Aural Delights on the Overflow 135

Salem Trials – Bored In The USA – Bored In The USA 00:00
Danny Short – You Don’t Know What’s Round The Corner – By The Wayside E.P. 02:42
Sir Robert Orange Peel – Old Safe Hands – On The Game 04:58
Might – Tightrope Walk – Abyss 07:14
And Also The Trees – In A Bed In Yugoslavia – The Bone Carver 10:05
2 Lost Souls – Defy Fear – 52 Singles Project 15:08
Compro Oro, Wim Segers – The Lower 9th – Buy The Dip 19:05
Media – Kimono – Influence 23:17
Stereolab, Nurse With Wound – Simple Headphone Mind – Pulse of the Early Brain (Switched On Volume 5) 30:08
Dave Graney – There He Goes with His Eye Out (Point Blank Version) – Point Blank 41:25
Adele & The Chandeliers – Up There For Thinking – Single 47:16
Tyler Hood – Kentucky Heartbeat – The Magnolia Session 50:44
Gridfailure & Megalophobe – This Dirge Requires A Murder – Harbinger Winds 54:05


Salem Trials

Recorded in July during the sessions for the ‘Scream Not Working’ album.
released September 2, 2022

Russ: vocals
Andy: guitar / bass
Boss: cheap drum machine

Danny Short

This E.P. is a compilation of Outtakes, Offcuts and Demos from the album “Not Many Signs Show The Way” album.

Sir Robert Orange Peel

An alternative electronic musical guide through the FIFA World Cup, football and beyond!
released September 2, 2022

The occasional guitar, samples and cheap electronics make up the truly unique sound of U.K based Sir Robert Orange Peel! Music held together by a great sense of deprecating humour.
“Sounds nothing like the Sleaford Mods.but in there is that same fuck you i’ll do it “how i like” aesthetic” British music isn’t dead it’s just hiding under the bedcovers. Sir Robert is a little more
succinct !


Exile On Mainstream presents Abyss, the second album from Hannover, Germany-based atmospheric doom/post-rock duo MIGHT.

Founded in January 2020 by Ana Muhi (vocals, bass, piano) and Sven Missullis (vocals, guitar, drums), MIGHT’s eponymous debut LP was recorded in the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic, the album introducing the band’s blend of elements from various musical genres fused in their very own intoxicating, organic sound.

And Also The Trees

released September 9, 2022

Simon Huw Jones – Vocals and words
Justin Jones – Guitars, zither, autoharp, backing vocals
Paul Hill – Drums, percussion, harmonica
Grant Gordon – Bass guitar
Colin Ozanne – Clarinet, bass clarinet

2 Lost Souls

Another single in the series

Compro Oro, Wim Segers

Ghent based exotica-jazz collective Compro Oro, are dropping their new album ‘Buy The Dip’ on the 2nd September via Sdban Ultra. Having received critical acclaim for their 2020 album ‘Simurg’ – a collaboration with Murat Ertel, co-founder and frontman of Istanbul’s cult psychedelic folk band BaBa ZuLa and his singer partner Esma Ertel – the band’s fifth release is less ethno- and more techno-logy, both on a musical and conceptual level.

After imaginative musical trips to Havana, Mogadishu and Istanbul for previous releases, Compro Oro went looking for sounds and inspirations from other corners of the globe for ‘Buy The Dip’. Synthesizers and electronic effects spice up Compro Oro’s distinctive musical marriage of vibraphones, electric guitars, jazzfunk rhythms, exotic percussions and dubby bass patterns. Band leader and composer Wim Segers created these new compositions often on piano or vibes in a more analogue way, leaving enough room for his band mates to colour each track when fine tuning the song.

Segers was inspired by the world of crypto markets and the specific concept of ‘buying the dip’: bitcoin diggers who play the markets at specific ‘low’ moments to gain higher profits when prices go up again. Are we all reduced to consuming creatures, seeking for nothing more than the thrill of pointless spending and endless profits? It’s a fairly philosophical question – especially for an instrumental album – but it’s key for the punchy and eclectic sounds on ‘Ben Hur’ and ‘Bitcoins’.

Apart from those synths and fx, a fair bunch of neo-noir western vibes sprout up on this album as well – think detuned piano’s, flamenco-like guitars, rattling snare drums, and imminent whistles. Add to that some laid back sunny pop sounds (‘Kayak’), off-hook and swaying Turkish psychedelica (‘Karsilama’) and even some haunted, kraut-ish vocal parts (‘Dungeon’), it’s evident Compro Oro has a musical voice without any equal in Belgium and beyond.


Phoenix Arizona – July 4 track release

Stereolab – Nurse WIth Wound

Compilation of various recordings – track played originally from 1997

Dave Graney

More live Dave from the Point Blank shows – 2015 release – originally on the Hashish & Liquor album

Adele and the Chandeliers

Brisbane-Meanjin 3 -piece led by Adele Pickvance, Adele & The Chandeliers return with their mantra chanting new single Up There For Thinking. With the classic sounds of bass, drums, guitar, lots of cowbell, organ and saxophone. It’s their first offering from their second release, a 4 -song EP, Still Thinking, due early next year.

Adele & The Chandeliers are:
Adele Pickvance- vox, bass. organ, bongos, cabasa, cowbell, sax
Scott Mercer- elec guitar, vox
Jonny Pickvance- drums, vox

Tyler Hood

The third season of Anti-Corporate Records’ beloved The Magnolia Sessions presents its latest installment, today releasing a new record by Kentucky-based folk singer/songwriter TYLER HOOD.

Launched in 2020, The Magnolia Sessions showcases bluegrass, dark country, and folk singer/songwriter acts, recorded live in an intimate outdoor setting by a large magnolia tree at the Anti-Corporate Music/Black Matter Mastering headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee, by owner Dan Emery. The series has yielded albums from The Lost Dog Street Band, The Hill Country Devil, Joe Wunderle, Cooper McBean, The Resonant Rogues, Matt Heckler, Jason Dea West, Johno Leeroy, Cristina Vane, Nick Hans, Casper Allen, Jeff Loops, Angela Autumn, and Austin Stambaugh, several of which have debuted on the Billboard Bluegrass Charts.

TYLER HOOD writes with sharp wit and bold sincerity. From heroic ballads of rural living to refreshing tales of deliciously mundane everyday life, he writes and sings the stories of the region that raised him.

With his contribution to The Magnolia Sessions, HOOD offers, “‘Bulldoze My Love’ is a yearning song for something just out of reach. The proverbial goal finds itself too far away but close enough you can almost touch it more often than not. I believe this is everyone’s story.

“These nine songs were recorded in the heat of a Tennessee August night. The crickets asked to sing, and we obliged. The mosquitoes however, fought for silence until the last note faded out. I’m happy to share these songs that might not have seen the light of day outside of a stripped-down format like The Magnolia Sessions. I give many thanks to everyone involved.”

Dan Emery adds, “Tyler was one of very few artists to come and pretty much record everything in one solid pass. He only retook one song, and we ended up not even using that take. All the songs were recorded in the order that they are presented here. The session was basically exactly how it runs on the release, with only a few seconds of dead time cut between some songs to keep the pace. Sessions like Tyler’s are the ones that remind me of the reason I started doing this series. To present honest art in its most raw stripped-down nature.”

Gridfailure and Megalophobe

New York based solo/collaborator projects GRIDFAILURE and MEGALOPHOBE unveil their third collaborative album together, the jazz-influenced Harbinger Winds.

Culminating nearly five years of unpredictable progression, regression, erosion, and transformation, Harbinger Winds was finally completed in February of 2022, a wide array of guest contributors helping shape this album’s post/avant lo-fi jazz direction. Engineered, recorded, and mixed by GRIDFAILURE’s David Brenner at The Compound in Rockland County and MEGALOPHOBE’s Benjamin Levitt at Forked Audio in Brooklyn, the two contribute a wide array of vocals, guitars and basses, keys and synth, drums and percussion, accordion, theremin, cello, harmonica, and more, electronics/effects, tape manipulation, nature recordings, and more.

Joining Brenner and Levitt on the album are platinum session musician/performer Mac Gollehon (Duran Duran, Chaka Khan, Buddy Rich, David Bowie, Blondie, Onyx, more), Leila Abdul-Rauf (Vastum, Ionophore), Sally Gates (Titan To Tachyons, ex-Orbweaver), Christian Molenaar (Those Darn Gnomes), Morgan Evans (Walking Bombs), Matt Bacon, Rosa Henriquez, Rob Levitt, and Denise Fillion. The cover art, photography, and videos for Harbinger Winds were created by Brenner, with additional photos and video by Levitt, the album then mastered by Dan Emery at Black Matter Mastering (Kool Keith, Lost Dog Street Band, Thetan).

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