World of Jazz 486

On this weeks show the new album from Dave Douglas, recent releases from Yannick Rieu, Marcello Carelli and Santiago Lacabe, plus a trio of guitar led releases from OTTO, Smith Komma John and Spacepilot.

  • Show Intro 00:00
  • Dave Douglas “Arrival” from Secular Psalms (Greenleaf) 00:44
  • Yannick Rieu Génération Quartet “Time Is, Life Was” from Qui Qu’en Grogne (Yari Productions) 10:10
  • Santiago Lacabe “Coquito” from Jusitici Adivina (ears&eyes) 16:44
  • OTTO “Prelude Suite n2 BWV 997” from Danses (circum-disc) 25:31
  • Smith Komma John “Ingen Ablegoyer Takk” from Music For Humans (Jazzland) 29:17
  • Spacepilot “Mozart Goes To Uranus (KV371)” from Hycean Worlds (Orbit 577) 36:23
  • Marcello Carelli “The New Dawn” from The Era (Carelli Records) 42:25
  • Dave Douglas “Mercy” from Secular Psalms (Greenleaf) 48:59
  • OTTO “Allemande Suite n1 BWV 996” from Danses (circum-disc) 55:19
  • Yannick Rieu Génération Quartet “Qui Qu’en Grogne” from Qui Qu’en Grogne (Yari Productions) 1:00:00
  • Smith Komma John “Reggi” from Music For Humans (Jazzland) 1:04:44
  • Spacepilot “UY Scuti” from Hycean Worlds (Orbit 577) 1:11:16
  • Santiago Lacabe “African Flower” from Jusitici Adivina (ears&eyes) 1:15:31
  • Dave Douglas “Ah Moon” from Secular Psalms (Greenleaf) 1:27:15
  • Yannick Rieu Génération Quartet “Pharaon” from Qui Qu’en Grogne (Yari Productions) 1:33:21
  • OTTO “Bourree Suite n1 BWV 996” from Danses (circum-disc) 1:39:33
  • Smith Komma John “Sarong Fasong” from Music For Humans (Jazzland) 1:42:56
  • Santiago Lacabe “All Alone” from Jusitici Adivina (ears&eyes) 1:47:39
  • Spacepilot “Voyager One” from Hycean Worlds (Orbit 577) 1:56:20

Dave Douglas

Dave Douglas, trumpet, voice
Berlinde Deman, serpent, tuba, voice
Marta Warelis, piano, prepared piano, pump organ
Frederik Leroux, guitars, lute, electronics
Tomeka Reid, cello
Lander Gyselinck, drums, electronics

Inspired by and dedicated to The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb by Jan and Hubert van Eyck – a polyptych originally painted for display in St. Bavo’s Cathedral in Ghent, Belgium. Begun in the mid 1420s and completed by 1432.

Yannick Rieu Génération Quartet

Yannick Rieu – Saxophones
Gentiane Michaud-Gagnon – Piano
Guy Boisvert – Bass
Louis-Vincent Hamel – Drums

New album from Montréal-based saxophonist Yannick Rieu (pronounced Ya-neek Ree-oo) entitled Qui Qu’en Grogne (pronounced Key Con Grow-nyuh)

With his new album Qui Qu’en Grogne, Rieu invites us to revisit his musical origins and early influences with a new collection of songs grounded in the classic jazz quartet tradition.

Santiago Lacabe

Justici Adivina is a project that was born at the beginning of 2020 in a quartet format, without piano. After its first performance, the group was forced to interrupt its activity due to the pandemic. In that period of no face-to-face activity but of great introspection and research, Lacabe advanced with the composition of a good part of the repertoire and, later, decided to add a piano to the group. The music takes a turn and, although improvisation is the central axis, the compositions take a more prominent place. The songs contain clearly recognizable tonal melodies, which on several occasions rest on repeating bass lines in different stylistic contexts of traditional jazz, free jazz, avant-garde and, in some cases, traditional African music. Western.

Enrique Norris – cornet
Inti Sabev – bass clarinet & soprano sax
Jeronimo Carmona – contrabass
Nicolas Boccanera – piano
Santiago Lacabe – drums, compositions & arrangements


Suites for lute and cello by J-S Bach given a modern twist by Ivann Cruz and Frédéric L’Homme

Smith Komma John

Smith Komma John consists of the musicians Stian Larsen (gt), Adrian Myhr (bs) and Tore T. Sandbakken (dr) and they are releasing their debut album «Music for Humans» on the legendary Jazzland Recordings on April 1st, 2022. A traditional guitar trio in the true sense of the format but musically tries to stretch the framework for jazz, rock and blues. The band name is derived from an old Mad-TV skit where an alien entity takes the form of a human and tries to infiltrate the US elections. Sadly the generic name John Smith was spelled out as written: Smith, John.


In 2021, a group of British researchers proposed a new class of exoplanets, covered in water and thick with hydrogen atmospheres, naming them Hycean Worlds, and affirming their potential for life. Inspired by their possibility, New York-based trio Spacepilot devoted their new album to imagining these worlds. Fusing together broad influences, their psychedelic rock sound draws from Avant-Garde Noise, Funk, Gospel, Jazz, Blues, and Techno, reaching for a more experimental sound than previous albums. Recorded live at the iconic Red Horn District in Germany they had access to a literal stable full of vintage instruments. On this 8-track improvised project, Elias Meister (Guitar, Effects), Leo Genovese (Rhodes, Synth, Hammond Organ), and Joe Hertenstein (Drums) envisioned otherworldly ballads, avant-garde moments, soulful rock, and a loose quoting of a Mozart’s canon. Hycean Worlds will be available digitally on May 31, 2022.

Marcello Carelli

Debut release and the culmination of his first four years as a composer, with seven of the eight tunes being original compositions.

Dylan McHann – Tenor Saxophone
David Sneider – Trumpet
Sam Keedy – Trombone
Connor Rohrer – Piano
Max Schwartz – Bass
Marcello Carelli – Drums

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