Aural Delights on the Overflow 147

These New South Whales – Bending At The Knee – TNSW

third album from the Australian punk band with their own TV show

The New Existentialists – Last Days Of The Internet – Last Days of the Internet EP

from New Zealand, led by George Henderson of some infamy for leading The Puddle in the Flying Nun years and thereafter.

Dave Graney and Clare Moore – We Need Cash – In A MistLY

Another track from the new album

Bikini Test Failure – But I Still Love You – Single

James has had a bad year and he covers it all in this single

Neon Kittens – Planet – Planet Earth/Emerge

2nd Single From New UK Act on Metal Postcard – Recorded and produced by Neon Kittens whilst having a personality crisis being unsure if we are the new Flying Lizards now, or Silicon Teens.

Salem Trials – The Sum is Greater – The Sum is Greater

During the hottest summer on record, they recorded a batch of new songs which were known as ‘The Kate Tapes’. Four songs have already been released from this tape (Taint’s on You, Cast Out Kids, The Man From Atlantis is Dead & Zipporah) and now sees two more songs!

The Future Us – Still Blue –

 two piece band from Scotland

Moongoose – Moon Over Park – Curtain Calls

companion EP to the recent album

These New South Whales -Rotten Sun – TNSW

San Pedro Collective – Darker Days – Single

Barryesque single from the new manchester supergroup

The Red Propellers – Then You Were Gone – Behind The Yellow Line

Another track from the forthcoming album

Salem Trials – Impossible DATA – The Sum is Greater
Neon Kittens – Re-Emerge – Planet Earth/Emerge
Moongoose – Back In Familiar Rooms – Curtain Calls

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