Aural Delights On The Overflow 154

This week new releases from Filed Fangs, 2 Lost Souls, Elk City, K Board and the Skreens, Michael Plater, Genetic Drugs Feat. SoSaLa, Dubmatix, Fågelle, and Obelyskkh , plus my usual dip into the Dave Graney discography and a track marking the passing of Tom Verlaine.

Television – See No Evil – Marquee Moon : RIP Tom Verlaine

2 Lost Souls – Outside Chanc e – 52 Singles Project : another one in the mammoth release schedule. German Shepherd

Elk City – That Someone – Above The Water – So called Art Pop band from their new album on Magic Door

K Board and the Skreens – Song For The End Of The Summer – Microdoze : Metal Postcard

Michael Plater – Your Family Ghosts – Ghost Music : he latest album from ex-pat Australian experimental/folk/psych/indie/noir musician Michael Plater. The follow-up to “An Alchemical Gathering,” his 2022 split release with Enclosed and Silent Order, “Ghost Music,” takes inspiration from Australia’s dark history and the myths, folklore, and legends of Michael’s current adopted home in Cornwall

Dave Graney – I’m Not Afraid to Be Heavy – Rock ‘n’ Roll Is Where I Hide : another old Coral Snakes song given a makeover

Genetic Drugs Feat. SoSaLa – Mystical Full Moon Hymn For Ornette Coleman – Nu World Trashed : Following a period of building anticipation, saxophonist, composer, improviser, and producer SoSaLa and company (an amalgamation of world class musicians, plus well-known activist, educator, author and MC Dr.Cornel West who contributes a spoken-word feature) are taking a unique fusion of Middle Eastern, electronic, jazz and contemporary music to a new level with the release of Nu World Trashed. Released on NYC’s DooBeeDoo Records on December 11, 2020, with European release February 22, 2021.

Filed Fangs – Introvert Aversion – Introvert Aversion : ‘On the back of last year’s epic ‘How Sounds Can Fight Shadows’, we are treated to two mixes of Filed Fangs’ bite #8 called ‘Introvert Aversion’. The heavier second mix, called ‘Introvert Inversion’, is a reflective, angry and sensitive, powerful electronic piece. Layers of Boz’s guitar enter, leave and weave through the electronic sounds programmed by meister Paul Morley. It is also Boz’s Filed Fangs vocal debut that includes monastic-style chanting. Almost venturing on Mogwai territory but keeping the Filed Fangs edge, it has a calming finale: Boz’s Levene-esque guitar plays out Introvert Inversion and is complemented with subtle flourishes of electronica. Introvert Aversion settles with looped guitar-string ‘chimes’. Overall, this is a majestic piece of dark to light song craft.’ German Shepherd

Fågelle – Aldrig mera här – Den svenska vreden

Elk City – ‘Floating Above The Water – a trippy chill track from their new ‘Above The Water’ album, Checkt out the video which was performed live at Union Pool in Brooklyn.

Obelyskkh – Black Mother – The Ultimate Grace Of God

The Fall – Dice Man – Dragnet

Michael Plater – Saint John’s Eve – Ghost Music

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