Aural Delights on the Overflow 145

A mix of old and new featuring – The Fall, Laces Out, Interesting Times Gang, Candy Coffins, Dave Graney & Clare Moore, Black Ox Orkestar, Neon Kittens, 2 Lost Souls, Peter Hammill & The K Group, Harry Howard, The Red Propellers, and, Malcolm Hill & Live Flesh

The Fall – New Big Prinz – I Am Kurious Oranj

1986 and all that

Laces Out – Kick And Scream – Here At The Ashram

Orange County, New York-based trio Laces Out has been writing steadily throughout the pandemic, cranking out angular ‘90s-influenced post-hardcore. Prior to forming the group, drummer Steve Delucia and guitarist Ed Ciarfella had played together in various projects for nearly twenty years, including Warwick-based post-punk quintet Pigeon of which bassist Ray Wasnieski was also a member.

Interesting Times Gang – Lagio Agrio – The Spirit Of Science Fiction

Interesting Times Gang is the solo project of Ian Miller. While he’s widely known as the bassist for Kowloon Walled City, Less Art, Redemption 87, or Skankin’ Pickle, ITG is the bedroom beats project he started during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Candy Coffins – Seaside Girls – Once Do It With Feeling

Vocalist, guitarist and songwriter Jame Lathren formed Candy Coffins in 2018 in Columbia, South Carolina.  After disbanding his previous band Crown The Cake, he formed Candy Coffins with hometown guitar legend Tom Alewine (Bachelors of Art), followed by seasoned music scene veterans Alex Mabrey on bass and Justin Purdy on keys, and former Iron & Wine touring drummer Jonathan Bradley

Dave Graney & Clare Moore – Now You Must Die – In A MistLY

Black Ox Orkestar – Viderkol (Echo) – Everything Returns

Black Ox Orkestar formed from Montréal’s fertile post-punk scene of the early 2000s, featuring members of Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Thee Silver Mt. Zion and Sackville, releasing two acclaimed and influential albums Ver Tanzt (2004) and Nisht Azoy (2006). Everything Returns picks up right where the band left off, with incisively atmospheric, uniquely modern Jewish diasporic folk music of brooding balladry filtered through the lens of an indie-rock sensibility,

Neon Kittens – 2 Animals – 2 Animals

Technically, not a new single but a couple of new songs that they did whilst waiting for other stuff to come out.. Nina K: Vocals / Guitar, Andy G: Bass / Guitars, Hope M: Electronics / Bass, Kay Y: Drums / DR 550 Op.

2 Lost Souls – Popularity Contest – 52 Singles Project

Number 29 of 52

Peter Hammill & The K Group – The Great Experiment – The Margin + Live

1982 release – PJAH deep into his rock and roll period

Harry Howard – YR KZ’Z – Harry Howard presents Slight Pavilions
The Red Propellers – She Shrugs – Behind The Yellow Line
Malcolm Hill & Live Flesh – Goodbye Goodnight (Good Time) – Centaur
Neon Kittens – Like Frank’s Ninja Assassin – 2 Animals
Black Ox Orkestar – Mizrakh Mi Ma’arav – Everything Returns

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