Background Notes for Aural Delights 19th and 22nd May

Ember Rev

Single from the forthcoming fourth album “Isolophilia”. An instrumental packed with the rhythmic complexity the band are renknowed for. The Bandcamp version of the release comes with a hidden bonus track.

The Bobby Lees

New EP “Hollywood Junkyard” on Ipecac Recordings produced by Vance Powell (Jack White, Bleached, The Raconteurs).

The band is Macky Bowman (drums), Nick Casa (guitar), Sam Quartin (vocals/guitar), Kendall Wind (bass)

The Woodstock, N.Y.-based band have released two albums: Beauty Pageant (2018) and Skin Suit (2020), with the latter produced by Jon Spencer.


Recorded at Olympic Studios in late 1969 and issued in January 1970, ‘A Song For Me’ marked a new chapter in the story of the band. The middle months of 1969 had been a period of trauma with the departure of bassist/violinist Ric Grech to join the supergroup Blind Faith and the dismissal of saxophonist Jim King. As a result, vocalist Roger Chapman, guitarist John ‘Charlie’ Whitney and drummer Rob Townsend recruited bassist and violinist John Weider (previously with Eric Burdon And The Animals) and multi-instrumentalist John ‘Poli’ Palmer (previously with Blossom Toes and then Eclection) joined on vibes, keyboards and flute. As a result of the line-up change, the musical characteristics of Family progressed and ‘A Song For Me’ was a wonderful showcase for the reincarnated band. Upon its release the album reached number four in the UK charts and saw the band enjoy further success in Europe. This new two-disc edition of this classic album has been newly remastered from the master tapes and also includes 14 bonus tracks drawn from singles and BBC Radio sessions from August 1969 and January 1970. This release also features an illustrated booklet with a new essay and is a fitting tribute to a much-treasured band.

George Crotty Trio

The George Crotty Trio’s second studio album, Chronotope, emerged from a desire to travel through music at a time when travel was restricted. Recorded in Toronto, the new tunes engage in cross-cultural interplay between post-bop, South American grooves, Indian Raga, and Arabic Maqam. George Crotty has forged his own vocabulary on the cello. Following his graduation from the Berklee College of Music, he immersed himself in New York’s jazz and world music scenes, joining several ensembles such as the Brooklyn Raga Massive and the Detroit-based National Arab Orchestra, in addition to collaborating with Paquito D’Rivera, Anat Cohen, and Darol Anger. Powered by drummer Matias Recharte (Kuné, Jesse Cook) and bassist Jonathan Chapman (Travis Knights, Laura Anglade) their collaborative sound deviates from a trio’s typical hierarchy. The three players intertwine on their own spontaneous terms in an exploration of groove and colour, lending Crotty’s tunes an exciting three-dimensional quality. The album will be released on July 22nd and will be celebrated with a performance at the Rex in Toronto on August 9th, in addition to an October tour in Ontario and Quebec.

Aliens & DJ Pitch

The first of a trio of Aliens remixes by London based Dj Pitch released by Metal Postcard

DJ Pitch is the architectural mastermind behind 2 outstanding UK labels, championing artists like Object Blue, Organ Tapes, Don Sinini, Iceboy Violet and BFTT who have all had eminent releases through DJ Pitch’s hands. He has previously been featured and interviewed in the likes of Dummy Mag, Mixmag, Beatport and Tank Mag, and has collaborated on projects with 8ULENTINA and Lara Sarkissian (Founders of the now defunct Club Chai).

The record is intrinsically influenced by the hundreds of artists he has worked with, and it sits somewhere between the curation he shows in his 2 record labels. On one hand All Centre – a DJ, dance floor focused label heavy on bass and techno and then TT, an older shining light in experimental music that leaves no stone unturned – dancehall, grime, gabber, ambient, contemporary club, emo rap. It also nods towards his recently launched 3rd label Off Centre, which covers new school grime. But this record shouldn’t be defined by DJ Pitch’s other projects, rather on the leap forward in his own personal, distinctive sound that shows his well sculpted sound design skills and palette.

Jane Dust

A while since Jane has released anything. Part of her second solo phase. Created during Melbourne lockdown 6.1. ‘Jack and Jane’ is a tip of the hat to ‘The Sentimental Bloke’. Jane plays everything apart from a drum outro from Clare Moore

Legless Trials

First single from the forthcoming album entitled Cheese Sandwich from the Mighty Legless Trials. Another Metal Postcard Release. Recorded remotely, with all overdubs improvised in single takes, January-March 2022. Son of El Borko: vocals / bass, Salem Goz: guitars / bass / vocals, Lucy: backing vocals, Boss: cheap drum machine / keeper of time

Salem Trials

The insanely prolific Salem Trials with yet another album – this is one of their Metal Postcard releases. Russ: vocals, Andy: guitars / synth / backing vocals, Lucy: backing vocals, Boss: cheap drum machine / keeper of time. Written and recorded remotely during several days in February, 2022. Mixed and Produced March 2022.

The Fall

Singles taken from the Cherry Red Set “Singles 1978-2016”

Cabaret Voltaire

The fourth studio album released in May 1982, through Rough Trade. The title comes from the album’s original format – two 45 RPM 12″ discs. This was the last studio album by the band to feature Chris Watson as a member. Sides A and B were recorded at Western Works, Sheffield in October 1981, while Sides C and D were recorded at Pluto Studios, Manchester in February 1982. The track “Yashar” was later remixed as a dance record by John Robie and released as a seperate single.

The Birthday Party

The third studio album . It was released on 10 May 1982 by Missing Link Records in Australia and by 4AD in the UK. It was the group’s last full-length studio recording. Junkyard was inspired by American Southern Gothic imagery, dealing with extreme subjects like an evangelist’s murdered daughter. Anita Lane, then girlfriend of lead singer Nick Cave, co-wrote two songs for the album: “Dead Joe” and “Kiss Me Black”. The album was a somewhat transitional record for a variety of reasons. On 16 February 1982 in Melbourne, Tracy Pew (the band’s bass player) was arrested for drunk driving. For this and several other outstanding offences he served 2.5 months in Pentridge Prison in Australia, and so Barry Adamson played bass on several tracks of the album’s tracks. In addition to his usual guitar, Mick Harvey played drums on a few songs, anticipating the upcoming termination of founding member Phill Calvert and the band’s subsequent switch from quintet to quartet.

Pere Ubu

From the compilation Datapanik In The Year Zero: 1980-1982. 1996 box set by Pere Ubu which catalogues their initial phase of existence up to their 1982 hiatus . The title was first used by the band for a 1978 EP which compiled their first singles; the name was “recycled” for this release. The name references the Cold War film Panic in Year Zero!

The Goon Sax

Australian indie pop trio from Brisbane, Queensland. Formed in 2013, the band consists of Riley Jones (vocals, drums, lead guitar), Louis Forster (vocals, rhythm guitar, bass) and James Harrison (bass, rhythm guitar, backing vocals). The band are joined by Alistair Taylor (lead guitar, keyboards, drums) for live performances. Forster is the son of Robert Forster, the co-founder of the Go-Betweens. The band released their debut album, Up to Anything, in 2016 on the Chapter Music label. This was followed by We’re Not Talking in 2018, and Mirror II in 2021. They have performed with Twerps, Blank Realm, U.S. Girls, and Crayon Fields, among other artists. The band’s name is a play on words combining the Australian vernacular for boxed wine, a ‘goon sack’, with the musical instrument the saxophone.

Dave Graney & the mistLY

Details here

High Pulp

It’s difficult to pin down Seattle’s High Pulp. In just a few short years, this instrumental band has dabbled in everything from avant-garde jazz to beat-driven R&B to psychedelic synthesizer-heavy electronica. Their ninth release.


Forged in the fires of the East Coast underground music scene in the 90s, experimental Hip Hop pioneers, Union City, NJ-based duo Dälek has spent decades carving out a unique niche fusing hardcore Hip Hop, noise and a radical approach to sound. Their brutal sonic temperament pushes rap music’s capacity for noise and protest to some exhilarating conclusions.

For their latest and eighth album, Precipice, Dälek unleashes a work that is practically bristling with fury and power. Predominantly the work of the core duo, Will Brooks, aka MC Dälek and Mike Manteca (Mike Mare), Precipice features a guest appearance of Adam Jones of Tool. The striking cover art was done by Paul Romano (Mastodon), and the packaging features the art of Mikel Elam.

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

20th studio album and first double album. A mindbending variety of genres are in play and includes some very long jams.

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