Aural Delights on the Overflow 139

Dave Graney and Clare Moore “Silver Bullets” from In A MistLY 00:00
Man “Spunk Rock” from Life On The Road: On Air 1972-1983 04:45
The Red Propellers “Back In The Stirrup” Single 09:59
Fucked Up “Oberon” from Oberon 15:01
Pixies “Nomatterday” from Doggerel 23:05
2 Lost Souls “Check Yourself” from 52 Singles Project 27:26
PGX “Closer (Demo)” from Demos & B-Sides: A Community Fundraising Project (Vol. III) 32:35
Sonjah & Ian “Salvador” from Soul Precious 36:54
Faith In Jane “Whiskey Mountain Breakdown” from Axe To Oak 40:20
The Red Propellers “Black Box Warning” Single 49:39
Tangerine Dream “Before the Closing of the Day” from La Divina Commedia 55:09

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