World of Jazz 557

On this show a celebration of American jazz guitarist John Abercrombie featuring his own releases and further tracks from Gateway, Marc Copland, Jack DeJohnette, Barre Phillips, Enrico Rava and John Surman.

  • John Abercrombie – Parable – Characters : solo album that was recorded in 1977 and released by ECM in 1978
  • Gateway – Homecoming – Homecoming : The third Gateway album from 1995 – with Dave Holland, Jack DeJohnette
  • Marc Copland – Spring Song – Marc Copland And…: 2003 release on Hatology , one of four albums he made with Copland. With Drew Gress and Jochen Rueckert. An Abercrombie composition.
  • John Abercrombie – Opus 25 – Farewell: 1993 release with Andy LaVerne, George Mraz, Adam Nussbaum
  • Jack DeJohnette Directions – Miinya’s The Mooch – New Rags : 1977 album with Mike Richmond and Alex Foster. 
  • John Abercrombie – Look Around – Night : 1984 album with Michael Brecker, Jan Hammer, Jack DeJohnette
  • Barre Phillips – Mountainscapes VIII – Mountainscapes : 1976 album with John Surman, Dieter Feichtner and Stu Martin – this is the only track on the album featuring Abercrombie.
  • Enrico Rava – The Pilgrim and The Stars – The Pilgrim and The Stars : 1975 album with Palle Danielsson and Jon Christensend
  • John Abercrombie – Fable – Sargasso Sea : 1976 album on ECM with Ralph Towner
  • Jack DeJohnettes Directions – Flying Spirits – Untitled : the second in a series of albums released under the heading “Jack DeJohnette’s Directions in 1976 – again with Mike Richmond and Alex Foster. 
  • John Surman – Counter Measures – Brewster’s Rooster : 2007 album with Drew Gress and Jack De Johnette
  • John Abercrombie Quartet – Flipside/Up And Coming – Up And Coming : his final album as a leader from 2017 with Marc Copland, Drew Gress, Joey Baron

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