Aural Delights on the Overflow 161

In conversation in Ian Moss who has curated the final edition of Manchester Meltdown featuring the artists who will appearing at the event at The Peer Hat on Saturday April 8th. Music comes from Poppycock, Factory Acts, George Borowski, The Manifestation Group, Vee VV, Slap Rash, Sugarstone, and Four Candles. In addition recent releases from other projects featuring Ian 2 Lost Souls, and, Cracked Hands.

Poppycock – Lizard Man – Malawi

Factory Acts – AWG (Original Mix) – 2nd Amendment

George Borowski – Into The Light – Georgian Blue

The Manifestation Group – I Don’t Think That Mothers Coming Home – Live Recording  

Vee VV – Ready Made Aid to Private Noise – Payola

Slap Rash – Voice Lost – Single 

Sugarstone – That’s Intense – Single

Four Candles – Axeman Jazz – Too Old To Die Young

2 Lost Souls – Subsistence Level – 52 Singles

Cracked Hands – Not Romantic/If I Can Do It – Romance 

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