World of Jazz 532

On this weeks show new music from Trevor Dunn, Ted Kooshian, Amjad Ali Khan & Wu Man, Arild Andersen, Marcus Klossek, Sara Gazarek, Sake Mantere and Dave Douglas. Also tracks from new documentary about the legendary bassist Ron Carter plus Frank Carlberg revisits Thelonious Monk’s 1952 recordings for the Prestige Label


Show Intro 00:00
Trevor Dunn’s trio-convulsant “1733_V1” from Séances (Pyroclastic) 00:41
Ted Kooshian “Hubub” from Hubub (Summit Records) 09:39
Amjad Ali Khan and Wu Man “Maya” from Music For Hope (Zoho) 18:20
Arild Andersen Group “Affirmation Part 1: Four” from Affirmation (ECM) 28:26
Arild Andersen Group “Affirmation Part 1: One” from Affirmation (ECM) 36:37
Marcus Klossek “Industrial Escape” from Tales From The Edge (Challenge Records) 41:02
Sara Gazarek “Vanity” from Vanity (Self Released) 50:32
Saku Mantere “Open Secrets” from Upon First Impression (Self Released) 1:00:00
Ron Carter “Flamenco Sketches” from Findiing The Right Notes (IN + OUT Records) 1:06:49
Dave Douglas “Never Let Me Go” from Songs of Ascent: Book 1 – Degrees (Greenleaf) 1:13:00
Dave Douglas “A Weaned Child” from Songs of Ascent: Book 2 – Steps (Greenleaf) 1:19:50
Frank Carlberg Trio “Azure Sphere” from Reflections 1952 (577 Records) 1:27:38
Thelonious Monk “Blue Monk” from The Complete Prestige Recordings (Prestige) 1:34:08
Thelonious Monk “These Foolish Things” from The Complete Prestige Recordings (Prestige) 1:41:46
Frank Carlberg Trio “Some Things Foolish” from Reflections 1952 (577 Records) 1:44:31
Ron Carter “Blues for DP” from Findiing The Right Notes (IN + OUT Records) 1:50:22


Trevor Dunn

Séances, out October 28, 2022 via Pyroclastic Records, features Mary Halvorson, Ches Smith, Anna Webber, Carla Kihlstedt, Mariel Roberts and Oscar Noriega navigating chamber-jazz-metal compositions inspired by the bizarre tales of an 18th-century French religious sect

Ted Kooshian

Released October 7, 2022 via Summit Records, Hubub! conjures a blend of swinging jazz, infectious pop melodies and offbeat humor with Jeff Lederer, John Bailey, Dick Sarpola and Greg Joseph

Amjad Ali Khan and Wu Man

Released September 23, 2022 – Despite obvious differences in appearance, the Indian sarod and Chinese pipa (Wu Man’s instrument) are leading members of the plucked lute extended family. The pipa is made of wood, pear-shaped, with a fretted fingerboard and four strings; the sarod has a narrower wooden body, covered with goatskin, and a fretless metal fingerboard, the key factor in enabling the slides that are essential to Indian music. In addition to the playing strings there are drone strings and an extra set of sympathetic strings. 

Arild Andersen

Norwegian Bassist Arild Andersen’s First Recording with His New Quartet, is Almost Entirely Improvised. Featuring Tenor Saxophonist Marius Neset, Pianist Helge Lien and Drummer Håkon Mjåset Johansen, Available October 28 via ECM Records

Sara Gazarek

Featuring: Sara Gazarek, voice, Miro Sprague, piano, Alex Boneham, bass, Christian Euman, drums, Michael Stever, tpt, Alan Ferber, trombone + orchestrations, Lenard Simpson, alto sax, Daniel Rotem, tenor sax, Adam Schroeder, bari sax, Brad Allen Williams, guitar. Released October 21st.

Saku Mantere

Upon First Impression is Finnish born, Montreal based vocalist Saku Mantere’s debut album. The music was composed and recorded in both Finland and Canada with a cast of some of the finest musicians from both countries. Released November 4th 2022

Markus Klossek

The Berlin-based guitarist Marcus Klossek has been playing with his electric trio alive for 10 years now, and the new album “Tales from the Edge” was also recorded in the tried-and-tested line-up of Marcus Klossek – guitar Carsten Hein -bass and Derek Scherzer -drums. Released on Challenge Records on 21st October 2022

Ron Carter

On October 21 PBS aired “Finding the Right Notes“, the twohour major documentary on jazz legend Ron Carter. The Freiburg, Germany record label IN+OUT Records released the
original soundtrack of the film on CD and double vinyl with a bonus track. Partisan Pictures’ six-year project is executive produced, produced and directed by Peter Schnall. Flamenco Sketches features Renee Rosnes (piano), Jimmy Greene (tenor sax) & Payton Crossley (drums) recorded in 2018 in Stockholm. Blues for DP features the WDR Big Band.

Dave Douglas

Dave says “This quintet began playing together in 2011, so it was uplifting for me that we could come together again from our separate spaces to record this suite. Inspired by the biblical psalms, I wrote these while I was in the process of making Secular Psalms, wanting to go and revisit all the originals. There are 15 psalms known as Songs of Ascent. These psalms are fascinating, somewhat mysterious and inspiring. Each of these pieces was written as a reflection of one of these psalms, with the exception of the first one, which I wrote somewhat impulsively on the day I decided to do this. In my excitement and haste, I neglected to give it a number. So there are 16 pieces in all. The first 8 are on the album subtitled Book 1 – Degrees. The subsequent 8 are available to subscriber members of Greenleaf Music.”

Dave Douglas, trumpet
Jon Irabagon, reeds
Matt Mitchell, piano
Linda May Han Oh, bass
Rudy Royston, drums

Frank Carlberg Trio

In October and December of 1952 Thelonious Monk, joined by (the mysterious) Gary Mapp and Art Blakey and Max Roach, went into Rudy Van Gelder’s studio. Those two dates (plus two pieces from 1954), recorded on an out-of-tune piano, produced some of the most glorious music of Monk’s recording career and in all of American improvised music. On this recording, John and Francisco and Frank revisited that music and created their own impressions. 70 years after the original recordings, they wanted to celebrate this classic work with their own takes of the same pieces while tipping theur caps to the master.

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