World of Jazz 536

On this show the first of twelve new features over forthcoming weekjs focusing on Ivo Perelman’s stunning new release of saxophone duo’s. I’m kicking off with his pairing with Joe Lovano. In addition other music from Joe plus new releases from Tyshawn Sorey, Oscar Lavën , Dan Weiss, Timo Vollbrecht, and Dan McCarthy.


  • Show Intro 00:00
  • Ivo Perelman & Joe Lovano “Thirteen” from Reed Rapture In Brooklyn (Mahalaka Music) 00:53
  • Joe Lovano “Autumn In New York” from Joyous Encounter (Blue Note) 07:50
  • Tyshawn Sorey “Solar” from The Off-Off Broadway Guide to Synergism (Pi Recordings) 18:19
  • Oscar Lavën “Marigold” from Questions in Red (Thick Records) 27:18
  • Ivo Perelman & Joe Lovano “Two” from Reed Rapture In Brooklyn (Mahalaka Music) 40:39
  • Joe Lovano, Trio Tapestry, Marilyn Crispell, Carmen Castaldi “Zen Like” from Garden of Expression (ECM) 48:42
  • Dan Weiss “For Andrei Tarkovsky” from Dedication (Cygnus Records) 1:00:00
  • Dan Weiss “For Nancarrow” from Dedication (Cygnus Records) 1:08:11
  • Timo Vollbrecht “Happy Happy” from Givers & Takers (Self Released) 1:14:05
  • Ivo Perelman & Joe Lovano “One” from Reed Rapture In Brooklyn (Mahalaka Music) 1:23:37
  • Joe Lovano & Dave Douglas Sound Prints “Sprints” Live At Monterey Jazz Festival (Blue Note) 1:25:31
  • Dan McCarthy “The High Water Mark” from Songs of the Doomed: Some Jaded, Ativistic Freakout (TPR Records) 1:39:16
  • Tyshawn Sorey “Ask Me Now” from The Off-Off Broadway Guide to Synergism (Pi Recordings) 1:48:39


Ivo Perelman
A 12 album set. A celebration of reed instruments, particularly the saxophone and the clarinet. Recorded over six months in 2021, these sessions, each featuring Perelman with another artist, are veritable who’s who of modern improvisers. In addition to covering a kaleidoscopic range of sound, ten different saxophones and three members of the clarinet family, these dates are testament of Perelman’s dynamic musical evolution. I am featuring each of the albums over the next 12 episodes. This first set is with Joe Lovano. Joe is heard here on two uncommon saxophones, mezzo soprano and C-melody.

Joe Lovano
Joyous Encounter – 2005 studio album which features the same personnel as Lovano’s 2004 recording I’m All For You; bassist George Mraz, drummer Paul Motian, and pianist Hank Jones

Garden of Expression – 2021 release – the second album by the trio with pianist Marilyn Crispell and percussionist Carmen Castaldi . The release contains eight original jazz compositions written by Lovano. He explains the music on the album, “Each of the pieces is a song of expression where rhythm doesn’t dictate the flow. This is not a band that starts from the beat. The momentum is in the melody and the harmonic sequence. And rhythm evolves within each piece in a very free flowing manner.”

Live At Monterey Jazz Festival – live album recorded at the 2013 Monterey Jazz Festival. It was released on the Blue Note label in 2015 and features a live performance by Douglas and Lovano with pianist Lawrence Fields, bassist Linda Oh and drummer Joey Baron playing original material and two new compositions by Wayne Shorter.

Tyshawn Sorey
Three-volume set recorded live at The Jazz Gallery in New York, featuring drummer Tyshawn Sorey’s trio pianist Aaron Diehl, and bassist Russell Hallwith special guest alto saxophonist Greg Osby.

Oscar Lavën
Oscar Lavën has long been a source of innovation on the Wellington, New Zealand Jazz scene. This album was released on October 22nd at the Wellington Jazz Festival and features twelve unique compositions by Lavën, who is joined by award winning drummer John Rae, bassist Patrick Bleakley, trumpeter Mike Taylor and pianist Ayrton Foote.

Dan Weiss
This new album features Weiss’s longtime trio with pianist Jacob Sacks and bassist Thomas Morgan. , Weiss pays explicit homage to nine of his most vital inspirations, from musical and cinematic masters to loved ones and close collaborators. The album marks the trio’s fourth recording in 22 years together.

Timo Vollbrecht
Fly Magic is saxophonist-composer, bandleader, and scholar Timo Vollbrecht’s longstanding signature ensemble After two acclaimed records and performances in over 30 countries, their third album, Givers & Takers, marks a new chapter in his work . Originally from Germany and based out of New York, Timo Vollbrecht is a celebrated creative force on the Brooklyn music scene who fuses jazz with post-rock, electronics, and instrumental songwriting. Together with Keisuke Matsuno (guitar), Elias Stemeseder (piano & synthesizers), and Dayeon Seok (drums), he formed a band with no bassist. Instead, Stemeseder – who just led his residency at John Zorn’s iconic Stone venue – plays synth-bass while his other hand operates other keys.

Dan McCarthy
Dan McCarthy’s Songs of the Doomed: Some Jaded, Atavistic Freakout is an album of music inspired by the writing of political journalist and general dingbat Hunter S. Thompson. The sound of the band is inspired by the Gary Burton Quintet from the 1970s on ECM Records. The band is Dan McCarthy – Vibraphone, Don Scott – Guitars, Luan Phung – Guitars, Daniel Fortin – Bass. Ernesto Cervini – Drums

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