World of Jazz 473

The featured album is a classic recording of Tubby Hayes, in blistering form, live at the Hopbine in London in 1969. Alongside this there are new releases from across the world of jazz from Samuel Mosching, Chris Morrisey, Mario Laginha, Martin Frieberg, Jazz Station Big Band, John Hébert, Roddy Elias, Julieta Eugenio, and Bennie Senesky. Stunning improvisation comes from Paul Pignon, Camila Nebbia, Axel Filip, and Carmel Kleykens, and similarly, there are new explorations from Cooper-Moore and Stephen Gauci, plus an excerpt from a live recording of Rodrigo Amado, Alexander von Schlippenbach, Miguel Mira, and Gabriel Ferrandini.

  • Tubby Hayes Quartet “For Members Only” from The Complete Hopbine ’69 (Jazz In Britain) 00:00
  • Samuel Mosching “Disconnect” from Ethereal Links (Bronzeville Music) 11:38
  • Chris Morrisey “It’s Cruel That It Ends” from Impact Winter Formal (Edition) 17:22
  • Mario Laginha “Efedra” from Short Shore (Edition) 23:48
  • Martin Frieberg “Ludmila” from Ludmila (Club Del Disco) 31:12
  • Paul Pignon, Camila Nebbia, Axel Filip, Carmel Kleykens “Sensitive Temperatures” from Giravoltant els espaïs lliures (ears & eyes) 36:13
  • Cooper-Moore and Stephen Gauci “Improvisation Nine” from Conversations Vol. 2 (577 Records) 53:06
  • Bernie Senensky “Don’t Look Back” from Don’t Look Back (Cellar Live) 1:00:00
  • Rodrigo Amado, Alexander von Schlippenbach, Miguel Mira, Gabriel Ferrandini “The Field (excerpt)” from The Field (NoBusiness Records) 1:09:28
  • Jazz Station Big Band “Artichoke Facial” from Moods (Hypnote) 1:20:53
  • John Hébert “Frivolicity” from Sounds of Love (Sunnyside) 1:27:14
  • Julieta Eugenio “Sweet Lorraine” from Unaccompanied Saxophone Vol1 (Greenleaf) 1:32:02
  • Roddy Ellias Free Spirit Ensemble “Not This Room” from Not This Room (Self Released) 1:42:13
  • Tubby Hayes Quartet “Off The Wagon” from The Complete Hopbine ’69 (Jazz In Britain) 1:47:31

Tubby Hayes Quartet

Previously only issued in fragmented form and long out of print, these recordings catch Hayes in transition. Less than a month after they were taped just before Christmas 1969, he was to collapse on a gig, signaling the beginning of the final phase of his tragically foreshortened career.

Tubby Hayes – tenor saxophone
Mick Pyne – piano
Ron Mathewson – bass
Spike Wells – drums

The Hopbine, North Wembley, Tuesday December 23rd 1969

Samuel Mosching

Guitarist Samuel Mösching’s fifth studio recording as a leader, Ethereal Kinks, features 11 new melodic originals and his inventive playing on nearly all of the instruments.

Mösching’s relaxed style, melodic improvising, and thoughtful solos are both accessible and creative.

Chris Morrisey

This new set of work, his fifth record as a leader, represents his most authentic blend of all his influences in one melting pot. Here’s a musician as adept as a singer-songwriter as an improvising Jazz musician and composer. With Impact Winter Formal, he gives up on straddling two genre worlds and instead has both feet firmly planted in a totally new one that is personal and looking-forward, complex but immediate, tuneful and inspiring. The result is brilliant, engaging and emotive featuring some of the most interesting and creative contemporary musicians in New York including Philip Dizack, Ryan Ferreira, Dan Rieser, Jon Cowherd, Josh Dion, Grey McMurray and Jason Rigby.

Mario Laginha

Another single from the forthcoming album which is called Jangada is on Edition Records is set to open his music to new and wider audiences internationally.

Bernardo Moreira (double bass) and Alexandre Frazão (drums)

Martin Frieberg

Drummer Martín Freiberg continues to develop his career as a leader, composer and arranger, leading this project that brings together a wide melting pot of musical genres. On this occasion, following this line, Freiberg covers along with the talented Patricio Bottcher on soprano sax, Tomas Fares on piano and Sebastian de Urquiza on doublé bass, “Ludmila”, a classic of the argentine rock hero Luis Alberto Spinetta. In this tribute, the group respects the song and its form, adding other jazzy colors.
Recorded within the context of the concert that was streamed in December 2020 from Doctor F. Recording studio, edited, remixed and mastered by Cherno Rojkin and with cover art by Julieta Grinberg, the single is accompanied by the visual record of that night. “Ludmila” is a cut from the second álbum of this group, which was released by Club del disco on December 17, 2021 and is called “El nuevo día para tocar”.

Paul Pignon, Camila Nebbia, Axel Filip, Carmel Kleyken

Paul Pignon – tenor sax, clarinets, flutes, voice
Camila Nebbia – tenor sax
Carmen Kleykens – cello, voice
Axel Filip – drums

The quartet met and recorded in Stockholm, Sweden during 2021. Nebbia and Filip met the legendary reed player and improviser Pignon on several occasions for playing sessions of free improvised music when Nebbia was based in Stockholm, soon after they completed the quartet with the Spanish cellist and improviser Carmen Kleykens. “Giravoltant els espaïs lliures” in Catalan means “Turning empty spaces around” reflects the creation of a unique and personal world full of boundless and fearless experimentation, where the interaction between musicians is powerful and enlightening…

Cooper-Moore and Stephen Gauci

Conversations Vol. 2 represents the second installment of a two-part release by pianist Cooper-Moore and saxophonist Stephen Gauci. This album, which follows 2020’s Conversations Vol. 1 release, showcases these two deeply idiosyncratic players unifying to create a remarkably astringent whole. The artists’ combined experience, playing together during a seven-month residency at Happylucky No. 1 Gallery in Brooklyn, represents three generations of New York City jazz, spanning as far back as the 70’s when Cooper-Moore first arrived to the city and the early 2000’s when Gauci landed in New York. On this 7-track album, their diverse improvisations reflect a deep maturity, decades of experience and a powerful, creative playing style. Conversations Vol. 2 presents avant jazz in its most bracing, current iteration. The album will be available for download and on CD on February 4, 2022.

Bernie Senensky

Bernie Senensky – Piano
Bob Mover – Alto Saxophone
Sam Noto – Trumpet
Neil Swainson – Bass
Barry Elmes – Drums

A previously unissued recording of legendary Canadian pianist Bernie Senensky, featuring saxophonist Bob Mover and trumpeter Sam Noto Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1944, pianist Bernie Senensky has been a stalwart member of the Canadian and international jazz scenes for over 50 years. He has toured with a multitude of his own ensembles over the years, and has played with a diverse array of internationally celebrated jazz artists, from Chet Baker to Moe Koffman, and from Elvin Jones to Pharoah Sanders (to name but a few).

Rodrigo Amado, Alexander von Schlippenbach, Miguel Mira, Gabriel Ferrandini

Recorded Live October 18, 2019, Vilnius Jazz Festival, Vilnius, Lithuania

Rodrigo Amado: tenor saxophone
Alexander von Schlippenbach: piano
Miguel Mira: cello
Gabriel Ferrandini: drums

Jazz Station Big Band

The Jazz Station Big Band is the house band of the famous jazz club in Brussels, the Jazz Station. The JSBB was created in 2006 and is composed by 14 great soloists among which are its own arrangers. The peculiar aspect of this big band resides in the fact that there is a guitarist in the rhythm section, and, in comparison with a traditional big band, one finds only 4 saxes, 3 trumpets and 3 trombones. Nevertheless, The Jazz Station big band never ceases to impress its audience, proposing a fresh repertoire mixing originality and tradition.

John Hébert

Perhaps the best method to honor Charles Mingus’s work isn’t through imitation. John Hébert looked to the legend’s ability to match musical personalities in service to the music as inspiration for his band on Sounds of Love, though with plenty of Mingus DNA in their output.
Released January 14, 2022

John Hébert – bass
Taylor Ho Bynum – cornet
Tim Berne – alto saxophone
Fred Hersch – piano
Ches Smith – drums & percussion

Julieta Eugenio

Julieta says ” This is a Saxophone Solo Home-made virtual album made during the COVID-19 times, quarantine times, Alone time, reflection times, the Saxophone and me, Poetry and me. Inspired by a Poem by one of the best writers in the world, the Argentinian Jorge Luis Borges, I decided to release this time of myself and share it with you, with the world, the universe. “

Roddy Ellias Free Spirit Ensemble

The unique melodic artistry of composer and guitarist Roddy Ellias with unforgettable lyrics by Canadian writer Sandra Nicholls. Sung by Juno award- winning vocalist Kellyee Evans, with the help of eight other musicians,

Not This Room released on Friday, December 17th 2021.

Roddy Ellias – Acoustic Steel String Guitar
Kellylee Evans – Voice
Marc Copland – Piano
Justin Orok – Nylon String Guitar
Chris Pond – Bass
Jose Garcia – Percussion
Petr Cancura – Soprano & Tenor Sax, Clarinet,
Guy Pelletier – Bass Flute, C Flute
Richard Page – Bass Clarinet
Pierre-Yves Martel – Viola da Gamba

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