World of Jazz 545

One this show new releases from Axel Filip, Lazlo Gardony, The Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra, Made in Wood and Martin Fabricius. In addition there are archive cuts from George Russell, Peter Brötzmann and Paul Dunmall.

Axel Filip , Joakim Rainer Petersen ,Ville Lähtenmäki – Peripheral vision – Collapse of all structures

The trio consisting of drummer Axel Filip (Argentina), pianist Joakim Rainer Petersen (Norway), and Ville Lähtemäki (Finland) on bass clarinet met in Trondheim, Norway during the pandemic fall of 2021. The meeting occurred through common references and a shared love for the rich and diverse American and European history of jazz and improvised music and a big hunger to play music during restricted times. The interplay between the musicians is full of energy and initiative, whilst listening carefully. The compositions are referencing prog rock, more complex forms of modern jazz, and the energy of 1960´s free jazz. After some sessions where the trio played mostly improvised music, they decided to bring written material to merge with the fresh interplay experienced during the sessions and go into the studio. The result is a balanced album with 4 composed pieces and 4 improvisations, giving the audience a glance of the individual languages of these musicians both as composers and improvisers.

George Russell – Living Time, Event V – New York Big Band

live album by George Russell released on the Italian Soul Note label in 1982, featuring performances by Russell with his New York Big Band recorded in 1978 and one track with The Swedish Radio Jazz Orchestra recorded in 1977 at the same concert that produced Vertical Form VI. Featured track is from the New York session.

Laszlo Gardony – Irrepressible – Close Connection

Following two daring solo recordings in which he reimagined jazz standards and explored spontaneous composition (2017’s Serious Play, 2019’s La Marseillaise), Hungarian-born pianist-composer Laszlo Gardony reunites with his favorite rhythm tandem of bassist John Lockwood and drummer Yoron Israel on Close Connection, his 11th album for Sunnyside Records. In this highly interactive trio setting, the Boston-based pianist rekindles his chemistry with Lockwood and Israel from their previous simpatico encounters together

The Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra – Keeyn (Mvmt 1 of The Parralell Steppes) – Voices – A Musical Heritage

The Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra’s sixth release since their inception in 1997. This album is a collection of commissions from eight jazz composers meant to reflect some of Manitoba’s musical heritage: First Nations, Metis, Ukrainian, Jewish, Chilean, Brazilian, Nigerian and Icelandic. I am featuring The Parallel Steppes, John Stetch’s creative three movement suite which reimagines Ukrainian folk songs using chorale textures, fugue-like sections and exciting up-tempo swing

Made In Wood – By The Sea (feat. Mathias Heise) – Simplicity

Made in Wood’s musical expression has roots in the Nordic tone with an unmistakable Scandinavian, folk melodic melancholy, and at the same time there is a blend of jazzy minimalism performed at a high technical level by Jonas Berg (Sweden) on piano and Bastian Sjelberg (Denmark) on double bass; both having extensive and broad genre experience, being firmly established on the Danish music scene, playing with major singer/songwriters, pop and jazz artists. “Simplicity” is the 2nd full album from this duo.

Axel Filip , Joakim Rainer Petersen ,Ville Lähtenmäki – Weirdile – Collapse of all structures
Laszlo Gardony – Strong Minds – Close Connection
The Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra – Ochka (Mvmt 2 ofThe Parallel Steppes) – Voices – A Musical Heritage
Axel Filip , Joakim Rainer Petersen ,Ville Lähtenmäki – Sketch – Collapse of all structures

George Russell’s New York Band – Time Spiral – Live In An American Time Spiral

Another live album by George Russell released on the Italian Soul Note label in 1983, featuring performances by Russell with his New York Band recorded in 1982

Peter Brötzmann, Ed Sivkov, Nick Rubanov – Petroglyph #4 – Petroglyphs

Recorded live in 2002 – Peter Brötzmann – tenor saxophone, Ed Sivkov: baritone saxophone and Nick Rubanov: bass saxophone

Laszlo Gardony -Sweet Thoug hts – Close Connection

Martin Fabricius Trio – Our Land – New World

Vibraphonist Fabricius with double bassist Andreas Markus and drummer Jacob Hatholt

The Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra – Yaseni (Mvmt 3 of The Parralell Steppes) – Voices – A Musical Heritage

Paul Dunmall Moksha Big Band – Part One – I Wish You Peace

Originally released in 2004. Numbering 14 players plus a conductor, the Moksha Big Band includes both established and new talent from the UK free-jazz pool. Like the best ‘energy jazz’, I Wish You Peace is an intensely visceral yet spiritual work. The music goes from intensely hot and focused jazz to rowdy ‘blowing’ from the large ensemble

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