Aural Delights on The Overflow 110

  • Weimar “The Girls of LA” from The Girls of LA (2022)
  • Dälek “Boycott” from Precipice (2022)
  • Broj “Revere” from Revere (2022)
  • Occult Character “Affordable Art” from Affordable Art (2022)
  • Swoone “The Bullet Never Kills” from Handcuffed Heart (2018)
  • Mono “The Blind Man” from Formica Blues (1997)
  • The Fall “Blindness” from Fall Heads Roll (2005)
  • Occult Character “Messin’ Around” from Messin’ Around (2022)
  • The Conspiracy “Black & White” from Caged EP (2022)
  • Julia Gaeta “Weight of You” from Weight of You (2022)
  • Occult Character “Dead Rise” from Thumb Ghost EP (2022)
  • The Bacillus “The Silent Runner” from I Can’t Adapt To This Prison You Call Society (2014)
  • Weimar “Transatlantic Confusion” from The Girls Of LA (2022)
  • Curlew “Not Innocent” from Fabulous Drop (1998)
  • Portishead “Numb” from Numb (1994)


New single

an ode to the bottle-service girls who work the bars and clubs of Los Angeles, who use the money from their bar work to finance their wider careers in Hollywood and in the business world. It is written as an anthem to their business prestige and headstrong pursuit of career goals, serving as a positive reflection on the American Dream and the road to stardom.

24th June 2022 will see the release of their long-awaited debut album, “Dancing On A Volcano”. this single will not be on the forthcoming album

B Side original song from Aidan Cross’s earlier band The Bacillus


Second single from the forthcoming album Precipice


‘Broj’ consists of two like-minded, longtime friends from Amsterdam.
Casper Jansen and Benjamin Brommer came together in 2016 to create music that allowed them to
express themselves creatively and emotionally. They developed a deep-rooted interest in the art of
producing electronic music when they converged paths with their mutual interest in house music by
the vibrant club scene in Amsterdam, London, and Berlin. Their sound can be described as a fusion
between deep house and electronica as they like to source organic elements from multiple genres;
shaping their sound to what it is today.

Occult Character

Incredibly prolific artist from Dallas – 67 releases on Bandcamp – Apocalyptic amateurism and guarded emotional expression made manifest in electro-rap, lo-fi anti-folk and alt-rock milieus. Metal Postcard act


Siobhan de Maré is a singer, mostly known from lending her voice to the album Formica Blues by the UK band Mono in 1997. In 2000, she joined Robin Guthrie (formerly of Cocteau Twins) to form Violet Indiana, Siobhan has a sensual, ethereal voice, and she is the fifth child of The Shadows drummer Tony Meehan. More recently De Mare has been writing and recording with Gary Bruce under the name Swoone. The track This Bullet Never Kills was released in May 2015 with an album, Handcuffed Heart released in August 2018.

The Conspiracy

Another Metal Postcard act – appears to be extracts from an earlier album – In late 1989 two cousins began recording original songs. Since then there have been many releases on German & English Independent labels, along with several inclusions on various compilations over the years. In a nutshell The Conspiracy’s music is very English. It is an eclectic, intelligent & original interpretation of the finest elements of British Pop, Indie Rock & Folk, plus a lot more

Julia Gaeta

Paris-based American artist Julia Gaeta presents her debut single


American experimental free jazz group founded by saxophone player George Cartwright in 1979. 1998 album with George Ann Rupel bass; Davey Williams guitar; Chris Cochrane guitar; Kenny Wolleson drums.

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