World of Jazz 562

On this show a look at a selection of varied and exciting new releases from Emilio Teubal, Alex Ward Item 4, William Carn, Ben Rosenbloom, Jan Bunnett & Maqueque, and Nick Maclean Quartet.

Show Intro 00:00
Emilio Teubal “Futuro” from Futuro (Self Released) 00:47
Alex Ward Item 4 “Cypherned” from Furthered (577 Records) 05:26
William Carn “The Inertia Of Complacency” from Choices (Self Released) 17:50
Ben Rosenbloom “The Bell From Europe” from A Thousand Pebbles (One Trick Dog) 23:45
Jane Bunnett and Maqueque “A God Unknown” from Playing With Fire (Linus Entertainment Records) 32:58
Nick Maclean Quartet “Road Warrior” from Road Warrior (Browntasaurus Records) 40:04
Emilio Teubal “Tokyo Trenque” from Futuro (Self Released) 46:32
Jane Bunnett and Maqueque “Tomorrow” from Playing With Fire (Linus Entertainment Records) 54:51
Ben Rosenbloom “The Village Steps” from A Thousand Pebbles (One Trick Dog) 1:00:00
William Carn “The Gift” from Choices (Self Released) 1:06:44
Alex Ward Item 4 “Our/Hours” from Furthered (577 Records) 1:13:23
Ben Rosenbloom “Catamaran” from A Thousand Pebbles (One Trick Dog) 1:37:09
Emilio Teubal “Blackbird” from Futuro (Self Released) 1:45:11
William Carn “Get Up” from Choices (Self Released) 1:47:37
Jane Bunnett and Maqueque “Human Race” from Playing With Fire (Linus Entertainment Records) 1:53:33

Emilio Teubal

NYC based, Argentine pianist/composer Emilio Teubal presents his new recording (his sixth as a leader), Futuro. The title track, and most of the music on the album, was conceived of and composed during the initial lockdown in early 2020 for the newly formed, Emilio Teubal Post-Trio (w/ Pablo Lanouguere and Chris Michael). It is reflective of Teubal’s experience during this harrowing, uncertain time, with the added sadness of mourning the loss of his father. The music heard on this album came to life in the studio at the end of 2021 when the Post-Trio was joined by special guests, drummer Brian Adler (replacing Chris Michael who had a strong case of long-covid, and hasn’t recovered since), vibraphonist Chris Dingman, guitarist Fede Diaz, and clarinetist Sam Sadigursky. The resulting album is an eclectic, modern collection of singular music which represents Teubal’s rumination and contemplation about loss, grieving, and of course about the future; his own, and the world’s.

Alex Ward Item 4

‘Furthered’ is the new album by Alex Ward Item 4. The quartet’s music is the fullest realization of Ward’s long-standing desire to create a context where composition can coexist with improvisation. Given a line-up which would be perfectly capable of creating compelling music without recourse to pre-written elements at all, Ward’s compositions aim to function as another “personality” within the overall mix, subject to the same spontaneous interrogation, negotiation and transformation that would naturally go on between the participants in a freely-improvised performance. The musicians in Item 4 are among the most exciting and distinctive in the current London scene, and their rapport pays testament to the close working relationships they have developed in this and numerous other ensembles. The bold angles and asymmetrical construction of “Cypherned”‘s opening theme are quickly broken open by Ward’s splintered guitar attack and Andrew Lisle’s hyperactively virtuosic drumming, initiating a multi-faceted group improvisation which navigates diverse territories before resolving to a subdued yet ominous conclusion. This paves the way for the elegiac “The Cusp”, in which Ward switches to clarinet to join with Charlotte Keeffe’s broad-toned yet fleetly inventive trumpet in a plangent front-line. Once again the improvisation deftly balances collective and soloistic activity, including an unearthly unaccompanied arco passage from bassist Otto Willberg. Finally, the extended suite that comprises tracks 3 & 4 (“Our/Hours” and “Ours”) encompasses unpredictably twisting thematic statements, high-energy soloing from horns and drums, mysterious collective abstractions, and an epic, swelling final section which takes the album into almost post-rock territory without jettisoning the interactive spontaneity which underpins all of the quartet’s music.

William Carn

William Carn is one of Canada’s leading contemporary jazz trombonists and composers. Together with his wife, saxophonist Tara Davidson, he has released three critically acclaimed albums with their Juno nominated band Carn Davidson 9 (featured on World of Jazz 469). He is also a member of Ernesto Cervini’s Juno winning six-piece group Turboprop. Choices – his latest release – is the culmination of 2+ years of work during the COVID-19 pandemic, and a major stylistic departure. The compositions on the album were all inspired by various major events from the past two and a half years: the fear of the unknown, BLM & HK protests, the war in Ukraine, the passing of their beloved eldest cat, as well as general feelings of gratitude and love. The two central themes of this recording: Reaction and Reflection.

The featured musicians are: William Carn – Keyboards, Vocals, Trombones, HiFiLo (aka Todd Pentney) – Keyboards , William Sperandei – Trumpet Kelly Jefferson – Tenor Saxophone ), Jesse Ryan – Alto Saxophone , Ernesto Cervini – Drums Larnell Lewis – Drums ( Davide DiRenzo – Drums

Ben Rosenbloom

In the expansive universe of the Ben Rosenblum Nebula Project, musical traditions collide and commingle, ignite and recombine, coalescing into strikingly expressive new forms. A pianist, accordionist and composer whose music flows from his boundless curiosity and gift for forging passionate creative alliances, Rosenblum has carved out a singular niche on the New York scene exploring a far-flung array of rhythms and sounds in compositions guided by deeply etched narratives. Slated for release on February 10, 2023 via One Trick Dog, A Thousand Pebbles is his fourth album as a leader, and it represents a major creative leap from the Nebula Project’s highly regarded 2020 debut Kites & Strings. A Thousand Pebbles showcases some of the most imaginative players on the contemporary New York scene with a brilliant constellation of improvisers who are also esteemed band leaders, composers and educators. Like its predecessor, the album includes trumpeter Wayne Tucker, guitarist Rafael Rosa, reed expert Jasper Dutz, bassist Marty Jaffe, and drummer Ben Zweig along with new addition Xavier Del Castillo on tenor sax and flute.

Jane Bunnett and Maqueque

Maqueque,is the all-women band formed by veteran Toronto jazz musician Jane Bunnett with young female graduates of the Cuban conservatory. A decade ago, Bunnett met the core of the band at a jam session with her band Spirits of Havana, at the Cohiba Hotel in that city. Ten years later, Maqueque has created opportunities for composing and performing extraordinary jazz that has taken the pioneering ensemble around the world. It has expanded to include not only women players from Cuba, but also the brilliant vocalist Joanna Majoko (from Zimbabwe) and musicians from the Dominican Republic, Latin America, Spain and Lebanon. On Playing With Fire, much of the heat comes from new guitarist Donna Grantis. Donna, who also hails from Bunnett’s home of Toronto, performed for many years with Prince as a member of 3RDEYEGIRL in the 2010s. Three pieces in particular feature Donna’s contribution to the recording process: “A God Unknown,” “A Human Race” and “Sierra.” Maqueque continues to evolve and welcome new generations. Playing With Fire marks the debut of 19-year-old violinist Daniela Olano, sister of the band’s co-founder and pianist, Danae Olano. Her composition “Daniela’s Theme” is a highlight on the new recording. In addition to new compositions, the collective also reimagines two jazz classics: “Tempus Fugit” by pianist Bud Powell and “Jump Monk” by Charles Mingus. Playing With Fire is the first Maqueque album to feature vocalist Joanna Majoko. The Zimbabwean took the music to new heights, improvising with a creative power in the studio that inspired everyone. The electrifying rhythm section — including the two founding members, pianist Danae Olano and drummer Yissy Garcia, along with bassist Tailin Marrero (who wrote the track “Bolero”) and percussionist Mary Paz — is the foundation that the music is built upon.

Nick Maclean Quartet

The multi-award winning Canadian jazz group, Nick Maclean Quartet feat. Brownman Ali, with their new single, “Road Warrior”, which is one of several singles which will be featured on their upcoming full length studio release “Convergence”. A joyous, fast-paced burner, this Maclean original was inspired by their travels touring amid pandemics, blizzards, and vehicle breakdowns – all in pursuit of their artistic purpose: to play for audiences across the world. Maclean – piano with Brownman Ali – Trumpet, Ben Duff – Bass and Jacob Wutske – Drums

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