Live Mash For Now

“Live Mash For Now” is the third release from New Orleans-based quartet Matt Booth & Palindromes. This new album is a collage of three different live performances dating to 2019, weaving together an assortment of original songs, group improvisations, and including three covers from Paul Motian, Ornette Coleman, and Melvin Gibbs.

Far from the sterile confines of a recording studio, this release captures the quartet (plus occasional special guest saxophonist Aurora Nealand) in their element: on stage, feeding off the exchange of energy with an audience. The result is the most electrifying and dynamic performance the band has on record- the spacey moments are spacier, the hectic moments are harrier- this is the kind of freewheeling spontaneity that is tough to replicate in the studio. “Live Mash For Now” also acts as a tribute to the now defunct Sidebar, where two-thirds of the album was recorded. From 2017 until the pandemic, the tiny bar was the beloved home of creative music for a broad cross-section of New Orleans musicians.

An excellent album throughout with exceptional playing and interplay. Highly recommended!

The album was released November 1, 2022 on ears&eyes

Matt Booth: bass
Brad Walker: tenor and alto saxophones
Chris Alford: guitar
Doug Garrison: drums

Aurora Nealand appears on alto saxophone on tracks 2,3,4,7

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