Aural Delights on the Overflow 163

On this show music from Manu Arteaga, Salem Trials, Dominic Carlton Jones, 2 Lost Souls, Dave Graney and The MistLY, Salem Crabs, Slow Clarity, Blueshit, Liturgy, MV&EE, and , The Graveyard Bookies.

Manu Arteaga – Under The Surface – Paseo electric

Around three years since his last release – features Tim Lyons of Sandells, Things etc on vocals. Great video recorded around Higher Broughton in Salford

Salem Trials – ESPERS See Your Crime – ESPERS SYC

A taster single before a forthcoming album

Dominic Carlton Jones – Carry Us Home – Endgame

Final release on German Shepherd Records from Dominic

2 Lost Souls – Cannibal – 52 Singles

Yet another release in the 52 Single series

Dave Graney and the MistLY – We Don’t Belong to Anybody – Rock ‘n’ Roll Is Where I Hide

Autobiographical tune which closes the 2011 album. Next week I’ll be moving on to the excellent Dave Graney show album Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye.

Salem Crabs – Three F’s and a D – Brittle Listerz

If you ever wondered what Metal Machine Music would’ve sounded like with songs… or what a guitar amp sounds like whilst burning to ash… wonder no longer, Salem Crabs have the answer on their debut album.

Slow Clarity – The Man who owned the Sky – Holding Pattern

Minneapolis psych-folk troubadours Steve Palmer and Matt Beachey under the guise of Slow Clarity draw on Sandy Bull, Robbie Basho, Fahey, Ben Chasny and co to produce a wonderfully lysergic fingerpicking dreamscape. Out on limited edition vinyl and digital DL.

Blueshit – De donde vengo – 60 tracks 2003 – 2021

Formed in 1997 in Chihuahua, Blueshit has been releasing a twisted blend of psychedelic, avant-garde/post-punk since 2003.  ’60 tracks 2003 – 2021’ is chocked full of mind-melting tracks that draw on punk, psych, no wave and avant-garde – the love child of Butthole Surfers, Chrome, The Residents, and Os Mutantes. Out on limited edition double CD and digital DL.

Liturgy – Ananon  – 93696 

Liturgy transcends the traditional parameters of what constitutes a rock band. Founded by Haela Ravenna Hunt-Hendrix, Liturgy is a part of a shared discipline of composition, art, and philosophy that thrives on exploring the spaces between. As an ever-evolving practice Hunt-Hendrix has incorporated elements of black metal, art rock, opera, and trap production into the musical language of Liturgy while engaging with transcendental, theological and eschatological theory through lectures series’ and art installations. A profound sense of yearning and emotional depth weaves through the Liturgy’s dense layers and anchors the project’s increasingly complex and innovative work. 93696 is the purest synthesis of the diversity of Liturgy, a sprawling and monumental double album exploring religion, cosmic love, the feminine, and metamorphosis while manifesting the ecstatic with breathtaking grandeur.

MV&EE – No Money – Green Ark

Vermont cosmic psych duo MV & EE (Matt Valentine and Erika Elder) have been at the forefront of the psych folk /freak folk movement since early 2000.  With an enviable DIY approach to recording and bespoke, hand-created artwork, they have released a staggering amount of releases under Medicine Show and The Bummer Road also collaborating with J Mascis, Willie Lane, Mick Flower, Chris Corsano, Samara Lubelski.  Green Ark marks their first collaboration with Ramble Records and is chocked full of their trademark cerebral boogie and psych freefolk

The Graveyard Bookies – Johnny Two Sheds – The Graveyard Bookies

The Graveyard Bookies have officially released their debut EP, featuring four tracks that showcase their unique blend of old-school metal and blues-based rock with modern influences. The focus track, “Johnny Two Sheds,” is a high-energy, guitar-driven anthem that perfectly captures the band’s raw and raucous sound.

Formed in February of last year by guitarist and vocalist Geoff Kinch, The Graveyard Bookies enlisted the help of good friends Ian Yabsley on drums and Matt Sparks on bass, both of whom had previously played together in The Thudpuckers. After completing four original songs, the band welcomed lead guitarist Brian Lamb to the lineup, adding the perfect complement to their dynamic sound.

Dominic Carlton Jones – Edge Of A Knife – Endgame

Manu Arteaga – Pure Sanity –  Paseo electric

Salem Trials – End of Level Boss  – ESPERS SYC

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