World of Jazz 524

A selection of brand new albums from around the world of jazz demonstrating diversity, variety and the development of the music. Featuring releases from René Lussier, Dave Douglas, Jean-Paul Estiévenart with Marcelle Ponseele & Anthony Romaniuk, Ezequiel Jaime, Brûlez les meubles, Fran Nava, Josh Lawrence, Ernesto Cervini, and, Giuseppe Millaci & Vogue Trio.

Show Intro 00:00
René Lussier “13e séance” from Au diable vert (Circum-Disc) 00:39
Dave Douglas “Peace Within Your Walls” from Songs of Ascent: Book 1 – Degrees (Greenleaf) 06:16
Jean-Paul Estiévenart, Anthony Romaniuk “Improvisation and Prelude in B-Flat Minor, BWV 867” from Triptyque (Fuga Libera) 10:30
Ezequiel Jaime “Amontonar Karate” from Quiromancia (Numeral) 14:20
Brûlez les meubles “16mm” from L’appel du vide (Tour De Bras) 20:11
Fran Nava “Fobos and Deimos” from Sonidos Intensos (ears&eyes) 26:41
Josh Lawrence “Silver’s Drag” from Call Time (Posi-Tone) 34:10
Ernesto Cervini “Sandalwood and Rosewater” from Joy (TPR Records) 38:22
Giuseppe Millaci & Vogue Trio “Turn Over” from Live at Flagey (Hypnote) 43:22
Brûlez les meubles “Hiboux” from Tardif (Tour De Bras) 51:41
René Lussier “Barré” from Au diable vert (Circum-Disc) 1:00:00
Marcel Ponseele, Jean-Paul Estiévenart , Anthony Romaniuk, Il Gardellino “Mit Fried und Freud ich fahr dahin, BWV 125 I. for Ensemble)” from Triptyque (Fuga Libera) 1:08:58
Ernesto Cervini “Ruth’s Rosa” from Joy (TPR Records) 1:17:48
René Lussier “Cinq accords pour Takashi” from Au diable vert (Circum-Disc) 1:21:45
Giuseppe Millaci & Vogue Trio “Pra Dizer Adeus” from Live at Flagey (Hypnote) 1:25:33
Fran Nava “Influencias” from Sonidos Intensos (ears&eyes) 1:33:40
Josh Lawrence “Black Bottoms Up” from Call Time (Posi-Tone) 1:41:15
Ernesto Cervini “The Beautiful Mystery” from Joy (TPR Records) 1:49:50
Ezequiel Jaime “Ipnota #3” from Quiromancia (Numeral) 1:55:59


René Lussier

For René Lussier, le diable vert is “a withdrawn place where Nature has kept or regained its rights; a place where you find yourself lost without really knowing when exactly you lost your bearings. I suppose this definition could also apply to my music. I would add a dimension of
freedom: the joy of moving forward blindly and holding on until the end of the journey.”

The project started with new compositions for the guitarist’s quintet, with accordion, tuba, two drums and more, featuring Luzio Altobelli, Julie Houle, Robbie Kuster and Marton Maderspach. And then the pandemic struck and nothing went as planned.

Lussier says, “As the months of digital correspondence went by, the lineup changed to include new players: Guillaume Bourque and Alain Trudel. I also invited Koichi Makigami and Takashi Harada with whom the quintet had played in Tokyo, asked my friend Chris Cutler to read me one of his poems on the state of the world, recorded the musicians’ voices the first time we met in the studio in 15 months, my therapist’s and my own voices at our 13th session, the purr of the wandering tomcat coming to ask for kibble, and the bewitching songs of frogs when spring finally this remote place I call home. »


Dave Douglas

This quintet began playing together in 2011, so it was uplifting for me that we could come together again from our separate spaces to record this suite. Inspired by the biblical psalms, I wrote these while I was in the process of making Secular Psalms, wanting to go and revisit all the originals. There are 15 psalms known as Songs of Ascent. These psalms are fascinating, somewhat mysterious and inspiring. Each of these pieces was written as a reflection of one of these psalms, with the exception of the first one, which I wrote somewhat impulsively on the day I decided to do this. In my excitement and haste, I neglected to give it a number. So there are 16 pieces in all. 8 are on this disc. The subsequent 8 are on a companion disc subtitled Steps, which will be immediately available to members of Greenleaf Music. Thank you all for your support! One small point of info about this set: I recorded all my parts first.

  • Dave Douglas
    released October 7, 2022

Dave Douglas, trumpet
Jon Irabagon, reeds
Matt Mitchell, piano
Linda May Han Oh, bass
Rudy Royston, drums

Ponseele, Estiévenart, Romaniuk, Il Gardellino

The story is set in Brussels. Jean-Paul Estiévenart, a very talented jazz trumpeter, meets the well-known baroque oboist Marcel Ponseele. Jean-Paul has a passion for Baroque music, particularly that of J.S. Bach. He is also very familiar with Marcel’s work, which he has greatly admired for many years. Their meeting seems natural: they resemble each other and fit together perfectly. They speak the same musical language that comes from the heart, without detours or fuss.

In the course of their conversations, they developed a repertoire based on the works of J.S. Bach, arranged it somewhat with the help of Bert Joris, interspersed it with improvisations and added a Baroque composition by the trumpeter, performed by the ensemble.

Bassist Sam Gerstmans, who has shared the stage with Jean-Paul for many years, blends into the baroque adventure with disconcerting ease. Harpsichordist, organist and pianist Anthony Romaniuk, who is used to both jazz and baroque, is perfect for this hybrid repertoire.

The album was recorded at Studio 4 in Flagey by Aline Blondiau. It released on September 24 on Fuga Libera.

Ezequiel Jaime

Ezequiel Jaime // electric bass.
Daniel Iván Bruno // trombone.
Carto Brandán // drums.
Jerónimo Díaz Mauro // guitar.
Recorded on February 6, 2022 in “El Cubo” studio, Ing. Maschwitz, Escobar.
Production: Ezequiel Jaime.

“Quiromancia is an album where we explore a sound imaginary created from continuous and
discontinuous materials, simultaneously or not. From this, the album models a universe of noisy
improvisations where repetition abounds as a dimension of the present, the present being the place of improvisation.”

Brûlez les meubles

Burn the Furniture (Broolay Lay Murblah)

A two-headed musical project conjured up by Louis Beaudoin-de la Sablonnière (Guitars) and Éric Normand (Basses) – two of Quebec’s leading improvisers. Éric and Louis have known each other for many years, and have long shared a mutual interest in each other’s music despite their different artistic backgrounds (and the fact that they live more than 500 km apart.) In addition to their musical kinship, the two composers are both record aficionados with a shared passion for contemporary jazz. Every time they gather, they invite a different group of musicians to explore their musical universe with them, giving life to new batches of compositions prepared during the months in between meetings.

2 new albums: Tardif, a quartet with Jean Derome (alto saxophone and flute) and John Hollenbeck (drums); and L’appel du vide, a trio with Tom Jacques (drums)

Fran Nava

Gabriel Stern – tenor sax (of Mingunos, Nacho Szulga Quinteto, El Arca,
Omar Menéndez – drums (of Lucio Balduini Trío, Camila Nebbia Banda,
Matthew Golombisky, Carlos Lastra)
Nicolas Boccanera – piano (of Damsel Talk, Sebastian Greschuck cuarteto,
Santiago Lacabe Quinteto)
Fran Nava – double bass and composer (of Mingunos, Acratos Jazz, Leo
Postolowsky Trío)

Josh Lawrence

Josh Lawrence’s skillfully efficient trumpet stylings prompt audiences to punctual engagement with the enjoyable message of “Call Time.” Employing a wide palette of tones and sounds, Lawrence is a gifted instrumentalist who makes a clear statement of purpose with his stunning musicianship and stalwart leadership on his fourth album for Posi-Tone.

Lawrence’s thoughtful melodicism shines throughout the session with the able assistance of some of the hippest cats on the scene today, including the collective genius of bassist Boris Kozlov and pianist Art Hirahara, the drumming excellence of Jason Tiemann, and scintillating sounds of saxophone sensation Willie Morris. With this latest release, Lawrence not only confirms his status as one of the biggest rising stars in jazz today, but also shows that he is clearly an engaging musical artist for jazz fans to mark time by for many years to come.

Ernesto Cervini

“Joy” is the latest record from Juno-winning drummer and composer Ernesto Cervini. Inspired by Louise Penny’s Gamache series of books (NYTimes Best-Sellers) and the qualities of goodness, decency, courage, and love that permeate them, Cervini was moved to compose music
that captures the characters, landscapes and relationships created by Penny.
The album showcases Canada’s finest musicians and is the first of Cervini’s albums to feature vocalists

Line ups on the three tracks

Ernesto Cervini – Drums

Sandalwood and Rosewater

Adrean Farrugia – Piano
Dan Fortin – Acoustic Bass

Ruth’s Rosa

Virginia MacDonald – Clarinet
Jim Lewis – Trumpet
Dan Fortin – Acoustic Bass

The Beautiful Mystery

Alex Samaras – Vocals
Tara Davidson – Alto Saxophone
William Carn – Trombone
Adrean Farrugia – Piano
Dan Fortin – Acoustic Bass

Giuseppe Millaci & Vogue Trio

Interaction: Live at Flagey pays homage to the iconic venue where it was recorded, a masterful and sensitive opus, with a balanced variety of moods. The trio has been touring extensively for five years now and its unity can be felt throughout the energetic swing, the ballads and the crisp bossa novas that make up the album. Giuseppe Millaci (double bass), Lionel Beuvens (drums) and Amaury Faye (piano) balance each other out gracefully, giving full expression to their
distinct voices and personalities. The recording is filled with virtuosic solos including a piece entirely performed on the upright bass, Millaci’s singular tribute to his instrument of choice. Also note the sublime and sensuous rendition of Pra Dizer Adeus, revealing the complementarity of these talented musicians to be a perfect fit for this carefully tailored setting, the Vogue Trio.

Recorded on September 26, 2020 at Flagey Studio 4 (Brussels) by Musiq3 / RTBF

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