Aural Delights on the Overflow 109

This week new music from Salem Trials, Es., Jade Brodie, Legless Crabs, Mdou Moctar, Occult Character, Tomistoma, Adult. and Springtime. Also a selection of classic tracks from Sugar, Effie Briest, The Nectarine No 9 and The Revolutionaries..

  • Salem Trials “Girls With No Money” from Girls With No Money/Ladyskull Films (2022)
  • Es. “Speed” from Speed (2022)
  • Jade Brodie “Split My Tooth” from The Magnolia Sessions (2022)
  • Legless Crabs “Fake Weed Emergency” from Fake Weed Emergency (2022)
  • Mdou Moctar “Chismiten” from Afrique Victem (2022)
  • Occult Character “Indie Labels That Accept Demos” from Indie Labels That Accept Demos (2022)
  • Sugar “Helpless” from Copper Blue (2012)
  • Tomistoma “Castle Ring” from The Chase (2022)
  • Adult. “Undoing/Undone” from Becoming Undone (2022)
  • Effie Briest “Rhizomes” from Rhizomes (2010)
  • Legless Crabs “90” from Fake Weed Emergency (2022)
  • Salem Trials “Ladyskull Films” from Girls With No Money/Ladyskull Films (2022)
  • The Nectarine No.9 “Chocolate Swastika” from A Sea With Three Stars (2009)
  • The Revolutionaries “Creation Dub” from Green Bay Dub (2009)
  • Springtime “Penumbra” from Night Raver EP (2022)

Salem Trials

Another in the month long series of singles in February from Ross and Andy


Daniel Cunnington back with another single in his new lo-fi series

Jade Brodie

JADE BRODIE is a railroading songstress from Northern Nevada. Drawing inspiration from the blue-collar hero and away-from-home lifestyle of the railroad. She writes her songs with a heavy train beat, strong will, and simple poetry. Originally from the near coastal towns of Sonoma County, California, she boomed around until she found a better life in Nevada. She traded in the railroading lifestyle for a more routed existence of ranching and is lucky enough to work horseback. She’s. still exploring her sound through this new way of life and is grateful for it.

Legless Crabs

Naïve rock’n’roll influenced by The Shaggs, The Jesus & Mary Chain, Wesley Willis, Pussy Galore, Mogwai, GBV, & Ministry.

El Borko – guitar, vox
Haircut Augustus – bass
Magnum P.U. – drums

Mdou Moctar

Tuareg songwriter and musician based in Agadez, Niger, who performs modern adaptations of Tuareg guitar music. Sixth album.

Occult Character

Prolific artist from Dallas, Texas. Apocalyptic amateurism and guarded emotional expression made manifest in electro-rap, lo-fi anti-folk and alt-rock milieus.


Debut studio album by American alternative rock band Sugar. It was voted 1992 Album of the Year by the NME. All of the songs were written by guitarist/vocalist Bob Mould, who also co-produced with Lou Giordano.


Reptilian piano-led doom from the darkest heart of Stoke-on-Trent, England. Electric piano, clavinet, tonewheel organ, combo organs, drums, wavetable synthesizer, Soulsby Odytron, audio manipulation and vox performed by Cai Brown.


from Detroit, Michigan, formed in 1998 by married couple Nicola Kuperus and Adam Lee Miller. The band integrates vocals with drum machines, analog synthesizers and electronic/punk elements. 11th album.

Effie Brest

The all-female band Effi Briest were bursting with ideas on their debut full-length, Rhizomes from 2010

The Nectarine No. 9

Debut album from 1992


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