Aural Delights on the Overflow 166

On this show The Peoplethings, 2 Lost Souls, The Dave Graney Show, Outer Space True Pascoe, Malcolm Hill & Live Flesh, Iztok Korem, Blokeacola, Son of Buzzi, healthyliving, Dubmatix, Sarah McQuaid, Jean Mignon, Scenius, and Blowers

The Peoplethings – Snakes & Ladders – Child’s Play

Lead by Phil Lukes of Dislocation Dance.

2 Lost Souls – Music Of Our Own – 52 Singles

The Dave Graney Show – Street Dreams – Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye (2015 Expanded Edition)

Outer Space True Pascoe – Policemen

Liam Elhay from Malcolm Hills Band – It’s a story about a corrupt local politician. If anyone asks, nothing in this song is based on real events. When the song is out it will be obtainable from 

Malcolm Hill & Live Flesh – Traces Remain – Centaur

Iztok Korem – 01 – Praznina / Emptiness

Emptiness is the second solo record by multi-instrumentalist Iztok Koren, a member of the bands Širom, Škm banda and Hexenbrutal. A result of an outpouring of pent-up creative energy, the album came about after a last-minute force majeure cancellation of a Širom trip to Sarajevo, where the band was to make music for the theatre show Bordel Eden by director Mirjana Medojević. The musician decided to channel his blocked creative flow into new solo material and ended up recording Emptiness in a single day, 7 May 2022, at a secluded hut in the hills of the Zasavje region. The music from Emptiness was eventually used in Bordel Eden. All the tracks on the record were performed by Iztok Koren without overdubs, using a banjo, a three-string banjo, a guembri, electric guitar, modular synthesizer, effects pedals, contact microphones, percussion, a steel drum and a balafon.

Blokeacola – Tiny Turtle – Jupiter Eats Planets

Son of Buzzi – Was kommt nach dem Regen – Die Hand der Riesin

Die Hand der Riesin by Zurich based guitar-sound collage artist Son of Buzzi was released on vinyl April 7 through Ramble (AUD), Cardinal Fuzz (UK/EU), and Centripetal Force Records (USA). An intimate and minimal recording of music for 6-string guitar, 12-string guitar, electric guitar, upright-bass and no-input mixer, Die Hand der Riesin draws on 60s fingerpicking, field recordings, drone, ambience and avant-electronica. The result is a a stunningly delicate and gentle set of gorgeous compositions.

Healthyliving – Until – Songs Of Abundance, Psalms Of Grief

Healthyliving is the project of long-time collaborators and friends who met through the European underground metal scene – Amaya López-Carromero (Maud the moth), Scott McLean (Falloch, Ashenspire) and Stefan Pötzsch. Having worked on various musical projects together for years, Amaya, Scott’s and Stefan’s artistic and personal connection coalesced organically and fuelled a small transnational collective across Scotland, Spain and Germany.

Songs of Abundance, Psalms of Grief is their concise and direct debut full-length album, funded by Creative Scotland and was co-released on the 7th April by the band and La Rubia Producciones, followed by a debut live performance at the prestigious Roadburn Festival in Tilburg. 

Dubmatix – Iron Lion

A pure ruff & rumble dub-up. Rolling bassline, militant groove, and plenty of  reverb-echoed-phased bliss.

Sarah McQuaid – If We DUB Any Deeper It Could Get Dangerous

Ahead of a 21-show April-May UK tour that takes her from the West Country to Aberdeenshire and from Cumbria to Kent, folk singer-songwriter Sarah McQuaid  joined forces with Tim Norman of 1990s acid and ambient dub duo UVX ((Ultraviolet Explorer)) for “If We DUB Any Deeper It Could Get Dangerous”, a new remix of the title track from her 2018 album If We Dig Any Deeper It Could Get Dangerous.

See for up-to-date listings including contacts and ticket links.

Jean Mignon – Moped With A Gun – AN / AL

Debut Album from NYC based Jean Mignon

If you have been listening to the likes of Australian outfits like Gee Tee & RMFC over the past couple of years you are going to love this album that takes in the likes of the Ramones, Johnny Moped & The Shangrilas..

This album takes the current punk sound to the next level while still remembering punk’s early roots in downtown Bowery and London pubs and clubs of 75/76

Scenius – Chinese Room – Single

Scenius released a new single ‘Chinese Room’ on 21st April and followed by the album ‘Life Is A Thing’ on 19th May.

Blowers – Bad 4U – Blown Again

Chaputa Records (Portugal) and Spooky Records (Australia) are pleased to announce they’ve teamed up again to release the second album from Blowers (from Melb/ Naarm, Australia) ‘Blown Again’ 

The Peoplethings – Cowboys And Indians – Child’s Play

Blokeacola – Online Cemetery – Jupiter Eats Planets

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