Aural Delights on the Overflow 143

A decidedly Antipodean tinge to this weeks offering with music from The Blackwater Fever, Dusty Miles, Dave Graney & Clare Moore, Harry Howard, and Malcolm Hill & Live Flesh. From the northern hemisphere music from Austerboys, Carterband, Kee Avil, The Conspiracy, 2 Lost Souls, Neon Kittens and Russ Spence.

The Blackwater Fever “Love Is Strange” from Temptator! : The Brisbane Alt. Rockers 6th album
Dusty Miles “Echo Blue” from Fireroad Vol.1 : alter ego of Blackwater Fever member Shane Hicks – 2019 release
Dave Graney and Clare Moore “Velvets MC” from In A MistLY : another track from Dave and Clare’s new album
Harry Howard “Lately” from Harry Howard presents Slight Pavilions : another track from Harry’s new solo release
Malcolm Hill & Live Flesh “You’re Gonna Leave” from Centaur : another track from Malcolms latest release
Auster Boys “Rector Corea Pulpet Toper” from Anamenisis : The Auster Boys return channelling the Fall and scrabbling through the history of Northampton
Carterband “Good Men Do Nothing” Single : David goes all Zimmerman for an acerbic commentary on the state of politics
Kee Avil “See My Shadow” from Crease : Crease is the debut album by Kee Avil, a project led by MontrĂ©al producer and guitarist Vicky Mettler.
The Conspiracy “Ultra Psy Dance” from Dance of the Predator : UK outfit The Conspiracy are back with a new extended ep with a more electronic bent than previous outings.
The Blackwater Fever “The Slew” from Temptator!
Auster Boys “Anamenesis” from Anamnesis
2 Lost Souls “Breakfast Of Champions” fro 52 Singles Project: Another in the 52 singles series
Neon Kittens “Drag My Nails” from Drag My Nails :Self-released debut single, recorded during Neon Kittens’ first recording session. Not on Metal Postcard!
Russ Spence “Spectrum” from Attempted Soundscape : Debut solo ep by one half (the singing half) of York (UK) band, Salem Trials

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