Different Noises 9

On this show a feature on Salford guitar maestro Johann Kloos who has just released a new album, plus music from Legless Trials, Louise Campbell, Droneroom, Robin Nitram, Threads, Ugly, The Bordellos, A Shoreline Dream, Beauty In Chaos, Nevaris,  Wizard Tattoo and trio of Peter Hammill related tracks.

Johann Kloos – Helsinki – Found and Lost

From a handful of tracks Johann has sent through – then they were released 2nd May via Bandcamp

Legless Trials – Psychic Armageddon – Chlorinate The Scene

Son of El Borko, Andy Goz and Hope Munroe with their debut album – wonderful lo-fi transatlantic sounds

Louise Campbell – Songbird – Sources

Montréal’s Louise Campbell is a musical polymath and her debut full-length release Sources skillfully weaves together several of the main threads of her artistic practice. Campbell’s primary instrument is the clarinet and over the course of the four pieces on this album she constructs rich yet spacious sonic environments, attentively layering and shaping the instrument’s characteristic pure tone through the aid of surreptitious processing. As the opening work “Songbird,” slowly burgeons, her uncanny insight into blending with herself is revealed—undoubtedly a product of her considerable experience as an improviser. She folds delicate microtonal sighs, fluttering textures, and distant echoes into to a single evocative image. The other works on the album are similarly grounded by her intimate knowledge of her instrument and draw upon her unconventional mastery of ensemble composition. Each of them takes great care in establishing a vivid sonic world, before pivoting, offering myriad unexpected pathways to the listener.

Johann Kloos – Zithery – Found And Lost

Legless Trials – Son of Animal Man – Chlorinate The Scene

Droneroom – Rustic Lung – Rusted Lung 

Rusted Lung is the name of the new album by “cowboy of drone” and Kentucky Colonel Blake Edward Conley, recorded in the disparate locations of Louisville, Kentucky and Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Following 2022’s ‘My Marionette Days are Over’ and ‘The Most Gorgeous Sleep’, ‘Rusted Lung’ is another brooding cinematic desert journey into desolation coupled with moments of introspection and beauty –  post country-Americana meets Sunn O))).

Johann Kloos – Submarine Bells – Found And Lost

Legless Trials – Pray They Play – Chlorinate The Scene

Robin Nitram – Un Petit Météore – Sugar Free

Paris based guitarist Robin Nitram’s first release for Ramble is a stunning solo guitar exploration that has its feet firmly planted in improvised jazz yet is filled with gorgeously melodic compositions also utilising loops, effects and samples tastefully.

Threads – Idiot Savant – Teletext

2020 release by the Manchester Band

Ugly – Suckle – Autograph

Taking conceptual queues from bands like Swans, Dystopia, and Noothgrush and adding musical complexity and depth to arrive at something  all of its own, UGLY is at once melodic, looming, and horrific. UGLY builds a tonal environment that is at times, angelic… just long enough to win your trust; then tries to kill you by dragging you to the depths with primal, flesh-upon-gear, rhythmic upheaval of any notion of good faith and wellbeing.Recorded and mixed throughout 2021 by the band’s own Brandon Hayden (Endorphins Lost), at The Sunroom in Prescott. Arizona and mastered by Greg Wilkinson (Brainoil, Deathgrave, Autopsy) in July 2022 at Earhammer in Oakland, California, Autograph serves as UGLY’s most refined, progressive, and abysmal contribution to date. Thematically, the record focuses on deep-seated illusions of vanity, acceptance, and fanatical egocentric ideology that blights human beings to the core. The music is the culmination of thoughts and feelings left out in all that cold and darkness too long

Ugly is

Brandon Hayden – bass, vocals

Krysta Martinez – synth, vocals, loops, aux percussion

Chris Stevens – guitar

Ben Black – drums

The Bordellos – Life Love and Billy Fury – Starcrossed Radio

The Bordellos are back with a new album of songs found in the bottom drawer, behind the sofa and in the back of the kitchen cupboard behind the beans. The thing with their odds and ends is that one of their songs can pack more into 3 mins than most other bands can in an entire album, if not an entire career. There really is no-one like them. This is an album that sounds part Swell Maps, part The Fall and all The Bordellos. Don’t believe me? Just Listen to Attack of The Killer B-Sides, Free New Music Day and Love Life & Billy Fury. If there was a genre called avant-garde radio 2 pop The Bordellos would sit alone spanning that great listening divide.

Johann Kloos – Zithery 2 – Found And Lost

A Shoreline Dream

Iconic shoegaze / postpunk outfit A Shoreline Dream presents ‘Driveaway’, a track that truly spells what A Shoreline Dream is all about. A song meant to drive to. A song that flows and wants to be put on repeat. Full of sea drenched layers and huge expanses.

Filmed in Barnum and Central City, Colorado, Jessica Halpine stars in this dark journey of a video, which was filmed, directed and edited by Ryan Policky with costumes by Tiffany Smyth and Jessica Halpine.

This is the latest audio-visual offering from their sixth full-length album ‘Loveblind’ album, released via Latenight Weeknight Records, which dives into recollections and past desires while looking forward in a wash of soundwaves towards a blinding future. With 40 minutes of goth-laced progressive soundscapes, this album features immense synth layers, the band’s signature guitar and symphonic vocals.

Having changed lineups over the years, A Shoreline Dream since forming in 2005, today ASD revolves around multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Ryan Policky and guitarist Erik Jeffries. Their legacy became even more lush owing to collaborations with legends such as Ulrich Schnauss, Mark Kramer and The Engineers. The band also opened for Chapterhouse for their very final appearance.

Beauty In Chaos – Kiss Me Goodbye (featuring Julian Shah-Taylor)

LA-based collective Beauty In Chaos is back with the new single ‘Kiss Me (Goodbye)’ and stunning performance video, filmed and directed by Vicente Cordero of Industrialism Films. This track features Leeds-born Wales-raised artist extraordinaire Julian Shah-Tayler on vocals, as well as Pete Parada (Face To Face, The Offspring) on drums.

With Grammy nominated BIC cohort Michael Rozon in the producer’s chair, “Kiss Me’ packs a bit more glam and post-rock power than the collective’s latest ‘Behind The Veil’ album, yet BIC curator Michael Ciravolo’s trademark goth-gaze textures dance in and around the song’s infectious melody and chord structure.

Nevaris – Interference – Reverberations

Manhattan-based artist Nevaris presents ‘Interference’, the second single from his debut ‘Reverberations’ LP, to be released via celebrated boutique label [//www.modreloaded.com]M.O.D. Reloaded.  The release has gained the support of Carlos Santana, who calls this album “a work of supreme creativity”. 

Created by Nevaris (percussion, keyboards) and bassist-producer Bill Laswell, the current artist lineup also includes DJ Logic, Will Bernard, Peter Apfelbaum, Lockatron and Matt Dickey. Here, the musicians’ New York City roots shine through. Bass, percussion, drums and turntables take centre stage on this track, with a New York sound that channels the energy and vibrancy of the city.

Wizard Tattoo – Wizard Van – Fables of the Damned

Wizard Tattoo, the Indianapolis-based doom rock band by multi-instrumentalist Bram the Bard, returns with the debut full-length concept album Fables of the Damned. Picking up where the self-titled EP left off, Fables… continues the story of a man who gets a tattoo of a wizard and slowly loses his mind–while introducing new characters like the loser of the infamous battle from the previously released “Wizard Knife Fight.” and more. Heavier and darker, Fables… pulls from doom influences (Conan, SubRosa, Bongripper) with classic rock (Led Zeppelin, Motley Crue), as well as a healthy dose of 90s alternative (Smashing Pumpkins, Alice in Chains, Ministry).

To conclude a trio of Peter Hammill related tunes:

Isildurs Bane & Peter Hammill – This Is Where? – In Amazonia

Peter Hammill – Rubicorn – The Silent Corner and The Empty Stage

Van Der Graaf Generator – La Rossa – The Bath Concert

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