Aural Delights on the Overflow 134

Spirit In The Room – If You Must 00:00
Cannonball Statman – Winter In Brooklyn 04:44
Danny Short – We Need More 08:12
2 Lost Souls – Imposter Syndrome 10:39
The Legless Crabs – Krabwerk 15:31
Salem Trials – Black Flash 18:00
Datura 4 – Going Back To Hoonsville 23:20
Dave Graney – My Schtick Weighs A Ton 29:32
Tropical Fuck Storm – Moonburn 34:38
Blokeacola – Salami Lama (Clean Radio Edit) 40:27
Black Nite Crash – The Take 44:36
Cannonball Statman – This Neolithic Hole 49:41
Moongoose – Viewed Through A Portable Window 54:04


Spirit In The Room

If you ever wondered what goes on in the head of a film noir hitman, horror novel asylum inmate, or a golden age silver screen villain, it might sound something like SPIRIT IN THE ROOM . The vision of Louisiana-born and Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Dennis R. Sanders unfurls through cigarette smoke, cheap booze, and distortion like an anachronistic fever dream soundtracked by a collision of gothic vocal hues, immersive alternative architecture, and jarring metallic catharsis. It’s scary at times. It’s sad at other times. However, it’s always unpredictable—especially on SPIRIT IN THE ROOM’s 2022 debut EP for Housecore Records, Flamingo.

Cannonball Statman

The welcome return of Jesse Statman with what is described as a rock album – Miracle on Neon Clown Avenue. Quite a change from his more acoustic based material but with the same leftfield and unique look on life.

Danny Short

The bard of Horwich with another new album this time the soundtrack to the film “The Girl In The Yellow Dress” in which Danny also appears.

2 Lost Souls

Yet another single in the 52 singles project

The Legless Crabs

More unhinged rock madness from El Borko and chums

Salem Trials

The most productive band on the planet with another track from the massive new album

Datura 4

West Australian boogie masters DATURA4 return with their highly anticipated fifth album, “Neanderthal Jam”. Fronted by Dom Mariani of legendary Oz garage rockers The Stems (and an inducted of the West Australian Music Industry Awards Hall of Fame), “Neanderthal Jam” is packed with new tracks of psychedelicised blues and full-tilt heavy rock that were jammed out and recorded at their favourite south-west farmhouse studio.

Dave Graney

Another live cut from Dave with a track which originally appeared on the Hashish & Liquor double album

Tropical Fuck Storm

Another great EP from Nagambie Speedways purveyors of twisted rock


Back with an excellent new album Wig Game the Welsh Born China based master of psychedlic pop

Black Nite Crash

Seattle-based psychedelic rock outfit Black Nite Crash have announced they will release their new album ‘Washed in the Sound with Black Nite Crash’ in mid-October. To quench your sonic thirst for now, they present the lead track ‘The Take’, a storyteller-led pulsating noir singalong which comes with a trippy silhouette-laden video


Yorkie returns with his unique cinematic sound – I am advised an EP will be following shortly

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