Manchester Meltdown Bids Farewell

8th April will see an all day musical feast of unique and diverse talents including a goodbye performance from Four Candles and at only £10 a no-brainer for Manchester (and beyond) music fans.

Event creator Ian Moss is hanging up his live performing microphone after a lifetime of being at the cutting edge of the Manchester Music Scene. He is going out with a bang with an “all day spectacular” on April 8th at Manchester’s best venue for emerging acts, The Peer Hat on Faraday Street in the Northern Quarter. His own band Four Candles will be making one of their last live performances at the event.

Previous Meltdowns were extremely successful showcasing a mix of emerging and established acts from the Manchester Area, with a few special guests thrown in. This line-up is no exception with a great mix of artists.

Moss explains with a run down of the artists featured at the event….

“Poppycock , the brainchild of Una Baines , co founder of The Fall who now leads an ensemble who perform a magical amalgam of harmony and radical free thought within their beautiful songs sung with breathtaking skill

The Manifestation Group are a new vehicle for the elequant Nick Alexander to share his wisdom with us , he says he is proud of them , I’ve no doubt they will provide a stimulating treat

The Harvey’s were once Harvey’s Rabbit , Peel Show favourites whose, never dull, sophisticated songs are performed with skill and panache , their elegant songcraft makes them a unique proposition

Factory Acts , are an Electro duo with great tunes , matched by insightful lyrics sung superbly , I love this group , I love these people

Vee V V were formed on the Fylde Coast in the 1980s , they made a big splash , put themselves into cold storage and have re-emerged rejuvenated playing dance infused music to groove to.

Slap Rash are another duo , they make a thrilling energetic sound that has made them a must see , must hear act , physical , visual , visceral and quite brilliant. they take flight like a jet plane

Sugarstone are a four piece with a well deserved burgeoning reputation , they provide us with sparkling pop nuggets that is played with passion.they feature glorious twin vocals , earworm tunes , adventurous arrangements, a tight as a nut rhythm section and a masterclass in stage performance.

Four Candles will be saying goodbye, they have had a symbiotic relationship with this venue , expect sweat , blood and a few tears to be spilt”

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