World of Jazz 540

On this show the third of twelve looks at Ivo Perelmans massive new set of saxophone duets, this time with Tim Berne. I am also featuring two recent albums from Tim with firstly Matt Mitchell and secondly Gregg Belisle-Chi. In addition I am playing tracks from three great new releases from Lauren Falls, Örjan Hulten Orion and Kerry Politzer.


Show Intro 00:00
Ivo Perelman and Tim Berne “Two” from Reed Rapture In Brooklyn (Mahalaka Music) 00:53
Tim Berne and Matt Mitchell “Rose Colored Missive” from One More Please (Intakt) 23:29
Lauren Falls “New View” from A Little Louder Now (Self Released) 31:36
Örjan Hulten Orion “Even In The Odds” from Shifting Ground (Prophone) 38:20
Kerry Politzer “In A Heartbeat” from In A Heartbeat (PJCE Records) 44:38
Ivo Perelman and Tim Berne “Four” from Reed Rapture In Brooklyn (Mahalaka Music) 52:29
Tim Berne & Gregg Belisle-Chi “Pokey” from ZONE 1 (Screwgun) 1:00:00
Kerry Politzer “Bad News” from In A Heartbeat (PJCE Records) 1:07:47
Tim Berne and Matt Mitchell “Middle Seat Blues/Chicken Salad Blues” from One More Please (Intakt) 1:15:21
Ivo Perelman and Tim Berne “Five” from Reed Rapture In Brooklyn (Mahalaka Music) 1:23:47
Tim Berne & Gregg Belisle-Chi “Bat Channel” from ZONE 1 (Screwgun) 1:31:30
Örjan Hulten Orion “Bellatrix” from Shifting Ground (Prophone) 1:38:05
Lauren Falls “Jupiter” from A Little Louder Now (Self Released) 1:46:13
Kerry Politzer “Lullaby from Messiaen” from In A Heartbeat (PJCE Records) 1:53:51


Ivo Perelman and Tim Berne

Continuing the exploration of Ivo Perelmans massive new set of saxophone duets this time with Tim Berne, Fortunately there are two recent releases from Tim to compliment this with duos with Matt Mitchell and Gregg Belisle-Chi

The album with Matt was recorded Live October 4, 2021 at Club Soda by The Sorcerer.

The album with Gregg was recorded live in September 2022 at Coffey Street studio by Joe Branciforte

Lauren Falls

Lauren Falls – Bass David French – Tenor Saxophone Trevor Giancola – Guitar Todd Pentney – Piano Trevor Falls – Drums

A Little Louder Now is the phenomenal new album from Toronto bassist and composer Lauren Falls. This album takes the listener on a musical journey through a beautifully curated collection of seven original compositions, plus a classic standard from Victor Youmans. Falls’ second album as a bandleader, A Little Louder Now demonstrates her growth as a musician and composer since the release of her 2013 debut album, The Quiet Fight. A Little Louder Now features several of Canada’s most sought-after musicians, including saxophonist David French, guitarist Trevor Giancola, pianist Todd Pentney, and Falls’ brother Trevor on the drums. Each musician brings something unique and enticing to the record’s sound. Falls had each musician’s specific musical voice in mind while writing the material for this album. The title A Little Louder Now speaks to Falls’ personal evolution, and her journey becoming more confident and courageous as both a musician and a person. These compositions are reflections of her life experiences, both good and bad, and the artistic growth that has accompanied them. The sonic textures created for the listener inspires feelings of hope and inspiration, bringing comfort to those who are also in the midst of their own personal journeys.

Örjan Hulten Orion

Orion is an extraordinary band with the ability to combine various of musical styles in a concept of modern jazz. In his compositions Örjan Hultén moves effortlessly across boundaries and musical genres. Here and there Middle eastern and Balkan traits can be heard while one can distinguish traces from Wayne Shorter or Joni Mitchell in other parts. Örjan Hultén’s Orion is featuring four of Sweden’s top musicians, each of them a well-known and celebrated musicians/bandleader in his own right.

Örjan Hultén , Torbjörn Gulz, Filip Augustson, Peter Danemo

Kerry Politzer

With six previous albums under her belt, Oregon pianist Kerry Politzer is an esteemed mid-career musician with a deep and varied book of original tunes. The jazz scene moves quickly, however, and her new album In a Heartbeat serves as a striking reintroduction to an artist who should be far better known. Only a few years have elapsed since the release of her last project, 2019’s Diagonal, but that was a ravishing tribute to the oft-overlooked Brazilian composer Durval Ferreira. In a Heartbeat is her first album of originals in eight years, and it puts the focus back on her deeply engaging work as a composer and arranger.

A pianist with a bright, singing tone and a supple sense of swing, Politzer leads a quintet featuring a top-flight Portland cast including trumpeter Thomas Barber, Joe Manis on tenor and soprano sax and flute, bassist Garrett Baxter, and drummer George Colligan.

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