Aural Delights on the Overflow 148

On this show the usual Christmas single from Goddammit Jeremiah, a new album from Johann Kloos, a compilation from the fertile mind of Andy Goz called New No York, The Fall, 2 Lost Souls, The Red Propellers, San Pedro Collective, TFS, the inevitable new release from Salem Trials, TRÓNCO, Dave Graney & Clare Moore, and Droneroom

Goddammit Jeremiah – Keep your Christmas tree for burning (non-sweary version) – Single
Johann Kloos – Interior Decorating – Teglamegia
Lucy & The Drill Holes – Interrobang! – NEW NO YORK
Neon Kittens – Goal Attack – NEW NO YORK
Salem Trials – Accusations Unfounded – NEW NO YORK
clickBAITERS – Rear Ended – NEW NO YORK
The Fall – Flat of Angles – The 70s
2 Lost Souls – Misogynist Rex – 52 Singles
The Red Propellers – The Spiel The Deal – Behind The Yellow Line
Goddammit Jeremiah – Where’s My Presents? – Single
San Pedro Collective – Darker Days (Black Friday Mix) – Single
TFS – The Golden Ratio – Submersive Behaviour
Salem Trails – Inter City Blues – Seven Friends and a Cat are Technically Dead
TRÓNCO – Dandelion – TRÓNCO
Johann Kloos – Lost In The Afternoon- Teglamegia
Dave Graney and Clare Moore – Thanks To The Women For Dancing – In A MistLY
Droneroom – My Heart is Broken Along with the Ribs – The most gorgeous Sleep

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