Aural Delights on the Overflow 152

This week music from Neon Kittens, Salem Trials, Casey-Soetman, Phal:Angst, Dave Graney and the MistLY, The Doors, Neverland Ranch Davidians, Catherine Mcquade, Harry Howard, 2 Lost Souls, and Seven Rivers Of Fire.

Neon Kittens – Worms – Van Gogh’s Ear for Music EP – new EP in advance of a promised first album
Salem Trials – All Ears No Speak – What Myth Are We Living? – forthcoming new album
Casey – Soetman – Mess – Nonstruct : Bassist/Producer Jim Casey is best known from Rolling Stone Magazine’s Hottest unsigned band Klik. Hans Soeteman is best known in The Netherlands for his astounding progressive rock band Dasinu.
Phal:Angst – Severance – Whiteout : Long-running Vienna–based industrial/post-rock collective Phal:Angst release their fifth full-length, “Whiteout”, on January 13th via Noise Appeal Records/Rough Trade. Listening to it, I was immediately reminded of God Speed! You Black Emperor, without the strings, 65 Days of Static, or Mogwai. Stately, cinematic and at times bombastic, with throat scorching interventions cleverly built into the soundscape
Dave Graney and the MistLY- Night of the Wolverine 4 – Rock ‘n’ Roll Is Where I Hide – Dave and the Mistly recreate the classic Coral Snakes tune
The Doors – Waiting For The Sun – Morrison Hotel – 1970…..fifth album and a return to form
Neverland Ranch Davidians – The Gospel – Neverland Ranch Davidians : When this came in I got confused, surely there is another band with Ranch Davidians in the title I thought? – that’s right the indie rock group from southern California, but it wasn’t them, they were the Stevenson Ranch Davidians. This is an entirely different outfit. Still from California this L.A. trio’s sound is somewhat confusing, blending distorted psych, primal rockabilly, grungy punk and bluesy soul
Catherine Mcquade – Kiss Him Goodbye – Kiss Him Goodbye : another track from her recent album
Neon Kittens – Chalk – Van Gogh’s Ear for Music EP
Harry Howard – My Love – Harry Howard Presents Slight Pavilions : another track from Harry’s recent album
2 Lost Souls – Tyranny of Majority (Radio Version) – 52 Singles
Casey – Soetman – Swamp – Nonstruct
Neon Kittens – AJNA – Van Gogh’s Ear for Music EP
Seven Rivers of Fire – Ghost Dance – Hail Star of the Sea! – Recorded on a cellphone from March – September 2021, Hail Star of the Sea! is equal parts composed and improvised. A sonic pilgrimage of plucked and bowed guitars, embroidered with bells, bowls, and rattling rosaries, drenched in droning organ and harmonium. These tones are accompanied by a variety of field recordings

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