Aural Delights On The Overflow 153

Featuring music from The Dream Syndicate, Neon Kittens, Dave Graney and the MistLY, Fågelle, Port, 2 Lost Souls, eLa, Lucy Kruger and The Lost Boys, and Salem Trials.

The Dream Syndicate – Tell Me When Its Over – The Days Of Wine And Roses (2001 Reissue) – debut full length album from 1982 – touring soon – seeing them in Manchester in March
Neon Kittens – Frozen Peas – Frozen Peas – Debut album “No Drugs Required” coming in February.. here’s the first single off it. Metal Postcard records
Dave Graney and the MistLY – Feelin’ Kinda Sporty – Rock ‘n’ Roll Is Where I Hide – another old Coral Snakes tune – given a fresh coat of paint by the MistLY
Fågelle – Ingenting – Den svenska vreden – Den svenska vreden (The Swedish rage), released on Medication Time Records on January 27th, 2023
Port – From Ebb Until Flow – So Far Away – Michael James Pollard with family including Kathryn Way (Dislocation Dance) – All proceeds from the sale of this release will be going to the Help Joel Live Longer campaign – German Shepherd Records
2 Lost Souls – Disposable – 52 Singles Project – Number 20 in the series. German Shepherd Records.
eLa – Tonight – Reflection – Daniel Cunnington expanding the Es project with vocals from Angela
Lucy Kruger and The Lost Boys – Burning Building – Burning Building – the second taste of their forthcoming ‘Heaving’ LP . Unique Records. The band has also announced 24+ tour dates, which will bring the band through South Africa, Germany, Switzerland, France, Netherlands and Italy. Select North American dates are also anticipated
Neon Kittens – FriendZone – Frozen Peas
Port – So Far Away – So Far Away
eLa – Who Loves You? – Reflection
Salem Trials – What Myth? – What Myth Are We Living? – another track from the forthcoming album – release date as yet unknown
The Dream Syndicate – Glide – How Did I Find Myself Here – from the 2017 album – first studio album by the Dream Syndicate in almost thirty years. The group broke up in 1988, after Ghost Stories failed to achieve success, but Wynn reformed the group in 2012, with the help of original drummer Dennis Duck, bassist Mark Walton, Dream Syndicate member since 1984’s Medicine Show, and guitarist Jason Victor, a former collaborator of Wynn’s (including in the project Steve Wynn & the Miracle 3.

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