William Carn is one of Canada’s leading contemporary jazz trombonists and composers. Together with his wife, saxophonist Tara Davidson, he has released three critically acclaimed albums with their Juno nominated band Carn Davidson 9 (featured on World of Jazz 469). He is also a member of Ernesto Cervini’s Juno winning six-piece group Turboprop. Choices – his latest release – is the culmination of 2+ years of work during the COVID-19 pandemic, and a major stylistic departure.

When the global lockdowns transpired in March 2020 (and persisted over the next two years), the sudden loss of all performing, touring, and recording was an unfortunate new reality for musicians worldwide. Carn saw these circumstances as an opportunity to explore a different means of making music on his own. This technologically driven endeavour led to the music heard on Choices. This collection was conceived, composed, and recorded at Carn’s home, and recorded from the respective homes of the guest musicians he invited to contribute to the project. With the help of Toronto producer HiFiLo (aka Todd Pentney), this recording was augmented, edited, and mixed remotely as well.

The compositions on the album were all inspired by various major events from the past two and a half years: the fear of the unknown, BLM & HK protests, the war in Ukraine, the passing of their beloved eldest cat, as well as general feelings of gratitude and love. The two central themes of this recording: Reaction and Reflection.

The featured musicians are: William Carn – Keyboards, Vocals, Trombones, HiFiLo (aka Todd Pentney) – Keyboards (2-5), William Sperandei – Trumpet (2,4), Kelly Jefferson – Tenor Saxophone (2), Jesse Ryan – Alto Saxophone (4), Ernesto Cervini – Drums (2) Larnell Lewis – Drums (4), Davide DiRenzo – Drums (6)

Choices will be released worldwide on Friday, February 3rd 2023 and will be featured om World of Jazz on February 19th.

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