Aural Delights on the Overflow 144

Blokeacola – Common Enemy Comet – Wig Game – another track from the recent release
Whiskeytown – Yesterday’s News – Strangers Almanac – classic country rock from their second probably thier best album – 1997
The Fall – I’m Into C.B.! – Hip Priest and Kamerads – Originally a single in 1982
Neon Kittens – You Don’t Need Fire Lighters – You Don’t Need Fire Lighters – A brand new single! written, recorded and produced 5th November, 2022. Dedicated to, York’s local historical hero, Guido Fawkes!
The Red Propellers – Behind The Yellow Line – Behind The Yellow Line – Another track from the forthcoming album
2 Lost Souls – They Reap What They Sow – 52 Singles Project – yet another release in the 52 Singles Project
The Right Side Of Reason – Life’s Different – Life’s Different – Andy Missons of Inferior Complex returns with his solo project
Dave Graney and Clare Moore – We Get Life – In A MistLY – another track from the excellent new album
Tropical Gothclub – Needles – Tropical Gothclub – Dean Fertita of The Queens of the Stone Age member with a solo album
and …….

Hawkwind – Master of the Universe – In Search Of Space
Rab Noakes – Together Forever – Do You See The Lights?
Keith Levene – Aztek Dubd – Murder Global : Killer in the Crowd EP
Public Image Limited – Poptones – Metal Box

four tracks to mark the passing of Nik Turner, Rob Noakes and Keith Levene

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