World of Jazz 552

On this show further explorations from Ivo Perelman this time with Vinny Golia on the impressive Reed Rapture In Brooklyn set. Perelman is also in partnership with Joe Morris for a new release. In addition there are selections from Golia’s back catalogue as well as new music from Fred Hersch & esperanza spalding, Holly Burke, Bill Runge & Linda Lee Thomas and Daniel Iván Bruno.

Show Intro 00:00
Ivo Perelman & Vinny Golia “Seven” from Reed Rapture In Brooklyn (Mahalaka Music) 00:54
Vinny Golia , Ra Kalam Bob Moses , Henry Kaiser ), Damon Smith and Weasel Walter “Mysterious Journey” from Astral Plane Crash (ugEXPLODE) 09:48
Holly Burke, Bill Runge & Linda Lee Thomas “First Snow” from Dreamride (Self Released) 45:57
Fred Hersch & esperanza spalding “Girl Talk” from Alive At The Village Vanguard (Palmetto) 48:00
Daniel Iván Bruno “Magnetizado” from Bajo este sol tremendo (Self Released) 1:00:18
Ivo Perelman & Vinny Golia “Five” from Reed Rapture In Brooklyn (Mahalaka Music) 1:06:01
Ivo Perelman & Joe Morris “Invisible Mass” from Elliptic Time (Mahalaka Music) 1:11:25
Vinny Golia Quartet “Monday At Eight, Just Black & White” from Sfumato (Clean Feed) 1:23:39
Daniel Iván Bruno “Mandarinas” from Bajo este sol tremendo (Self Released) 1:31:56
Ivo Perelman & Vinny Golia “Three” from Reed Rapture In Brooklyn (Mahalaka Music) 1:44:39
Vinny Golia, George Lewis, Bertram Turetzky “In Shadows There Is Light” from Triangulation (Nine WInds Records) 1:50:39


Vinny Golia

Astral Plane Crash

“Astral Plane Crash” features almost 80 full minutes of detailed, colorful and communicative free improvisation by a special quintet of veteran musicians including Vinny Golia (reeds), Ra Kalam Bob Moses (drums), Henry Kaiser (guitar), Damon Smith (bass) and Weasel Walter (drums). The core PLANE CRASH trio of Kaiser, Smith and Walter is a long-running unit, having worked together extensively in numerous contexts on releases like “Plane Crash” (ugEXPLODE, 2009) and “Plane Crash Two” (New Atlantis, 2015). Kaiser was amongst the first wave of 1970’s US free improvisers and his diverse, endless discography is legendary. Since 2005, the versatile rhythm section of Smith and Walter has collaborated on almost 25 releases together. Los Angeles-based workhorse mult-reedist Vinny Golia and mythic journeyman drummer Ra Kalam Bob Moses join the fray here in their first time musical meeting. Golia brings a virtuoso articulation to a wide range of woodwind instruments here, multiplying the timbral variety of the group sound greatly. Those more familiar with Moses as a first rate jazz drummer for icons like Gary Burton, Steve Swallow, Pat Metheny & Dave Leibman may surprised at his current advanced free improvisation concept documented here. The results resound with clarity, as space opens up spontaneously for every combination of the players, all captured in a beautifully transparent studio mix. Although the momentum is constant, this isn’t another blaring energy music blow-out – the density crackles with sensitivity, support and mutual respect. This quintet unleashes an orchestral arsenal of articulated abstraction and explores longer narrative lines, culminating in the two epic forms revealed here. The release comes with a 12 page color booklet featuring the stunning artwork of artist Jordan Belson as a mystical visual counterpart to the sonic mindscapes of the audio.


Before being a musician, Vinny Golia was a painter. “Sfumato”, the new album of Golia’s quartet, is a direct reference to that visual background, alluding to the painting technique developed by Leonardo da Vinci to create the perception of depth and volume. The famous Mona Lisa is a consequence of that proceeding, and so is this magnificent record. But take notice: “Sfumato” isn’t the typical “painting-turn-to-music” creation of the experimental sound art field: Golia’s option for the audio medium made him a musician and not a sound sculptor. As such, he deals entirely with the formal elements that make music what it is historically, and even if he has an innovative approach, tonal / melodic phrasing and groovy poly-rhythmic sustenance is something he praises much. That’s why he’s also a composer in the traditional sense, dealing with counterpoint or cadenzas, even when a bit bizarre and broken. With Bradford, Filiano and Cline he can apply something analogous to the sfumato resources to the music they play here, but it’s not brush work what they’re doing

Double Bass – Ken Filiano
Drums – Alex Cline
Sopranino Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Bass Clarinet, Clarinet , Flute , Flute – Vinny Golia
Trumpet – Bobby Bradford


Triangulation is an intriguing trio combination. Multi-reed master Vinny Golia and trombonist George Lewis seem an obvious enough match, both having worked with Anthony Braxton and sharing a musical approach that at least overlaps in part. Bassist Bertram Turetzky, however, is better known as an outstanding contemporary classical interpreter of modern music for the double bass, so his appearance on the freely improvised session is something of a surprise, though a very pleasant one. Golia, one of the rare regular practitioners of the bass sax, spends a good bit of time with that unwieldy axe, conjuring up dark, rich soundscapes in tandem with Turetzky’s brooding arco work. Lewis is his typical fleet self in upper and lower registers, dancing gamely between his partners and providing some of the finer single moments on the album. Triangulation has a relaxed overall feel and, if the results don’t quite live up to the expectations brewed when one sees the personnel, it’s still an enjoyable, creative improv album and one that fans of any of the participants are likely to savour.

Holly Burke, Bill Runge & Linda Lee Thomas

In 2020, in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic and after a five year struggle with post-concussion syndrome, composer Holly Burke finally found herself back at the piano, improvising again. Her muse had returned. Re-invigorated, Burke shared a few new themes and unfinished compositions with musician and composer Bill Runge – a long time collaborator of Burke’s, now side-lined by the pandemic. Runge was deeply moved by the incredible beauty of these musical vignettes. Together, they began painstakingly crafting the compositions, sometimes doing as many as two dozen drafts until they were happy with the results. Their collaboration yielded twenty new pieces of music. Having decided to record this new music, they could think of no better pianist for the job than the great Linda Lee Thomas, the principal pianist with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra since 1972 and member of the British Columbia Entertainment Hall of Fame. This collection draws from a variety of musical settings, including jazz, pop, tango, and various classical styles. It’s a fascinating and enticing body of work, with each piece akin to a miniature tone poem.

Dreamride released worldwide on Friday, January 13th 2023.

Fred Hersch & esperanza spalding

Pianist/composer Fred Hersch and vocalist/bassist/songwriter esperanza spalding (stylized in all lower case) can both be counted among the most acclaimed and inventive artists in modern jazz. The Village Vanguard is the music’s most revered venue, having played host to countless legendary musicians and beloved live recordings. The duo and the club converge for a magical performance on Alive at the Village Vanguard, a rare opportunity for listeners to enjoy the singular and thrilling collaboration between two marquee jazz artists at the top of their game.

Released January 9, 2023 via Palmetto Records, Alive at the Village Vanguard showcases the astonishing chemistry shared by these two master musicians, who bring out distinctive aspects in each other’s playing. Hersch and spalding have convened for only a handful of New York City performances since their first meeting in 2013 during the pianist’s annual duo series at the Jazz Standard. In that limited time the pair has developed a wholly personal approach, not only in the annals of piano-voice duets but in their own already highly individual practices. Taking the stage with no set arrangements and only a vague sense of the repertoire they’ll explore, the dauntless pair delights in playing without a safety net.

Daniel Ivan Bruno

Inspired by Carlos Busqued’s book “Under this terrible sun” (Bajo este sol tremendo) trombonist and composer Daniel Iván Bruno explores a variety of sonorities with creative musicians from Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires. Recorded in one take, this album mixes melodies, textures and improvisation in a joyful way.

released November 15, 2022

Daniel Bruno – Trombone
Teby Frontera – Electric guitar
Julian Maliandi – Electric guitar
Martin Delassaletta – Electric Bass
Luciano Monte – Drums

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