Aural Delights 487

On this weeks show new releases from Echo Response, Malcolm Hill & Live Flesh, Laure Loriga, Super Hit, Once Upon A Time In A Winter, Kammahav, Ditch Swimmer, Auster Boys and Tropical Fuck Storm & King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard. There’s also some live Dave Graney from his narrative show “Point Blank” and a couple of Dub Reggae classics.

  • Echo Response “BIFAR” from Triangles (2022)
  • Malcolm Hill & Live Flesh “Traces Remain” Single (2022)
  • Laura Loriga “Balmaha” from Vever (2022)
  • Dave Graney “Intro: Speak to My Medium” from Point Blank (2015)
  • Super Hit “1-5 Downer (Silent Song)” from POP (2022)
  • Once Upon A Winter “Anthos” from Void Moments of Inertia (2022)
  • Echo Response “Quite The Curious State” from Triangles (2022)
  • Kammahav “Hollow” from 48-54 (2022)
  • Ditch Swimmer “Slippers” from Foolish Vanity Project (2022)
  • Auster Boys “A New Life Daventry Calling” from A New Life Daventry Calling Estate Agents In Audis (2022)
  • Laura Loriga “August Bells” from Vever (2022)
  • Dr Alimantado “Poison Flour” from Best Dressed Chicken In Town (1978)
  • Dave Graney “I’m A Commander” from Point Blank (2015)
  • Scientist “Straight In The Boy Coxsone Chest” from Dub Wars – Coxsone vs Quaker City (2006)
  • Once Upon A Winter “Void Moments of Inertia” from Void Moments of Inertia (2022)
  • Echo Response “Morpheme” from Triangles (2022)
  • Ditch Swimmer “Tenterhooks” from Foolish Vanity Project (2022)
  • Kammahav “The Next Time” from 48-54 (2022)
  • Tropical Fuck Storm + King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard “Satanic Slumber Party Part 3 (Hoof And Horn)” from Satanic Slumber Party (2022)
  • Auster Boys “Estate Agents In Audis” from A New Life Daventry Calling Estate Agents In Audis (2022)
  • Dave Graney “Lt Colonel Cavalry” from Point Blank (2015)
  • Laura Loriga “The Sun Rises Where it Rises” from Vever (2022)
  • Ditch Swimmer “Vignette” from Foolish Vanity Project (2022)
  • Johann Kloos “Night Bus” from Deltacrom (2022)

Malcolm Hill & Live Flesh

A new single from Malcolm and the band….Melbourne, Australia

Laura Loriga

Singer and pianist Laura Loriga was born in Italy, and in the past decade, she has been developing her work between her country and the United States.

With her main project, Mimes of Wine, she has so far released three full-length records (Apocalypse sets in – Midfinger Records/Warner Chappell, 2009, Memories for the Unseen – Urtovox Records, 2012, and La Maison Verte – Urtovox Records (ITA)/Accidental Muzik (US), 2016), touring extensively with her band around Europe, with numerous shows also in California and New York, where she currently lives.

This new album is released in partnership with ears&eyes records.

Dave Graney

The first of the dave graney “narrative shows”.

A story about a performer finding and walking onto the stage, fighting many heroic battles. All songs written by Dave Graney from various albums recorded in the 90s

Recorded at the Butterfly Club, Sth Melbourne in 2006. Two mics in the room. Mark Fitzgibbon on a stand up piano. Clare Moore on vibes, percussion and backing vocals. Dave Graney telling the story and singing the songs into the room. No microphone.

Show was done again at the Butterfly Club in 2007, then in Adelaide at the Cabaret festival (successive years) and then in Sydney at the Opera House.

Ditch Swimmer

Leeds based project featuring Mark Stainton (Mesmer Disciples) Doug Aikman (Fatherfigures) and Jason Pick.

Echo Response

Pax Aeternum presents Triangles, the debut album from Portland, Maine-based ECHO RESPONSE, the solo endeavor of multi-instrumentalist Jason Ingalls.

The brainchild of Ingalls (El Malo, formerly of The Baltic Sea, Seekonk, and more), ECHO RESPONSE’s debut album Triangles stands as an act of sonic world-building – and immersive, vibrant landscape in which a listener can lose themselves. Unafraid to contort the influence of his predecessors into something new and different, Ingalls doesn’t perform songs so much as he embarks on journeys.

From the Studio One vibes of opener “The Approach,” to the pensive Morricone ambience of “One Door Opens,” to the worldly Eno/Byrne funk of “Rayquaza,” Ingalls manages to pull the listener in a different direction with each song without losing the sense of the larger path being headed down. But focusing on these individual points of reference would be like staring at brushstrokes rather than taking in the whole of a painting. Like fellow iconoclasts such as Can, Tortoise, and Khruangbin, ECHO RESPONSE fuses the rhythmic pulse of dub, the ethereal sheen of cosmic jazz, and the anything goes aesthetic of krautrock into something that can balance being expansive yet inviting, eclectic yet focused, reverent yet iconoclastic.

Once Upon A Time In Winter

Greek post rockers with their 4th album

Super Hit

The magic and love of C86 is alive and well and living in Portland, Oregon. Simple drum machine beats and jangly chiming guitars back whispered vocals that takes one back to the golden days of Sarah Records. Metal Postcard Records.


New EP from Christian Gustafsson & Tony Jenkins

Auster Boys

Northampton’s finest are back with another psychogeographical derive.

Johann Kloos

Sent through by Doctor Kloos last week _ I assume it is from a new album

The Pop Group

Recording live in Coventry reflects the groups recent work with Dennis Bovell and the re-imagining of the Y album.

Tropical Fuck Storm and King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

Somewhere along a frayed thread of time, a King Gizz and a Tropical Fuck Storm convened under the cloak of night for a slumber party of the satanic persuasion…Pumped full of booze and adrenaline, two of psych-rock’s most powerful joined forces for a 20-minute “Hatjam” chockfull of sax skronks, brick-heavy distortion, and punchy riffs. Satanic Slumber Party arrives just in time for your possessed pleasure.

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