World of Jazz 480

Featured on this weeks show are new albums from Matt Slocum, Marquis Hill, Ariel Invernizzi Oviedo, Fishblot, Amos Gillespie, Avishai Cohen, and Jorge Garcia. There is also a track from improvisation “super-group” John Dikeman, Pat Thomas, John Edwards, and Steve Noble. Also included are archive choices from Stan Sulzmann and Tony Hymas, Joanne Brackeen and Mary Halvorson.

  • Show Intro 0:00
  • Matt Slocum “An Evolving Alliance” from With Love And Sadness (Sunnyside Records) 00:53
  • Marquis Hill “A Portrait of Fola” from New Gospel Revisited (Edition Records) 08:46
  • Ariel Invernizzi Oviedo “Kripton” from Antique (Numeral) 19:59
  • Fishblot “Can I Tell You” from Small Talk (ears&eyes) 23:47
  • Amos Gillespie “Shades of Red” from Unstructured Time (Self Released) 30:23
  • Avishai Cohen “Part 3” from Naked Truth (ECM) 41:49
  • Jorge Garcia “This One For Richie” from Dedicated To You (Self Released) 48:03
  • Ariel Invernizzi Oviedo “Cerial” from Antique (Numeral) 53:19
  • Fishblot “Far Fjords” from Small Talk (ears&eyes) 57:04
  • Marquis Hill “Farewell (Feat. James Francies)” from New Gospel Revisited (Edition Records) 1:00:22
  • Matt Slocum “Precipice” from With Love And Sadness (Sunnyside Records) 1:04:37
  • Stan Sulzmann and Tony Hymas “Toon” from KRARK (Jazz In Britain) 1:13:15
  • Joanne Brackeen “Ancient Dynasty” from Ancient Dynasty (Tappan Zee) 1:21:11
  • John Dikeman, Pat Thomas, John Edwards, Steve Noble “No Comment” from Volume 1 (577 Records) 1:33:12
  • Mary Halvorson Trio “Nine Two Six Four Two Dies (No. 10)” from Dragon’s Head (Firehouse 12) 1:41:28
  • Ariel Invernizzi Oviedo “Zebra Blue” from Antique (Numeral) 1:49:05
  • Fishblot “At Sea Haircuts” from Small Talk (ears&eyes) 1:54:13

Matt Slocum

Featuring Taylor Eigsti, Walter Smith III, Larry Grenadier & Matt Slocum. The music was composed as a single work rather than as individual “tunes,” and the narrative arc is structured as a continuous whole with subplots shaped around and within the two sides of the LP.

Marquis Hill

A live reinterpretation of Marquis Hill’s 2012 debut ‘New Gospel’, featuring Walter Smith III, Joel Ross, James Francies, Kendrick Scott and Harish Raghavan. The fearless and formidable composer/trumpeter Marquis Hill signs to Edition with a live recording that revisits and reinterprets his debut 2012 album ‘New Gospel’. Taking his multi-talented band into the storied Chicago venue, Constellation, Marquis has re-energised the music that introduced him to the world as a leading voice in his generation of musicians. As Marquis says “To revisit this music in a fresh way, with a new band has been uniquely invigorating – and hugely rewarding.”

Ariel Invernizzi Oviedo

Antique seeks to bring together free improvisation, composition and structure and flexibility of roles. It was recorded with the musicians in the same room and without using headphones, with vintage microphone settings, thus recreating the rawest sound of the oldest jazz recordings. They are all first shots, without any subsequent editing.



Danny Fisher-Lochhead and Ryan Blotnick independently found their way to an island in Maine where they have collaborated since 2015. As with any profoundly seasonal place, their public musical activities tend to proliferate in the warmer months, and then contract again in the colder months, leaving time for imagining, writing, cultivating, and working on the more personal, internal aspects of music.

When the winter of 2020/2021 arrived after almost a year of pandemic lockdown of varying degrees, the level of isolation that lay ahead was even more daunting than in other years. Now the small amount of socializing that would normally get a person through the winter in Maine was reduced to even fewer connections. Danny and Ryan, along with their partners and a few friends, decided to pod up for much of the pandemic, and hunker down for what felt like the longest winter in history.

The kind of isolation which surrounded and influenced this project created a particular kind of personal language for the two of them, which felt separate from any particular scene or standards of practice, and aligned more with their sincere desires of what they needed to hear and feel at that moment. Because of this, many of the tracks of small talk bear an uncharacteristically melodic feeling for improvised music, and place it in a stylistically ambiguous zone that feels both straightforward and ecstatic, experimental and grounded, and very personal.

Ryan Blotnick – guitar

Danny Fisher-Lochhead – alto saxophone

Amos Gillespie

“Unstructured Time” for jazz septet is an original work about finding introspective peace in a loud world. Amos started writing it in 2019 and after quite a few delays (including pandemic delays), finished it in 2020 and premiered it April 29th, 2021 at the Fulton Street Collective in Chicago. It was later recorded at Transient Studios with Tyler Rice mixing and mastering. The album features Alexandra Olsavsky, voice; Amos Gillespie, alto sax; Andy Schlinder, tenor sax; Gustavo Cortinas, drums; Paul Bedal, piano; Casey Nielsen, guitar and Dan Thatcher, bass.

Avishai Cohen

There is a searching, yearning quality to Naked Truth, and a raw beauty and vulnerability in Avishai Cohen’s trumpet sound throughout. Very much music-of-the moment, found and shaped in the course of a remarkable recording session in the South of France, Naked Truth takes the form of an extemporaneous suite. For most of its length the Israeli trumpeter painstakingly leads the way, closely shadowed by his long-time comrades – pianist Yonathan Avishai, bassist Barak Mori and drummer Ziv Ravitz – who share an intuitive understanding, hyper alert to the music’s subtly-changing emphases.

Jorge Garcia

Although his name is not known to jazz fans nationwide, Cuban-born guitarist Jorge Garcia has worked with many esteemed musicians, including Tony Bennett, Cécile McLorin Salvant, Chuck Redd, Jon Faddis, and Ignacio Berroa. Garcia’s new self-released album, DEDICATED TO YOU, celebrates his collaborations with two other jazz icons, Richie Cole and Hendrik Meurkens, along with some of his favorite local musicians from South Florida. Garcia’s association with the late alto saxophonist Richie Cole dates back to the late 1990s, when Cole was living in Key Largo, FL, and in the process of forming a new edition of his Alto Madness Orchestra. Garcia was not only a member of the band, he remembers performing with bassist Rick Doll and drummer James Cotmon on Cole’s big band gigs. Richie Cole played clubs and concerts in the Miami area on several occasions, and whenever he was asked to assemble a band, Garcia would be Cole‘s first-call guitarist. In 2009, Cole was back in Southern Florida, and Garcia offered to pay for the studio rental if Cole would be willing to record. Cole readily agreed, and the band’s rhythm section of Garcia, Doll and Cotmon were reunited for the date.

Stan Sulzmann and Tony Hymas

Originally released on vinyl LP on Mosaic Records (GCM 792) in 1979
Re-issued for the first time in digital format with the support of Stan Sulzmann and Tony Hymas

Stan Sulzmann – tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute

Tony Hymas – grand piano, electric piano (Fender Rhodes), synthesizers (Oberheim OB. 1, Roland RS 202)

Recorded at BBC Kensington House on 27th January & 1st March 1979

Joanne Brackeen

EDDIE GOMEZ double bass
JOE HENDERSON tenor saxophone

All music composed by JoAnne Brackeen
Recorded November 1979 at Sound Mixers, NYC
Tappan Zee Records ‎– JC 36593 (US)

John Dikeman, Pat Thomas, John Edwards, Steve Noble

Super groups are not a riskless endeavor—but when they’re made up of longtime friends and master improvisers, they tend to work. On their collaboration, simply titled Volume 1, up-and-coming American saxophonist John Dikeman (When The Time Is Right, 577 Records, 2021) is accompanied by a group of UK-based music masters: pianist Pat Thomas, a 577 Records mainstay (Shifa Live at Cafe Oto 2019, BleySchool 2019, Shifa Live in Oslo 2020, Educated Guess 2021), bassist John Edwards (EMPoWered, 577 Records, 2021), and drummer Steve Noble. The album’s two tracks are dynamic and surprising, opening with a bombastic 8-minute piece, followed by a minimalist, quieting 32-minute performance. The project will be available on April 1st, 2022 in CD and digital editions as well as black vinyl and limited edition color LP, and will be shortly followed by a planned Volume 2.

Recorded February 24, 2019 by Shaun Crook at Cafe Oto, London, UK
Mixed and mastered by Jeremy Loucas at Sear Sound, New York City

Mary Halvorson Trio

Halvorson, joined by a sympathetic rhythm section in the persons of bassist John Hebert and drummer Ches Smith , blends pop savvy abstraction with explosive fervour as she and her band mates extrapolate her heady tunes.

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