World of Jazz 520

A show with guitars to the forefront. A selection of great and varied releases celebrating the guitar in current jazz.

  • Show Intro 00:00
  • So Long Seven “Mazimhaka” from Only Elephants Know Her Name (So Long Seven Records) 00:39
  • Gastón de la Cruz “Aldebarán” from Constelaciones (DISCOS ICM) 05:25
  • Steve Knight “Suspects” from Persistance (Self Released) 13:05
  • Yotam Silberstein “Brooklyn Frevo” from Universos (Jazz&People) 17:43
  • Federico Calcagno, Javier Subatin, Francesca Remigi “74” from Confini Labili (Habitable Records) 23:10
  • Albare & Co “Freedom” from Freedom (Alfi Records) 28:18
  • Gastón de la Cruz “Betelgeuse” from Constelaciones (DISCOS ICM) 35:44
  • Steve Knight “Cisco” from Persistance (Self Released) 40:18
  • Yotam Silberstein “Dada” from Universos (Jazz&People) 44:16
  • Federico Calcagno, Javier Subatin, Francesca Remigi “Il Gioco dell’Oca” from Confini Labili (Habitable Records) 49:46
  • So Long Seven “Kenojuak” from Only Elephants Know Her Name (So Long Seven Records) 57:20
  • Vitor Pereira “The Hero” from Jung (Self Released) 1:00:25
  • So Long Seven “Only Elephants Know Her Name” from Only Elephants Know Her Name (So Long Seven Records) 1:09:51
  • Gastón de la Cruz “Las penas de Aldebarán” from Constelaciones (DISCOS ICM) 1:13:28
  • Steve Knight “Real Type Thing” from Persistance (Self Released) 1:20:13
  • Electric Chamber “Chamber 1” from Electric Chamber EP (Self Released) 1:23:54
  • Yotam Silberstein “Samba Pro Vitor” from Universos (Jazz&People) 1:30:31
  • Federico Calcagno, Javier Subatin, Francesca Remigi “Impro 1” from Confini Labili (Habitable Records) 1:36:47
  • Albare & Co “Sunny Samba” from Freedom (Alfi Records) 1:42:36
  • Vitor Pereira “Mandala” from Jung (Self Released) 1:49:44


So Long Seven

So Long Seven is a delicious mix of jazz, classical, blues, folk, and music from around the world: a funky, relentless force and an atmospheric cornucopia of sound. Nestled in the rhythmic drive of renowned tabla player Ravi Naimpally, Neil Hendry (guitar), William Lamoureux (violin), and Tim Posgate (banjo) create an aural space beyond boundaries. This highly skilled quartet references many global traditions – from India, Europe, Africa, and the Americas – constructing a unique and cohesive cultural bridge.

So Long Seven has performed at Canada’s top global music venue, Small World Music, and plays concerts at clubs across the country. From a tour of Vancouver Island, appearances at Victoria Jazz Festival, Ontario’s Hillside Music Festival and Sunfest, the band is truly a national force. The group has also performed internationally with multiple concerts across Europe.

On So Long Seven’s latest recording, frogs, elephants, stars and the work of indigenous modernist painter Kenojuak Ashevak all act as inspiration for new songs. Produced by violinist William Lamoureux, it includes original compositions, as well as his arrangements for string quartet. The track Mara features the exceptional Hindustani vocalist Samidha Joglekar, who frequently collaborates with the band in concert and on record. only elephants know her name continues the band’s tradition of exploring new musical territory, and is a joyful salve for our complex times.

only elephants know her name will be released worldwide on Friday, September 30th 2022.
on So Long Seven Records

Gastón de la Cruz

Gastón de la Cruz: Guitar & Composition
Martin de Lassaletta: double bass
Nahuel Flores-Catino: Drums
Javier Caire Paulino: Piano
Federico Viceconte: Tenor Saxophone & Soprano
Valentín Garvie: Trumpet -The Sorrows of Aldebaran.

The group’s third album, the first “Continuum” released Independently in 2019 and the second “The Time of the birds on the other side of the River” in 2021 by Discos ICM.

Steve Knight

Like most jazz guitarists, Knight was Influenced by the pantheon of jazz greats like Wes Montgomery, Jim Hall, and Grant Green, but his greatest inspiration is George Benson. “I don’t like music that seems to be written just for other musicians,” says Knight. “A jazz guitarist is part poet and part athlete. I think Benson strikes the perfect balance. He’s an incredible technician on the guitar, but his music is very accessible for a general audience.” Indeed, Knight displays his considerable chops on PERSISTENCE, but never overwhelms the listener with mere showmanship. Joined by two stalwarts on the Chicago jazz scene, bassist JUSTIN PETERSON and drummer JEFF STITELY, the trio began playing together during the Covid-19 lockdown, presenting weekly concerts from Knight’s backyard in their idyllic, tree-lined.  neighborhood. The impromptu jams became concerts with neighbors gathering at the fence and audiences growing quickly and reaching into the park across the street. The Alderman took notice, helped move the concerts to the park, and a whim turned into a weekly event. Playing for a live audience over the years gave the band insight into the music that people liked to hear, and the tunes on PERSISTENCE unfolded from those concerts.

Yotam Silberstein

Guitarist Yotam Silberstein, living in Brooklyn since 2005, and racking up credits over the years with The Heath Brothers, Roy Hargrove, James Moody, John Patitucci and many others, offers up a powerful representation of, andtestament to, his ongoing love affair with global musical folklore. On Universos, Silberstein’s constellation of original compositions is based on his experiences on voyages around the globe, influenced by musical traditions of Brazil (including Choro, Frevo and Samba), Argentina, Uruguay, Venezuela, Andalousia, the Near East, as well as blues, jazz, and rock. Universos features Silberstein’s Trio with Brazilian pianist and accordionist Vitor Gonçalves, and the Israeli drummer and percussionist Daniel Dor. Special guests are, Israeli flutist Itai Kriss, Argentinian multi-instrumentalist/composer Carlos Aguirre, and the Swiss harmonica player Grégoire Maret.

Federico Calcagno, Javier Subatin, Francesca Remigi

Co-founders of the record label Habitable Records, Calcagno, Subatin and Remigi present an innovative and unconventional project made of bass clarinet, guitar and drums. Confini Labili is a free flowing exploration of a special musical territory where improvisation and composition merge in a unique way. Its repertoire is formed by compositions of the three musicians and it includes free improvisations. A multifaceted album full of originality, nuances, groove and creativity which combines acoustic and electronic sounds and brings the listener on a long and vivid journey. Confini Labili WAS released on August 19, 2022 by Habitable Records.

Albare & Co

Albare – Guitars
Phil Turcio – Piano
Randy Brecker – Flugelhorn and Trumpet
Ada Rovatti – Alto and Tenor sax
Phil Rex – Bass
Felix Bloxom – Drums

Long before Bob Dylan and Paul Simon hit a societal raw nerve through their protest songs of the 1960s, Jazz had long established itself as arguably the first activist music – becoming the poster child for emancipation and liberty along the way. Such is its power that totalitarian regimes similar as North Korea sought to ban it and jail musicians who ventured into its orbit. At this strange point in our western democratic history, where one by one, our freedoms are being eroded, it is good to remind ourselves of the genesis of Jazz – as an expression of freedom. In this spirit, we conjure once again the activist roots inherent in the artform, in order to celebrate and protect our hard won freedoms. We shall never be silenced. — Albert Dadon AM aka Albare

Albert Dadon, stage name ALBARE, was born in 1957. Albare started playing music at the ripe age of 8 when his late mother bought a classic acoustic guitar for his birthday. Living in Israel at the time, he became one of the first students of the freshly opened conservatory of music in
Dimona Israel. His love for the instrument only became obvious when his parents moved to France when he turned 10. His discovery of Django Reinhardt, Jimi Hendrix, Wes Montgomery, and later Antonio Carlos Jobim, set Albare into a lifetime of study, composing and playing the instrument. The songs presented in ‘Freedom’ are all original compositions by either Albare or his collaboration with Phil Turcio which has been ongoing for over thirty years. Freedom is a tribute to the symbol Jazz represents everywhere. In a world where freedom of expression is increasingly being censored, Albare says “Jazz is the voice of freedom and it shall never be silenced”

Vitor Pereira

Vitor Pereira says:

Jung is the fourth album from my quintet.
As the name suggests it’s an album entirely inspired by the work of psychiatrist Carl Jung.
I’ve been interested in Jung for a long time now, his portrayal of the fantastic and living world that permeates our unconscious still blows my mind today. Prior to the writing of this album I was brainstorming about the direction I wanted to take for this. I was interested in writing music which somehow induced a journey moving organically through improvised and written moments, and specially exploring the contrast between darkness and luminosity.
When I thought of Jung there was a ‘click’, it made perfect sense. I had to deepen my knowledge so I bought a bunch of books and started reading and writing music. About a year after I was finishing tune number 7. It was the middle of the Covid pandemic so no gigs to try the music out but I booked the studio and a couple of rehearsals and we went straight in.
His ideas had different levels of influence, some as a mere starting point and some other very deeply entrenched. It’s not in any way necessary to know about Jung’s work to enjoy this record but who knows might probably hear it in a different way

Chris Williams – alto sax, Alam Nathoo – tenor sax , Mick Coady – bass, Adam Teixeira – drums Vitor Pereira – guitar & composition

Electric Chamber

Vitor Pereira says

“This is the debut release from my new chamber jazz band.
The idea came about years ago. I was listening a lot of classical music and thought about making a quartet with a cello exploring some composition techniques such as counterpoint or a cannon but adapted to my sound. I also wanted to write longer pieces where the music flowed organically between improvised and written material as well as moving through a variety of different atmospheres.
This is a very exciting project to write for, the cello instead of a double bass expands the range of
possibilities to a whole new level. It can play a usual bass part but can also have that beautiful bowed string quality that gives the music a kind of cinematic impression.
In attempting to feature some of these different functions I could to make music that emphasises a big variety of dynamics and moods, going from emotional and introspective moments to vigorous end explosive ones.
After a few failed attempts to find a suitable cellist (it’s hard to find cellists who can improvise over chords) I met Rupert, who is an extremely versatile and creative cellist and gave it that final push to make this band a reality.”

Rupert Gillett – cello, Alam Nathoo – tenor sax, Adam Teixeira – drums, Vitor Pereira – guitar & composition

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