World of Jazz 506

On this show all new releases from Michael Dease, Plantas Horribles, the trio of Steve Cardenas, Ben Allison and Ted Nash, the quintet of Jessica Ackerley, Patrick Shiroishi, Chris Williams, Luke Stewart & Jason Nazary, the Fade In Trio, the Gaston De La Cruz Quintet, Dave Douglas in the company of the Westerlies and Anwar Marshall, Robert Lee, and finally an exceptional new album from the Carole Nelson Trio.

  1. Show Intro 00:00
  2. Michael Dease “Rainbow People” from Best Next Thing (Posi-Tone) 00:36
  3. Plantas Horribles “CTM” from Plantas Horribles (Neue Numeral) 07:55
  4. Steve Cardenas, Ben Allison, Ted Nash “Ida Lupino” from Healing Power (Sunnyside Records) 12:38
  5. Jessica Ackerley, Patrick Shiroishi, Chris Williams, Luke Stewart, Jason Nazary – SSWAN “Invisibility is an Unnatural Disaster” from Invisibility is an Unnatural Disaster (577 Records) 19:23
  6. Fade In Trio “Enneadecaedro” from Live Fast, Die a Legend (Cleanfeed Records) 28:09
  7. Gaston De La Cruz Quintet “Hamal” from Constelaciones (Discos ICM) 32:48
  8. Dave Douglas “Swing Landscape” from Dave Douglas and The Westerlies with Anwar Marshall: Live in Portland [2016] (Greenleaf) 38:03
  9. Robert Lee “The King and the Mountain” from Cha-Ran (Three Pines Records) 48:36
  10. Michael Dease “Charlie Jaye” from Best Next Thing (Posi-Tone) 53:58
  11. Plantas Horribles “PH Cruzando El Rio” from Plantas Horribles (Neue Numeral) 1:00:00
  12. Steve Cardenas, Ben Allison, Ted Nash “Ictus” from Healing Power (Sunnyside Records) 1:01:29
  13. Fade In Trio “Requiem” from Live Fast, Die a Legend (Cleanfeed Records) 1:04:57
  14. Michael Dease “With Love” from Best Next Thing (Posi-Tone) 1:12:27
  15. Steve Cardenas, Ben Allison, Ted Nash “Healing Power” from Healing Power (Sunnyside Records) 1:19:42
  16. Plantas Horribles “Planta” from Plantas Horribles (Neue Numeral) 1:25:02
  17. Fade In Trio “Tachykinesia” from Live Fast, Die a Legend (Cleanfeed Records) 1:28:59
  18. Ten Meter Band “Mr Bojangles and His Mates” from Ten Meter Band (Self Released) 1:36:10
  19. Carole Nelson Trio “Chrysalis” from Night Vision (Black Stairs Records)
  20. Carole Nelson Trio “Mayfly” from Night Vision) Black Stairs Records) 1:51:56
  21. Carole Nelson Trio “The Silence of Clouds” from Night Vision (Black Stairs Records) 1:53:30

Michael Dease

Michael Dease keeps the music moving forward toward the “Best Next Thing” on his ninth album for Posi-Tone. With clear purpose, Trombonist Michael Dease gathers together an assemblage of exceptional musicians to help him interactively explore the essence of the blues and reframe the abstract truths of jazz as the “Best Next Thing” for today’s audience of listeners. Providing support in bringing this vision to fruition, the session features an all-star lineup of musicians including trumpeter Alex Sipiagin, alto saxophonist Rudresh Mahanthappa, pianist Renee Rosnes, bassist Boris Kozlov, and powerhouse drummer Rudy Royston. As a band leader, Dease makes sure the entire session stays insightfully straight forward and refreshingly melodic throughout while he conducts his topnotch crew through a series of his new compositions and some inventive arrangements of selections crafted by Dease’s musical mentors. With this latest release, Michael Dease not only confirms his status as a virtuoso soloist and one of the biggest stars in jazz today, but also demonstrates that he is clearly an artist for jazz fans to rely upon to bring them the “Next Best Thing” in jazz for years to come.

Photo by Jessica D. Cowles

Plantas Horribles

Plantas Horribles is an instrumental experimental music group, originating in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It covers sound universes that oscillate between noise, rock and free jazz. It is made up of Camila Nebbia on tenor sax, Raian Valença Joao on electric bass, Martin Allendo Medina on electric guitar and Ariel Invernizzi Oviedo on drums and percussion. The group was formed in 2020, its members, who have shared various projects for many years, decided to create the group to play live and record their first album, which they title the same as the group, Plantas Horribles. The album covers multiple sonorities and narratives in its 12 songs. Each piece explores a different universe and generates a strong contrast that gives rise to its continuity, from short, textural themes to long rhythmic and melodic developments. It is a deep and moving album, with a great exploration of the roles of the instruments, their interaction and improvisation.

Steve Cardenas, Ben Allison, Ted Nash

The singular catalog of the great pianist/composer Carla Bley has been celebrated and performed for decades. She has not only performed her unique compositions in her own star-studded bands but has had them canonized by such legendary artists as Gary Burton and Paul Bley. Having had first-hand experience playing with Carla Bley in two groups, guitarist Steve Cardenas and his trio mates bassist Ben Allison and reed master Ted Nash, have created a brilliant recording of nine Bley pieces on their new album, Healing Power.

Cardenas was first introduced to the music of Carla Bley as a teenager when he heard Gary Burton’s Dreams So Real, which featured guitar icons Mick Goodrick and Pat Metheny. Goodrick’s beautiful solo on Bley’s “Vox Humana” left a lasting impression on Cardenas which then led him to explore Bley’s music from the recordings of Paul Bley, Charlie Haden’s Liberation Music Orchestra and on to her avant-pop recordings of the 1980s.

In 2004, Cardenas was invited by Charlie Haden to join the newly reformed Liberation Music Orchestra when Goodrick, who had been in the group since 1982, had stopped touring a few years earlier. Cardenas toured that summer with LMO and appeared on the group’s 2005 release, Not In Our Name. Cardenas went on to join bassist Steve Swallow’s Quintet in 2009, with Bley playing organ in the group. The result was several tours and a record (Into The Woodwork) thus further solidifying Cardenas’s musical relationship with Bley and Swallow.

The collective trio of Cardenas, Allison, and Nash came together in 2011 when Allison was invited to play a concert in upstate New York. Allison thought it would be a nice opportunity to explore the music of the legendary guitarist Jim Hall with Cardenas and Nash. After a very inspiring performance, the three of them continued to perform on occasion nationally and internationally.

Jessica Ackerley, Patrick Shiroishi, Chris Williams, Luke Stewart, Jason Nazary – SSWAN

SSWAN presents their first outing “Invisibility is an unnatural disaster” a raucous jaunt of free jazz on the premiere fire music label 577 Records. The music is rooted in the Black American art form of jazz, stemming into the branches of free improvisation, noise, and experimentalism while pushing to the edges of each idiom. The idiosyncratic playing of guitarist Jessica Ackerley starts off the album’s title track and jumps headfirst into a Hendrix-tinged duo with drummer Jason Nazary. Patrick Shiroishi quickly joins in to take the energy up a notch with soprano sax wailing in both mimicry and opposition to Ackerley’s phrasing. Just as the wall of sound is beginning to crack an abrupt halt shifts the energy and Luke Stewart’s crawls dialogue with the smearing spattering trumpet solo from trumpeter Chris Williams.

SSWAN is an ensemble that consistently augments sonic themes and pushes the bounds of standard quintet instrumentation while simultaneously executing a unique musical language that is elevated through strong group chemistry. ‘Pattern Phases’ takes the listener on a tour of the various sound worlds accessible to each group member. Communication exists on the level of sound and velocity rather than pitch and harmonic information. Sensitive listening and each member’s ability to paint with different non-pitch vocabulary creates a perfect breath of fresh air after the tour de force of “Invisibility is an unnatural disaster”. The record is rounded out with a synthesis of questions posed in tracks 1 & 2 on “A miracle’s worth”. A beautiful piece with cleansing drones and much-earned exploration of tonality is led by Ackerley’s chordal work. The muted trumpet of Williams’ blends warmly and helps to guide the listener’s journey through the forest of harmony into Luke Stewart’s arco bass. Out on September 2, 2022, on vinyl, CD, and digital editions.

Fade In Trio

No leader, just three desperate and forward-thinking heads.
In a hyper-active artistic momentum since 2018, Fade In Trio keeps subverting musical conventions for the sake of its self-imposed chimera: true to the bone artistic honesty. A fundamental mutual trust allows the three distinct identities to melt and fade into an idiosyncratic communal vision, where improvisation becomes the lens for a deep inner investigation of our functions within a creative community. The artistic result bridges and embodies different musical aesthetics but it also strives to enlarge the palette of what a seemingly limited pianoless trio can sonically achieve.

Fade In strictly performs 100% original compositions written by each component of the band. The debut album Live Fast, Die a Legend ironically depicts one of the mottos of our contemporary society; where the myths of fame and productivity alienate people from their behaviours, feelings and thoughts. But impulses overloads, endorphin rushes and the insatiable will for “more” are taking humanity through addiction and self-destruction. Tracks like “Tachykinesia” (sped up movement) and “L’esterofilo” (the xenophile) crudely depicts the scenario we are living in; where actions precede thoughts and ultimately replace them. On the other hand, “Requiem” and “Get Undressed, Don’t Move” offer the opportunity to meditate in an extremely quiet place; where the music blossoms from very fine details and the ego is absorbed in the collectivity.
Winners of the International Improvisation Competition Renè Arons (Antwerp, 2019) and the Tomorrow’s Jazz Competition (Venice, 2022).
Fade In Trio is and will always be:
FEDERICO CALCAGNO – clarinet, bass clarinet
MARCO LUPARIA – drums, percussions

Gaston de la Cruz

Hamal is the lead single of the new album titled “ Constelaciones”; it ‘s the third one from this group(“Continuum 2019”, “La hora de los pájaros al otro lado del río 2021”). It’s the result of a research process as part of the Creation Grant program (Becas de Creación in Spanish) launched by the National Arts Fund . As a symbolic link, tey started off by naming each piece after different stars and their mythology. These stars belong to different constellations, hence the name of the album.

  • Gastón de la Cruz: guitar and composition.
  • Martín Delasaletta: double bass
  • Nahuel Flores Catino: drums
  • Javier Caire Paulino: piano
  • Federico Viceconte: tenor saxophone
  • José Marín: alto saxophone
  • Valentín Garvie: trumpet

Dave Douglas

A Greenleaf Subscriber release

Dave Douglas, trumpet

The Westerlies:
Riley Mulherkar, trumpet
Zubin Hensler, trumpet
Andy Clausen, trombone
Willem de Koch, trombone

Anwar Marshall, drums

Recorded live at PDX Jazz – Portland, Oregon on October 28, 2016.

Robert Lee

Continuing his momentum as a rising talent in Toronto’s jazz scene, bassist and composer Robert Lee has announced the upcoming release of Cha-Ran, his second album as a bandleader. The album features a diverse lineup of personnel including Lee’s core ensemble of drummer Tetyana Haraschuk, pianist Marc-Olivier Poingt, guitarist Marco Pisani and vocalist Carolina Alabau, alongside guest performances from guitarist Kris Ramakrishna, Brandon Atwell on vibraphone and marimba, pianists SongAh Chae and Adem Mehmedovic, violinist Mai Choma, and vocalists Mateo Falgás and Nina Nicolaiewsky.

Ten Meter Band

Ten Meter Band is a 7-piece instrumental Jazz-Rock Fusion group based in Toronto, Canada. Formed in 2014, they released their debut EP Living Room Black Box in 2016 and are now releasing their first full-length self-titled studio album on July 14th, 2022. With all original music featuring plenty of electric guitar and keyboards, along with a 3-piece horn section, this music is high-energy and made to make you dance. As a group, Ten Meter Band has performed regularly at venues across Toronto and Hamilton, including in 2018 when they played the main stage at the TD Toronto Undergraduate Jazz Festival. They are known for their tongue-in-cheek commentary on social media and speaking to their audience at shows, combined with a high-quality and serious approach to performing. They also have a YouTube channel with several music videos from their debut EP, which were all filmed live during recording. Ten Meter Band was formed at Humber College by a group of music students who played together on several recording projects. It went on to become a creative outlet for them as they pursued various careers in music.

Carole Nelson Trio

Night Vision is the third recording from this relatively new project made up of Cormac O’Brien on Bass, Dominic Mullan on Drums and Carole Nelson on Piano & soprano sax. All three contributed to the writing of the 10 original tracks. Since their debut album in 2017 the trio have received great critical acclaim, including a ‘Best album of 2020’ in All About Jazz magazine for their second album Arboreal. Successful tours around Ireland continue with a double bill appearance with the Tord Gustavsen Trio at the Bray Jazz Festival 2022. Night Vision has a wonderful back story and the music becomes so much more meaningful and connected when the listener has both. Everything started for Carole with two words, deeper still. At first it was the elemental landscape, the rocks and stormy seas, the depth of the peat bogs, deep time. Later deeper still became more of an inward spiritual journey. Secluded during the pandemic, Carole started to observe the different lives around her – foxes, hedgehogs and birds and wanted to give voice to the world outside of herself, to other species.

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