Aural Delights 492

This weeks selection includes new music from Helms Alee, Hartwig Skellington, Salem Trials, Blue Amber, Compro Oro, The John Denver Airport Conspiracy, Sugar For The Pill, Scatter, Othered, Slow Dawn and Abronia. There are features on Rhythm & Sound, and, Heroes Are Gang Leaders, some live Dave Graney and some classic dub from Ranking Dread.

Details of music on the show can be found in this summary of this weeks Aural Delights

  • Helms Alee – See Sight Smell Smells – Keep This Be the Way
  • Hartwig Skellington – Batchelor – The Fireboot Factory
  • Dave Graney and the mistly – The Stars, Baby, The Stars (Live Version) – Play MistLY for Me
  • Heroes Are Gang Leaders – Artificial Happiness Button – Artificial Happiness Button
  • Rhythm & Sound – Lightning Storm (w/ Rod Of Iron) – See Mi Yah
  • Salem Trials – Caught In The DMZ – Trapped in the Wreckage
  • Blue Amber – The Great British Sitcom (for Jozef Raczka) – Single
  • Compro Oro – Ben Hur – Single
  • Hartwig Skellington – Breathe Gold – The Fireboot Factory
  • Dave Graney and the mistly – We Don’t Belong to Anybody (Live Version)- Play MistLY for Me
  • Rhythm & Sound – King Version – The Versions
  • The John Denver Airport Conspiracy – The Big Classic – Something’s Gotta Give!
  • Ranking Dread – Dub It Star – Ranking Dread In Dub
  • Sugar For The Pill – Stardust – Wanderlust
  • Scatter – Unstoppable – Single
  • Hartwig Skellington – Fireboot – The Fireboot Factory
  • Dave Graney and the mistly – Are We Going Too Fast For Love – Play MistLY for Me
  • Helms Alee – Tripping Up The Stairs – Keep This Be The Way
  • Heroes Are Gang Leaders – Sad Dictator (I Wanna Make Freedom) – LeAutoRoiOgraphy
  • Othered – War – Othered Vol. 1
  • Rhythm & Sound – Jah Rule – With The Artists
  • Salem Trials – Trapped In The Wreckage – Trapped In The Wreckage
  • Slow Dawn – Near Dark – Into The Machinehaus
  • Abronia – Night Hoarders – Night Of Dawn

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