World of Jazz 516

On this show an eclectic mix with six brand new albums from Rich Ruth, Eunhye Jeong, Chet Doxas, Jeff Denson with Romain Pilon and Brian Blade, Marshall Gilkes, Sélébéyone, and Michael Formanek.

  • Show Intro 00:00
  • Rich Ruth “Taken Back” from I Survived, It’s Over (Third Man Records) 00:46
  • Eunhye Jeong “Embark” from End of Time / KM-53 Project Vol. 1 (577 Records) 07:01
  • Chet Doxas “North Shore, Lake Superior” from Rich In Symbols II (Justin Time Records) 27:43
  • Jeff Denson, Romain Pilon & Brian Blade “A Moment In Time” from Finding Light (Ridgeway Records) 38:58
  • Marshall Gilkes “Part IV, Go Get It” from Cyclic Journey (Alternate Side Records) 47:09
  • Sélébéyone “Time is the First Track” from Xaybu: The Unseen (Pi Recordings) 54:40
  • Michael Formanek Quartet “Skipping Stones” from Other Zones (Circular File Records) 1:00:00
  • Jeff Denson, Romain Pilon & Brian Blade “Daily Jubilee of Dancing Herbie D.” from Finding Light (Ridgeway Records) 1:11:24
  • Sélébéyone “Gagaku” from Xaybu: The Unseen (Pi Recordings) 1:16:53
  • Marshall Gilkes “Part IX, Cyclic Journey” from Cyclic Journey (Alternate Side Records) 1:22:50
  • Chet Doxas “The Slopes of Saint-Tites-des-Caps” from Rich In Symbols II (Justin Time Records) 1:30:00
  • Rich Ruth “Thou Mayest” from I Survived, It’s Over (Third Man Records) 1:38:26
  • Sélébéyone “Liminal” from Xaybu: The Unseen (Pi Recordings) 1:46:19
  • Marshall Gilkes “Sin Filtro” from Cyclic Journey (Alternate Side Records) 1:52:30


Rich Ruth

Nashville-based composer/bandleader Rich Ruth has announced today’s release of his critically acclaimed new album, I Survived, It’s Over, available via Third Man Records on black vinyl, CD, and Bandcamp-exclusive cassette tape, as well as at all DSPs and streaming services. Independent record store-exclusive light blue colored vinyl is now available at a record store near you.
Mixed by renowned Chicago producer/engineer John McEntire (Tortoise, The Sea and Cake, Stereolab), I Survived, It’s Over was first heralded earlier this spring by the epically ambitious opening track, “Taken Back,” available now at all DSPs and streaming services. An official live performance video – filmed at The Blue Room at Third Man Records in Nashville and featuring the full six-piece Rich Ruth “New Age spiritual jazz jam band” – is streaming now at YouTube.

Third Man Records

Eunhye Jeong

South Korean pianist Eunhye Jeong believes that “after you travel far away from home, you get to know yourself more fully.” Her new album, End of Time Vol. 1, is an existential exploration along with her group KM-53 Project of that self-discovery, imbued with the spirit of a specific moon bear Jeong has been particularly fascinated with. This adventurous animal named KM-53 was from the Taebaek Mountains and became known for running miles and miles to other mountains in other provinces in Korea.

Throughout the album’s three extended tracks, “Embark,” “The Latitudinal Bands,” and “The Elemental Life,” she interfaces with a celestial, linear elegance, veering from a sparse and eerie effect to an energized, complex composition. While the pieces are composed and directed by Jeong, the album also features Allison Burik (Alto Saxophone, Bass Clarinet), Max Ridley (Double Bass), Francisco Mela (Drums), and Mina Kim (Cello), who offer their own adventurous, avant-garde performances.

577 Records

Chet Doxas

Chet Doxas – Saxophones, Clarinet, Field Recordings
Jacob Sacks – Piano, Mellotron
Joe Grass – Pedal Steel, Guitar, Banjo
Zack Lober – Bass
Eric Doob – Drums

For Montreal born, Brooklyn based saxophonist Chet Doxas, the visual arts and music are two things that have been present throughout his entire life. The last seven years have found Doxas embracing and celebrating the ways in which the two mediums mingle, and where they intersect. “Quite simply put, when I look at paintings, I hear music,” says Doxas. “This intersection is one that I feel very fortunate to be able to experience and revel in. It is by studying this relationship that I first composed a body of work dedicated to New York City’s Lower East Side art movement of the early 1980s entitled Rich in Symbols. I am now delighted to be able to interpret seven of our national masterpieces from The Group of Seven, Tom Thomson and Emily Carr. In responding to these iconic works, I felt a wide range of feelings and the feeling that surprised me the most was one of respect for our land and how it has helped me get closer to answering the question: What does it mean to be Canadian? While I do not think that there is only one answer to this question, through composing this series of pieces, I believe that part of the answer can be found in the intrinsic role that our great landscape plays in defining our cultural identity.”
Doxas composed the pieces for Rich In Symbols II in the presence of the artwork, manuscript and pencil in hand. The paintings are also an integral part of the music’s live presentation, as the band performs alongside projections of the iconic works. The live line-up consists of Chet Doxas (saxophones, clarinet, field recordings), Jacob Sacks (piano and mellotron), Joe Grass (pedal steel, guitar and banjo), Zack Lober (bass) and Eric Doob (drums and programming.) The album also features a spoken word poem, read by celebrated songwriter Sam Roberts.

Rich in Symbols II will be released worldwide on Friday, September 9th 2022 on Justin Time

Jeff Denson, Romain Pilon & Brian Blade

Finding Light, the second release by bassist Jeff Denson, drummer Brian Blade and guitarist Romain Pilon. Out September 23, 2022 via Ridgeway Records, the album continues the lightning strike connection the three discovered when recording their 2019 debut Between Two Worlds.

The initial sparks ignited in 2017 when Denson and Blade played together on a tour with Joel Harrison. “Brian and I clicked right away,” Denson says. His hunch about bringing in his old friend Pilon proved fruitful, and the trio was born. The extraordinary chemistry and joy in music making is evident on every track of the celebratory Finding Light.

Ridgeway Records

Marshall Gilkes

Trombonist/Composer Marshall Gilkes Presents: Cyclic Journey

Marshall Gilkes-trombone, compositions, production,
Aaron Parks-piano,
Linda May Han Oh-bass,
Johnathan Blake-drums,
Brandon Ridenour-trumpet, piccolo trumpet, flugelhorn,
Ethan Bensdorf-trumpet, flugelhorn,
Tony Kadlecktrumpet, flugelhorn,
Adam Unsworth-horn,
Joseph Alessi-trombone,
Demondrae Thurman-euphonium,
Nick Schwartz-bass trombone,
Marcus Rojas-tuba

Available September 30, 2022 on Alternate Side Records (Pre-order date is September 2, 2022)
Following up his essential album with the WDR Big Band, Köln, and his 2020 release, Waiting To Continue, Marshall Gilkes latest coup de maître is a stunningly beautiful and captivating suite of music, titled Cyclic Journey,

Alternate Side Records


Xaybu: The Unseen is the highly-anticipated sophomore release from Sélébéyone, avant-rap collective comprised of MCs HPrizm (High Priest of Antipop Consortium) and Senegalese Gaston Bandimic, saxophonists Steve Lehman and Maciek Lasserre, and drummer Damion Reid. Described as “legitimately new” and a “revelation” by Pitchfork, the group’s eponymous 2016 debut was hailed as a game-changing synthesis of underground hip-hop, modern jazz and live electronic music. On Xaybu, Sélébéyone – which means “intersection” in Wolof – continues to build on its groundbreaking work with shifting rhythms and state-of-the art sound design, now with a newfound sense of effortless fluidity. The result is a profound musical statement that deftly explores spirituality and mysticism through the lens of experimental music.

The word “xaybu” in Wolof refers to the concept in Islamic mysticism of al-Ghaib – that which is unknowable and unseeable. HPrizm, Bandimic, and Lasserre are all Sufi Muslims, and that spiritual connection and sense of abandon and giving in to the unknown has been a cornerstone of the group since its inception. Throughout the album, the voices of master musicians like Billy Higgins (on “Gagaku”) and Jackie McLean (“Go In”) – both of whom converted to Islam – are heard speaking to the complex relationship between their spiritual and creative practices. The nuance of those connections is reflected in the otherworldly sonorities and intricate compositional structures that permeate the record. Nearly unheard of for projects of this scope, Lehman and Lasserre not only handle all of the instrumental writing, but also every aspect of the production on their respective pieces, including drum programming, sampling, and overall sound design. The result is an unprecedented integration of complex compositional forms, pre-recorded samples, cutting-edge improvisation, and electronic sounds. Tracks like “Djibirl” and
“Lamina” feature unconventional sonic landscapes that throw HPrizm (in English) and Bandimic’s (in Wolof) searing lyricism into relief. Both integrate contemporary notions of Islamic mysticism into their rhyme schemes, and frequently mine profound connections between spirituality and artistic practices. On “Liminal” they calmly navigate a meticulously- crafted quagmire of polyrhythms and Lehman’s characteristic razor-sharp saxophone lines. Percussive accents drift in and out of time, ebbing and flowing one moment, and snapping into the grid the next. On “Souba,” Lehman’s experience in the contemporary classical music realm comes to the fore, with the subtle orchestration of harp, strings, flutes, and percussion, deftly shadowing the rhythmic nuance of Gaston’s rapid-fire verses.

The album is another example of Lehman’s on-going creation of music that sounds like nothing that has come before.

Pi Recordings

Michael Formanek

Other Zones is an album of previously unreleased improvisations recorded in the studio around the same time as another recording of original music by the same group, some off the world’s premier improvisers, composers and instrumentalists. Enjoy listening at your desired sones with your favorite Scotches or Cote du Rhônes.

Label: Circular File Records – Circular File Digital Debris Series
Product Number: CFDD-001
Release Date (tentative): September 02, 2022 (Bandcamp)

Michael Formanek – Double Bass
Tim Berne – Alto Saxophone
Craig Taborn – Piano
Gerald Cleaver – Drums

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