World of Jazz 583

On this show a focus on Karl Hans Berger who was a German-American jazz pianist, vibraphonist, composer, and educator. He was a leading figure in jazz improvisation from the 1960s when he settled in the United States. He founded the educational Creative Music Studio in Woodstock, New York, in 1972 with his wife and Ornette Coleman, to encourage international students to pursue their own ideas about music. With a massive back catalogue both as a leader and sideman I have barely scratched the surface of an impressive body of work.

Berger sadly died in a hospital in Albany, New York, on April 9, 2023, at age 88.

Karl Berger, Masahiko Sato, Adelhard Roidinger, Allen Blairman – Flow – With Silence

1974 – Enja

Don Cherry – Symphony For Improvisers – Symphony for Improvisers

1967 – Blue Note

Bass – Henry Grimes, J. F. Jenny Clark

Cornet,  – Don Cherry

Drums – Ed Blackwell

Tenor Saxophone – Leandro ‘Gato’ Barbieri*

Tenor Saxophone, Piccolo Flute – Pharaoh Sanders*

Vibraphone, Piano – Karl Berger

Theo Jorgensmann – Nameless Child – Fellowship

2005 – Hatology

Recorded on 29 April 1998 at Stadthalle Wuppertal

Alto Saxophone – Charlie Mariano

Clarinet – Theo Jörgensmann

Double Bass – Kent Carter

Drums – Klaus Kugel

Soprano Saxophone – Petras Vysniauskas*

Vibraphone, Piano – Karl Berger

Thanks to Klaus for sending the album

Karl Berger, Dave Holland and Ed Blackwell – Chimney Road – Transit

1987 – Black Saint

Recorded August 25 and 26, 1986 at Grog Kill Studio, Willow, N.Y.

Karl Berger and Jason Kao Hwang – Water Finds Water – Conjure

2019 – True Sound Recordings

Recorded at Sertso Studio, Woodstock, New York, on March 20, 2014.

Karl Berger – Vibes First – We Are You

1972 – Calig

Bass – Peter Kowald

Drums, Percussion – Allen Blairman

Vibraphone, Piano, Marimba – Karl Berger

Vocals, Percussion – Ingrid Berger

Don Cherry – Eternal Rhythm Part 1 – Eternal Rhythm

1969 – MPS Records

Organised and recorded in collaboration with the Berlin Jazz Festival, Nov 11th and 12th 1968.

Bass – Arild Andersen

Cornet, Gamelan [Gender, Saron], Flute [Bengali Flute In A, Bamboo Flute In C, Metal Flute In B Flat, Plastic Flute In C],  Bells [Northern Bells], Voice, – Don Cherry

Drums, Gamelan [Saron], Gong, Bells, Voice – Jacques Thollot

Guitar – Sonny Sharrock

Piano, Piano [Prepared] – Joachim Kühn

Tenor Saxophone, Oboe, Clarinet, Flute – Bernt Rosengren

Trombone – Albert Mangelsdorff, Eje Thelin

Vibraphone, Piano, Gamelan [Gender] – Karl Berger

Ivo Perelman, Karl Berger – The Well Of Memory – The Hitchhiker 

2016 – Leo Records

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Parkwest studios, Brooklyn, NY July 2015

Don Cherry – Cocktail Piece – Live At Cafe Montmartre 1966 

2007 – ESP Disk

 Aldo Romano, Bo Stief, Don Cherry, Gato Barbieri, Karl Berger

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