World of Jazz 546

On this show a further look at Ivo Perelmans Reed Rapture In Brooklyn this time he is in partnership with Joe McPhee. I have further examples of Joe’s work and in addition I am sharing new releases from Lazlo Gardony, Kaja Draksler & Susana Santos Silva, and, Paul Dunmall with Paul Rogers & Tony Orrell.


Show Intro 00:00
Ivo Perelman & Joe McPhee “Three” from Reed Rapture In Brooklyn (Mahalaka) 00:54
Joe McPhee, Dave Rempis, Tomeka Reid, Brandon Lopez, and, Paal Nilssen-Love “Osel” from Of Things Beyond Thule Vol 2 (Aerophonic) 12:36
Laszlo Gardony “Cedar Tree Dance” from Close Connection (Sunnyside Records) 31:09
Ivo Perelman & Joe McPhee “Five” from Reed Rapture In Brooklyn (Mahalaka) 40:25
Kaja Draksler, Susana Santos Silva “Moonrise” from Grow (Intakt) 45:13
Laszlo Gardony “Hopeful Vision” from Close Connection (Sunnyside Records) 53:09
Joe McPhee “It’s Gone In the Air” from Po Music/Oleo (hatOLOGY) 1:00:00
Paul Dunmall, Paul Rogers, Tony Orrell “Marriage In India” from That’s My Life (577 Records) 1:12:11
Joe McPhee, John Snyder, Makaya Ntshoko “Bahamian Folksong” from The Willisau Concert (Hat Hut) 1:29:17
Ivo Perelman & Joe McPhee “Two” from Reed Rapture In Brooklyn (Mahalaka) 1:45:55
Laszlo Gardony “Savannah Sunrise” from Close Connection (Sunnyside Records) 1:55:39


Ivo Perelman & Joe McPhee

More duelling reeds from Ivo this time with the legendary Joe McPhee

McPhee is featured also on

Of Things Beyond Thule Vol 2 – 2020 release – Recorded December 16th, 2018 at The Hungry Brain in Chicago

Po Music/Oleo – Recorded at Foundation Artists’ House Boswil / Switzerland, on August 2, 1982. Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Alto Saxophone – André Jaume, Cornet , Tenor Saxophone– Joe McPhee,
Electric Guitar – Raymond Boni

The Willisau Concert – 1976 release. Recorded at the Mohren Hotel in Willisau October 11th, 1975.

Lazlo Gardony

Following two daring solo recordings in which he reimagined jazz standards and explored spontaneous composition (2017’s Serious Play, 2019’s La Marseillaise), Hungarian-born pianist-composer Laszlo Gardony reunites with his favorite rhythm secttion of bassist John Lockwood and drummer Yoron Israel on Close Connection, his 11th album for Sunnyside Records. In this highly interactive trio setting, the Boston-based pianist rekindles his chemistry with Lockwood and Israel from their previous simpatico encounters together on 2003’s Ever Before Ever After, 2006’s Natural Instinct, 2008’s Dig Deep, 2011’s Signature Time and 2015’s Life in Real Time.

Close Connection finds Gardony addressing his own roots, specifically folk music elements from Central Europe (a quality he shares with Béla Bartók, whose great appreciation for folk tunes of Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Slovakia informed his work). That quality comes across on the album’s opener, the Gardony composition “Irrepressible,” which teems with dissonance and distinctive Central European scales, and also on the brooding closer, “Cold Earth,” a collectively improvised piece based on Hungarian folk music scales. “Most of that influence reached me via Bartók’s music,” Gardony explains. “It was around me throughout my childhood.”

Another aspect that comes to the fore on this rootsy project is Gardony’s early infatuation with prog-rock music while growing up in Budapest. But rather than resorting to synthesizers and electric instruments, he tried capturing the energy of that ‘70s music in a purely acoustic setting. He calls it New Prog Jazz. “It’s original acoustic jazz with the brave mentality, strong grooves and the forward-looking style of prog-rock bands I was into as a young person, like King Crimson, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Deep Purple, Soft Machine and more obscure prog-rock groups like Atomic Rooster and Can. That kind of energy profoundly inspired me at an early point in my life, so I’m looking to recreate that energy on the particular harmonies and melodies that I write.”

Kaja Draksler, Susana Santos Silva

Recorded Live July 07, 2021, Copenhagen Jazz Festival, KoncertKirken, Copenhagen, Denmark

Paul Dunmall

This album, That’s My Life, was more than ten years in the making. But the seeds were planted long before that. Saxophonist Paul Dunmall and Drummer Tony Orrell met in 1979 in a Bristol-based band Spirit Level. Recorded live July 1st, 1989 at The Albert Inn, Bristol, England, UK by Andy Isham this album documents the trio’s reunion as Paul Rogers returned from the States. That’s My Life, will be available on CD and digitally in January 2023.

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