World of Jazz 481

Featured on this weeks show new material from talented guitarist Tassos Spiliotopoulos, cutting edge piano trio explorations from Mostly Other People Do The Killing, great new improvisations from Adam Nolan’s trio and the partnership of Bruno Duplant, Frédéric Tentelier, and Massimo Magee. There’s also a brand new release from Diego Rivera plus a couple of new albums featuring Ivo Perelman, and, one or two other treats as well.

  • Host Intro 00:00
  • Tassos Spiliotopoulos “Let’s Pretend” from Solitude (Self Released) 00:53
  • Mostly Other People Do The Killing “Three Mile Island” from Disasters Vol. 1 (Hot Cup Records) 06:35
  • Diego Rivera “Battle Fatigue” from Mestizo (Posi-tone) 11:00
  • Adam Nolan “Roll The Dice” from Listen To Me (Self Released) 15:32
  • Bruno Duplant, Frédéric Tentelier, Massimo Magee “Untitled 1” from 344 (Orbit577) 20:57
  • Ivo Perelman Quartet “Impromptu” from Magic Dust (Mahalaka Music) 25:50
  • Ken Ikeda, Massimo Magee, Eddie Prévost, Joshua Weitzel “Easter Monday Music (Excerpt)” from Easter Monday Music (577 Records) 40:12
  • Red Gazelle Trio “Stargazing (Radio Edit)” from In The Midst Of It All (Zack’s Music) 48:44
  • Mostly Other People Do The Killing “Marcus Hook” from Disasters Vol. 1 (Hot Cup Records) 54:12
  • Diego Rivera “The Rose WIndow” from Mestizo (Posi-tone) 1:00:00
  • Adam Nolan “Volcanos” from Listen To Me (Self Released) 1:06:49
  • Bruno Duplant, Frédéric Tentelier, Massimo Magee “Untitled 5” from 344 (Orbit577) 1:13:01
  • Hideo Yamaki, Dave Douglas, Bill Laswell “Misogi” from Misogi (Greenleaf) 1:19:16
  • (D)IVO Saxophone Quartet “Part Two” from (D)IVO (Mahalaka Music) 1:28:15
  • Tassos Spiliotopoulos “Across The Line” from Solitude (Self Released) 1:41:54
  • Diego Rivera “Escapade” from Mestizo (Posi-tone) 1:47:33
  • Bruno Duplant, Frédéric Tentelier, Massimo Magee “Untitled 8” from 344 (Orbit577) 1:54:16

Tassos Spiliotopoulos

The new EP ‘Solitude’ is the fourth release by guitarist and composer Tassos Spiliotopoulos featuring all original music. In this new release Tassos takes up the Jazz guitar trio format and explores new sonic and compositional ideas that take this classic set-up beyond tradition. Continuing on his trademark approach to jazz, Tassos delivers what critics have described as dark, melodic and powerful, modern Jazz.

It was the Spring of 2020 and Tassos Spiliotopoulos (now a resident of Sweden) was in the UK touring with his Swedish quartet while the news of the rising Pandemic were becoming more and more ominous. While taking a day off from touring Tassos decided to reconnect with fellow musicians Kevin Glasgow and Asaf Sirkis for a day of recording some of Tassos’ music at Eastcote studios in London. The three musicians have worked together in various line-up over the years and appeared in many recordings and tours. The recording session resulted in the first three tracks of the new EP ‘Solitude’ and the trio recorded one more track ‘Across the Line’ remotely, during lockdown.

Mostly Other People Do The Killing

Hot Cup Records is proud to present Disasters Vol. 1, the second release by the piano trio configuration of Mostly Other People Do the Killing. Disasters Vol. 1 features eight new compositions by bassist/composer Moppa Elliott written in the fall of 2019, just before the pandemic struck. Each composition on the album is named after a small town in Pennsylvania that experienced disasters ranging from floods and fires to mining accidents. These disasters are cautionary tales, potent metaphors, and excellent examples of how people measure risk and reward.

Elliott’s compositions, as performed by the MOPDtK trio including pianist Ron Stabinsky and drummer Kevin Shea, are deliberately simple so that they can be spontaneously taken apart and reassembled, a hallmark of MOPDtK dating back to the band’s inception in 2003.

Diego Rivera

With a stunning mixture of grace and power, tenor saxophonist Diego Rivera transcends cultural boundaries to deliver an emphatic message of intelligence and inclusivity on his latest release “Mestizo.”

Critical listeners may appreciate these performances as a series of engaged discussions employing the repartee of context and contrast between the leading voices of the horns and the affectionate support and retort from their immaculate rhythm section of pianist Art Hirahara, bassist Boris Kozlov, and drummer Rudy Royston. This assemblage of bright moments is also admirably enhanced by the presence of trumpet phenomenon Alex Sipiagin who joins Rivera, as his front line aide-de-camp, providing musical offerings of incisive intensity that steadily serve to escalate the entire proceeding unto another level.

Adam Nolan

Based on the fluid approach to modern free jazz with a message that challenges the listener to think about what they truly want in life. To own your own and to live a life you truly want for yourself despite what society expects of you. It challenges the listener to be more mindful as the fluid approach can allow them to drift in and out of the music as it’s surprisingly accessible flow can be either listened to as background music or on a much deeper view when desired. Elements of Kaoru Abe, Milford Graves, Miles Davis, Steve Coleman, GRID and even Rage Against the Machine have helped influence this album.

Adam Nolan – Alto Saxophone
Derek Whyte – Electric Bass
Jason McNamara – Drums

Bruno Duplant, Frédéric Tentelier, Massimo Magee

344 is a set of improvisations featuring a trio of musicians located in two different countries playing four instruments in the creation of one unified sound. Bruno Duplant’s twin voices of double bass and percussion meet Frédéric Tentelier’s lush but patient Fender Rhodes and Massimo Magee’s sometimes agitated, sometimes relaxed reeds—spanning Sopranino, Alto and Tenor Saxophones and Clarinet—to evoke a 21st-century improvised re-imagining of a classical jazz sound.

Their relaxed and open interplay at times recalls the Jimmy Giuffre, Paul Bley and Steve Swallow trio, but with the contemporary edge of an enhanced awareness of place and gesture.

344 will be available digitally on April 5, 2022, joining Magee’s other releases on Orbit577 that include Live at Salon Villa Plagwitz, Cyclone Trio Cataclism Live at Cafe Oto, Cyclone Trio Electric, Live In the Metaverse and Abeyance.

Ivo Perelman Quartet

In his ongoing search for a cosmic sound to expand the boundaries of the tenor saxophone , Brazilian Sound Wizard Ivo Perelman dialogues with Master Sound Magicians Christopher Parker , Chad Anderson and William Parker in a unforgettable tour de force performance.

Ken Ikeda, Massimo Magee, Eddie Prévost, Joshua Weitzel

On Easter Monday of 2019, friends and colleagues reunited at London’s iconic improvisational space Cafe Oto. The four, Ken Ikeda (Synthesizer), Massimo Magee (Electronics, Saxophone), Joshua Weitzel (Shamisen), Eddie Prévost (Percussion) had met and played together many times in the years prior—usually in the context of Eddie Prévost’s London Improvisation Workshop—but had never performed a public concert together. The group’s avant-garde electro-acoustic approach extends aspects of their shared research as part of the London workshop but under the hot stage lights of a live concert setting, capturing the electricity of live improvisation. The extended two-track album, Easter Monday Music, will be available in both CD and digital editions on April 8, 2022.

Red Gazelle Trio

The Copenhagen based trio by Kristoffer Vejslev (electric guitar), Peter Price (double bass) and Simon Forchhammer (drums) is one of the most promising upcoming bands on the Nordic contemporary jazz scene. The Covid-19 pandemic has had a major influence on the trio and their music. “Stargazing” was composed during lockdown, and is a mellow track full of depth, a sweet melody and soothing storytelling.

Hideo Yamaki, Dave Douglas, Bill Laswell

Of which Dave Douglas says “A few years ago, I met drummer Hideo Yamaki on a gig at The Drawing Center in Manhattan. We played a trio with Bill Laswell on bass. It was an absolute blast, and print of the recording was created. A couple months ago, out of the blue, I received some drum and percussion tracks from Hideo, just a friendly greeting with a few words of welcome. When I heard what it was, I pulled out the microphone and threw the whole thing in Protools. Created three tracks of trumpet parts with various mutters and approaches. I sent it on to Bill, who, because of the lockdowns, I have not seen in person for a long time. It was great to connect. Bill added his parts and created a ‘mix translation’ of the three of us. Here it is. Bill and I are releasing this track exclusively to our subscribers. Join us and hear our entire catalog of member-only recordings.”

(D)IVO Saxophone Quartet

Innovative saxophonist Ivo Perelman is one of those rare musicians whose remarkably large discography is also uniformly superb. Despite having over 100 releases to his credit, not a single one even approaches mediocrity. Perelman’s style, unique from the onset, has evolved with breathtaking alacrity making each addition to his oeuvre distinct from the others yet equally superlative. On this album Perelman, democratically, leads the saxophone quartet D(IVO) consisting of himself on tenor, Tony Malaby on soprano, Tim Berne on alto, and James Carter on baritone saxophone. Berne and Carter also appear on this project’s precursor, an engrossing and impressive 12 disc box set of duets with various reed players.

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