Aural Delights on the Overflow 150

Announcement of a new Robert Forster album is always good news. I’ve a couple of tracks from the forthcoming release The Candle and The Flame. There’s also music from Blokeacola, 2 Lost Souls, Salem Trials, Fang Complex, St Lucifer, Dave Graney & Clare Moore, Edgar Broughton Band, Es, Da Captain Trips and a preview track from the new album from Marc Ducret.

Robert Forster – She’s A Fighter – The Candle And The Flame
Blokeacola – Splendid Creatures – Wig Game
2 Lost Souls – Big Man Japan – 52 Singles Project
Salem Trials – Hit The Lines! – The Body of Chris
Fang Complex – Science (Neon) – Science The Remixes
St Lucifer – The God Complex (Deathcrush Revisited) – Untitled Remix Album
Dave Graney & Clare Moore – We Get Life (Alt Mix) – In A MistLY
Edgar Broughton Band – Out Demons Out – Deviation Street: High Times in Ladbroke Grove 1967-1975
Es. – Your Eyes – Single
Robert Forster – Tender Years – The Candle And The Flame
Da Captain Trips – Clouds: Water and Fire Shape – Marijuanaut Vol. IX
Marc Ducret – Curls / Palm Sweat / Mirth of the Cool – Palm Sweat: Marc Ducret Plays the Music of Tim Berne

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