Aural Delights on the Overflow 127

This week a selection brand new releases and a couple of classic recordings. There is new music from 2 Lost Souls, San Pedro Collective, Legless Trials, Es, The Parasite, Salem Trials, and The Ember Glows. There is a new collaboration with jazz maestro Daniel Carter and an alt-rock trio and previously unheard older recordings from Dislocation Dance and Sonic Youth. Live Dave Graney and an early 70s stunner from Help Yourself complete the hour.

  1. 2 Lost Souls – Splitting At The Seams 00:00
  2. San Pedro Collective – Nightcruising 04:32
  3. Dislocation Dance – Separation 08:16
  4. Legless Trials – Like That 14:47
  5. Es. – Groove 18:04
  6. Dave Graney – Intro: Speak To My Medium/I’m A Commander 21:19
  7. Daniel Carter, Evan Strauss, 5-Track, Sheridan Riley – Hands, at the Bonfire 28:33
  8. The Parasite – Don’t Call Out For Carlos 30:15
  9. Salem Trials – Last Meeting 33:30
  10. Sonic Youth – Basement Contender 37:31
  11. The Ember Glows – Silent Love 47:02
  12. Help Yourself – American Mother 52:24


  • 2 Lost Souls – another single in the 52 release series
  • San Pedro Collective – 8 piece band from Manchester, creating genre-defying tunes that blend elements of everything from funk to punk, electronica to rock’n’roll, and basically “whatever else we feel like”. Originally spawned from the nucleus of Rikki Turner’s (Paris Angels) electronic project ‘San Pedro’, in mid-2019 Turner was joined by Justin Leonard on guitar, Keith Higgins on bass, and Simon Wolstencroft on drums…and the Collective was born. Working with guest vocalists Jasmine Needham, Sarah Bouchier and Millie MacBean throughout 2020, the band recorded and released the ‘Phase Two EP’ in July 2021 to rave reviews. While Turner has since moved on to start his next project, the band have gone from strength to strength and the addition of Sam Murray on lead guitar, Jeff Black and John Montague on keys, and Rick Burrows on Trumpet has given the band a full and dynamic live sound and opened up a new world of sonic possibilities, topped off perfectly by new permanent frontwoman Nathalie Haley on lead vocals. Black, Montague and Haley are simultaneously members of the band Positronik.
  • Dislocation Dance – rare recordings from the 1980s released for the first time – all proceeds going to the Help Joel Live Longer campaign.
  • Legless Trials – El Borko and Andy back with a new album called Cheese Sandwich
  • Es. more lo-fi magic from Daniel Cunnington from a new EP called Soul
  • From the live album Point Blank – The first of the dave graney “narrative shows”. A story about a performer finding and walking onto the stage, fighting many heroic battles. All songs written by Dave Graney from various albums recorded in the 90s. Recorded at the Butterfly Club, Sth Melbourne in 2006. Two mics in the room. Mark Fitzgibbon on a stand up piano. Clare Moore on vibes, percussion and backing vocals. Dave Graney telling the story and singing the songs into the room. No microphone.
  • Daniel Carter, Evan Strauss, 5-Track, Sheridan Riley – The Uproar in Bursts of Sound and Silence (577 Records) – Hands. at the Bonfire – experimental rock trio joined by jazz master Daniel Carter in a fascinating mix of genres and techniques
  • The Parasite – exclusive preview track from the new Parasite album – The Institute For The Diffusion Of Unwanted Knowledge
  • The ever prolific Salem Trials return with Unified Field Theory
  • Sonic Youth – . Taken from various recordings made between 2000 and 2010, the five tracks are exploratory jams/improvisations.
  • The Ember Glows – Formed in early 2019 by members of Montreal-based indie artists Room Control, REPO, Scene Noir and Citylake, The Ember Glows is Richard Bunze (guitar), Kevin Hills (bass), Martin Saint (vocals and guitar) and Dan Stefik (drums)
  • Classic Help Yourself from a new compilation Blowing Free: Underground & Progressive Sounds of 1972

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