World of Jazz 498

This time a dip in the archive for a couple of tracks featuring Wolfgang Muthspiel. More guitar from Brian Citro. There’s a preview of a stunning new album from Nate Wooley, music from La Pompe Attack, classic British Jazz from John Taylor, a debut from Julius Rodriguez, rare Dave Brubeck and some early Oregon. There’s also new self released music from Eyal Netzer & Oded Geizhals, Extended and Glen Dickson, plus a new one from Caili O’Doherty.

  1. Show Intro 00:00
  2. Wolfgang Muthspiel “Joseph” from Driftwood (ECM) 00:54
  3. Brian Citro “Pannonica” from Acoustic Pastime – Solo Guitar (ears&eyes) 07:10
  4. Ralph Towner, Wolfgang Muthspiel, Slava Grigoryan “Windsong” from Travel Guide (ECM) 13:11
  5. Nate Wooley “Returning To Drown Myself, Finally” from Ancient Songs of Burlap Heroes (Pyroclastic) 20:26
  6. La Pompe Attack “Teen Town” from Putt Lake Toodleloo (GotMusic Records) 31:16
  7. John Taylor Sextet “Interfusion” from Fragment (Jazz In Britain) 36:23
  8. Julius Rodriguez “Elegy (For Cam)” from Let Sound Tell All (Verve Records) 45:52
  9. Dave Brubeck Trio “La Paloma Azul” from Live from Vienna 1967 (Brubeck Editions) 53:50
  10. Oregon “Icarus” from In Performance (Wounded Bird Records) 1:00:21
  11. Eyal Netzer , Oded Geizhals “Sea Suite I” from Duo (Self Released) 1:06:50
  12. Eyal Netzer , Oded Geizhals “Sea Suite II” from Duo (Self Released) 1:10:13
  13. Eyal Netzer , Oded Geizhals “Sea Suite III” from Duo (Self Released) 1:16:01
  14. Extended “Prominent Randy” from Without Notice (Self Released) 1:21:26
  15. Caili O’Doherty “Mr. O” from Quarantine Dream (Posi-tone) 1:28:11
  16. Glenn Dickson “Closer To The Fire” from Wider Than The Sky (Self Released) 1:35:37
  17. John Taylor Sextet “For Chris” from Fragment (Jazz In Britain) 1:42:43


Wolfgang Muthspiel

Guitar trio date recorded in May 2013, led by Austrian guitarist Wolfgang Muthspiel.  Bookended by tributes to two formative influences, Joseph (Zawinul) and Bossa For Michael Brecker, all the material is Muthspiel’s other than the group-composed title track.  Larry Grenadier underpins it with both rock solid basslines and melancholy bowing, and Brian Blade on drums keeps the structure and momentum

Brian Citro

In this solo acoustic guitar album you’ll hear some jazz, folk and Americana all mixed together in a relaxing sonic experience. I’ve selected his great interpretation of Thelonious Monk’s Pannonica.

Says Brian, “looking back now, I can see the trajectory that led from the beginning of the pandemic to Acoustic Pastime – Solo Guitar. At the time, I was grounded—literally, forced to cancel a fully planned trip to Ghana in March 2020—coping with the sudden halt in my work as a human rights lawyer and the fear surrounding the disease. So, I refocused on something I could control, things I could create despite everything—playing solo guitar, recommitting myself to writing music, and learning to record. Acoustic Pastime is the result and my first solo effort.”

Brian will perform a month-long album release residency each Friday in August at Chicago’s The Whistler

Ralph Towner

Travel Guide brings together Ralph Towner on classical and 12-string guitars, Wolfgang Muthspiel on electric guitar, and Slava Grigoryan on classical and baritone guitars. Representing the US, Austria, and Kazakhstan, respectively, the three came together in a 2005 tour that first brought their sound as a unit into undeniable perspective. The resulting trio builds on the integrity of every tune—in this case an even ten from Towner and Muthspiel. The two write with such kindred spirit that one needn’t even parse them, though characteristics familiar to Towner fans do give his music a distinctive arc. Ultimately, the lyrical improvising on all fronts turns every track into a matter of group belonging.

Nate Wooley

This album is dedicated to those who recognize living as a heroic act: the occupiers of sunup barstools; the cubicle-planted; the ghosts of Greyhounds; the reasonably sketchy. A burlap hero is one who marches—consciously or not—back to the sea in hopes of making no splash, who understands and embraces the imperfection of being, and in that way, stretches the definition of sainthood to fit.
Releases July 29, 2022

Mary Halvorson Guitar
Susan Alcorn Pedal Steel Guitar
Ryan Sawyer Drums
Nate Wooley Trumpet and Amplifier, Compositions

Produced by David Breskin

Recorded by Ryan Streber at Oktaven Audio, October 14-15, 2021

La Pompe Attack

“Putt Lake Toodleloo” marks Doug Moore’s 20th release as leader and La Pompe Attack’s third, and probably, final release. He says “Putt Lake Toodleoo” is probably my most daring mash up of music to date. Besides the original compositions there songs by The Beatles, Sound Garden, James Taylor, Jaco Pastorious, Wayne Shorter, and of course, the maestro Django Reinhardt. I could not have made this recording without the help of the players involved. I have a deep connection with all of the La Pompe Attack family. Some, like my relationship with bassist Michael Goetz, go back decades. Others, like my relationship with Ben Wood are relatively new. La Pompe Attack is a collective of like-minded musicians, we all share a special bond. We have created a community of players that are dedicated to each other and
dedicated to the music. This is not a paid for hire band put together for the sole purpose of making a recording. These are the people I work with day in and day out. We have a musical connection that can only come from playing together… a lot.

John Taylor Sextet

Previously only available on tape cassette in 1975, now remastered and available as a download and on limited edition CD for the first time. This was John Taylor’s third album as leader.

John Taylor – piano, electric piano
Ken Wheeler – trumpet, flugelhorn
Stan Sulzmann – tenor & soprano saxophone, flute
Chris Pyne – trombone
Chris Laurence – bass
Tony Levin – drums, percussion

Recorded live in London, January 1975

Julius Rodriguez

On his debut album Let Sound Tell All, 23-year old musician Julius Rodriguez stirs a cauldron of gospel, jazz, classical, R&B, hip-hop, experimentation, production and sheer technical wizardry to create a stunning first reelease that commands attention. Featured “Elegy (For Cam)” is dedicated to Rodriguez’s friend the late actor Cameron Boyce.

Dave Brubeck Trio

A newly discovered recording of the extraordinary evening when the iconic Dave Brubeck Quartet was forced to take the stage as a trio. This electrifying album marks the only recording of jazz luminary Dave Brubeck, celebrated drummer Joe Morello and acclaimed bassist Eugene Wright performing in a trio context. During this performance at Vienna’s famed Konzerthaus, the pared-down instrumentation proves only to exemplify the genius of Brubeck and his legendary rhythm section. The date was November 12, 1967 and the Dave Brubeck Quartet was nearing the end of their very last tour of Europe. They had played in Hamburg on November 10th, but saxophonist Paul Desmond got “distracted” after going out on the town for one last evening to explore Hamburg with an old friend. When the rest of the quartet went to the airport on the morning of November 11th, Paul was missing. He didn’t make the lobby call or the flight and the rest of the group travelled to Vienna without him.


1980 Release on Elektra, recorded live at Yoshi’s

Eyal Netzer , Oded Geizhals

Simply entitled “DUO”, this is Eyal Netzer’s (Saxophone) and Oded Geizhals’s (Vibraphone) debut album as a duo. Joining together for creating an intimate, soulful dialogue through original compositions.

Oded Geizhals is a multi-disciplinary musician who specializes in contemporary classical music and improvisation. He has played concerts in Israel, Europe, North and South America and the Far East. He is active in the new music scene and has played in many premieres, including works written especially for him. He has been a member of the Israel Contemporary Players since 2011.

Eyal Netzer, a saxophonist based in Israel, released his debut album in 2021, a duet with Stephen Horenstein on Creative Sources Recordings (Portugal), and is taking his part in the local free-jazz scene (Shay Hazan, Albert Beger, Assif Tsahar, William Parker) along with other musical situations, like the Israeli Andalusian Orchestra, Castle In Time Orchestra and many more.

A three-part composition by Netzer, named “Sea Suite” was composed during scuba diving under Mediterranean water. Watching life under water, wrecks and ancient ruins, came to life some vivid sounds and images of two musicians, playing a primitive tune on a primary landscape. The Saxophone (imagine an ancient wooden flute), keeps on chanting a one-note mantra, while a dreamy, naive harmony is presented by the Vibraphone (now imagine a bone-made xylophone).


Pianist Oscar Rossignoli, bassist Matt Booth and drummer Brad Webb continue to display their individual and collective musical expertise on this third release. Immediately after dropping their 2019 critically acclaimed sophomore release, Harbinger (Origin Records), the New Orleans-based trio set to work assembling the material for Without Notice. Embedded in the previous album were flashes of the long-form, highly improvisational yet through-composed and thoroughly collective approach to songwriting that has become their signature, and this new album is their calling card.

Caili O’Doherty

O’Doherty’s Posi-Tone debut date is also highlighted by some scintillating contributions from rising star saxophonist Nicole Glover in front of the solid harmonic foundation of bassist Tamir Shmerling and the bombastically explosive metrics of drummer Cory Cox.

With its straightforward, swinging and soulful presentations, Quarantine Dream succeeds in delivering O’Doherty’s heartfelt message of hope and joy as a delightful reverie of bright moments certain to uplift the hearts and ears of jazz fans everywhere.

Glenn Dickson

Clarinetist Glenn Dickson, who has made waves with his bands Naftule’s Dream and Shirim on John Zorn’s Tzadik label, released his first solo album Wider Than the Sky on July 8, 2022. A lush and otherworldly album of solo clarinet with electronics, the music breaks new ground for Dickson, who is best known for his edgy klezmer-tinged improvisations and compositions as well as his traditional klezmer playing. Wider Than the Sky transfers those influences into calm, deep musical waters, where he weaves moody and hypnotic soundscapes blending the warm sounds of the clarinet with live digital processing.

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