. Michel Pilz, Reiner Winterschladen and Frank Paul Schubert are three great wind players, all actionists of a clear line that combines Coltrane’s ideal of sublime tonality with the rigor of new music. The interactions among them work perfectly.

Christian Ramond plays his bass with chamber-musical clarity, and Klaus Kugel is as light-handedly sensitive a percussionist as one could wish for in such a soloist ensemble.

Artie Roth 

Artie Roth – Acoustic and Electric Bass, Compositions

Mike Filice – Tenor & Soprano Sax, Alto Flute, Flute

Sam Dickinson – Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Sitar Guitar

Anthony Michelli – Drums & Percussion

Resonants is the third release by the Artie Roth Quartet, featuring 10 new compositions by Toronto composer, bassist and bandleader Artie Roth. The group was formed in 2013 

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