World of Jazz 533

On this show music from Elisa Nillson, Johnny Dyani, Dudu Paukwana, Band of Pulses, Georg Gräwe, Peter Brötzmann, George Colligan, John Scofield, Mario Pavone, and, Martin Küchen.

Show Intro 00:00
Elisa Nillson “Epicomic” from Atlas Of Sound – Coast Redwoods – 41°32’09.8″N 124°04’35.5″W 00:46
Johnny Dyani Quartet “House Arrest” from Mbizo (Steeplechase) 10:40
Duda Pukwana & Spear “Sondela” from Flute Music (Caroline Records) 21:50
Band of Pulses “Cycles” from Cycles of Formation (ears&eyes) 28:39
Georg Gräwe Quintet “Section E ” from Concert In Berlin 1996 (Wobbly Rail) 47:19
Brötzmann, Van Hove, Bennink, Mangelsdorff “Wenn Mein Schätzlein Auf Die Pauke Haut” from Couscouss De La Mauresque (Destination Out!) 1:00:00
George Colligan “Lost on Fourth Avenue” Live In Arklow (Juno Records) 1:18:42
John Scofield “Awful Coffee” from Swallow Tales (ECM) 1:30:05
Dudu Pukwana “Angel Nemali” from In The Townships (Virgin Records) 1:39:23
Mario Pavone “Foxwood Shuffle (For Charles Mingus)” from Dancers Tales (Knitting Factory Works) 1:45:19
Martin Küchen, Agustí Fernández, Zlatko Kaučič “The Steps That Resonate Part 2” from The Steps That Resonate (Not Two Records) 1:54:40

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