World of Jazz 477

On this weeks show an eclectic selection of brand new releases from Michael Weiss, Ron Ledoux, Tim Berne & Gregg Belisle-Chi, Hello Cacus!, Luneta Freedom Jazz Collective, In Real Time, Adam Shead and Manuel Valera New Cuban Express Big Band.

  • Michael Weiss “Persistence” from Persistence (Cellar Live) 00:00
  • Ron Ledoux Quartet “Fourth Impression” from A Stones Throw Away (Self Released) 06:19
  • Tim Berne & Gregg Belisle-Chi “Frosty” from Mars (Intakt) 12:12
  • Hello Cacus! “For Petter” from Happy Thief (ears&eyes) 16:34
  • Luneta Freedom Jazz Collective “Arimathea” from Slaves and Masters (Mahorka) 23:32
  • In Real Time “Crosstown” from Blue Shift (Line Art Records) 26:31
  • Ron Ledoux Quartet “Noted In Blue” from A Stones Throw Away (Self Released) 35:06
  • Hello Cacus! “Great Title” from Happy Thief (ears&eyes) 40:09
  • Michael Weiss “Once I Loved” from Persistence (Cellar Live) 48:47
  • Luneta Freedom Jazz Collective “Relationship of Command” from Slaves and Masters (Mahorka) 55:35
  • Tim Berne & Gregg Belisle-Chi “Rabbit Girl” from Mars (Intakt) 1:00:00
  • Adam Shead Quintet “Mvt. ii” from Full Cycle, New Thread (Shifting Paradigm Records) 1:04:19
  • Ron Ledoux Quartet “Late Ish News” from A Stones Throw Away (Self Released) 1:19:44
  • Hello Cacus! “Frederico’s Idea” from Happy Thief (ears&eyes) 1:25:26
  • In Real Time “Passacaglia” from Blue Shift (Line Art Records) 1:30:45
  • Luneta Freedom Jazz Collective “After The Cataclysm” from Slaves and Masters (Mahorka) 1:42:38
  • Tim Berne & Gregg Belisle-Chi “Middle Seat Blues” from Mars (Intakt) 1:47:22
  • Manuel Valera New Cuban Express Big Band “Expectativas” from Distancia (Greenleaf) 1:52:33

Michael Weiss

Persistence is the long-awaited follow up to Weiss’ Soul Journey, and features Eric Alexander, Paul Gill & Pete Van Nostrand Available on Cellar Live – February 18, 2022. Rooted in the bebop tradition but not limited by it.

Ron Ledoux Quartet

Ron Ledoux was born in Stanstead, Quebec, located on the Canada–United States border. He is a professional guitarist and music teacher with a Bachelor’s degree in performance from Concordia University and a teaching diploma from Ottawa University. He has performed extensively in Canada, Europe and in the USA. Based in Montreal, Ron is known for his musical versatility and his passion for jazz improvisation.

Ron Ledoux – Guitar and compositions
Paul Shrofel – Keyboards
Gilbert Joanis – Bass and arrangements
Rich Irwin – Drums

Tim Berne & Gregg Belisle-Chi

With his extensive artistic biography, Tim Berne is one of the most outstanding figures in American jazz. Rising star Gregg Belisle-Chi, a connoisseur of Berne’s music, has this year released the acclaimed album Koi, featuring interpretations of Tim Berne’s compositions on solo acoustic guitar.
With his extensive skills and immense sonic potential, he is earning a central place in the landscape of contemporary acoustic guitar. With Mars, these two exceptional musicians present their first duo album. All songs are penned by Tim Berne and enchant the listener with an intense interplay that is playful, poetic and sonically stunning.

Hello Cacus!

During a residency in New York, September 2018, Argentinian drummer Federico Isasti and Norwegian bassist Petter Asbjørnsen met and developed a spontaneous musical connection. As part of the SIM workshop (led by Ralph Alessi), Petter and Federico played together a wide range of compositions with musicians within different ensemble settings. That initial musical connection and the shared way of conceiving composed music with improvisation as the founding core led to the idea of working together in the future. Just a few days later, fate would have it that they also met the Austrian pianist Elias Stemeseder, a musician that Federico and Petter already admired for his work with Jim Black and Nels Cline, among others, and his fresh approach to improvised music. For all these reasons, they decided they would have to record an album before they disappeared to different corners of the world

The following days were spent intensively composing and exploring musical concepts and material to play in a piano trio setting. The central pieces of these explorations were a polished work of rhythm and a subtle approach to harmonies. As a result of that work, the musicians arrived at Happy Thief. Both the names of the album and the trio (Hello Cacus!) were chosen after a sour experience. Just a few weeks after the recording, Petter was back in Europe where his personal bag was stolen, containing the hard drive with the original copy of the album’s recording session. Fortunately the recordings were still stored on sound technician Luis Bacqué’s hard-drive in his studio in New Jersey, where the album was recorded. On the one hand, Hello Cacus! references to the fire-breathing roman god Cacus, son of Vulcan, killer of innocents and perpetrator of all kinds of crimes. On the other hand, Happy Thief is a plain citation to that man that almost made this album impossible to be released.

Petter Asbjørnsen | upright bass, composition (of Kjetil Møster, Øyvind Skarbø, Kresten Osgood, Simon Toldam, Bosse Davidsen, Kasper Tranberg, Peter Bruun)
Elias Stemeseder | piano (of Jim Black, Nels Cline, Thomas Morgan, Christian Lillinger)
Federico Isasti | drums, percussion, composition (of Ernesto Jodos, Camila Nebbia, Mike McCormick, Alan Plachta, Isabel Crespo, Camilo Ángeles, Carlos Quebrada, Nicolás Boccanera, Pía Hernández)

Luneta Freedom Jazz Orchestra

Luneta Freedom Jazz Collective is an experimental jazz group from Manila, Philippines. Their first studio album “Ethos”, was recorded and released in April 2015. The group would go on to be featured at 2015’s To Be Continued on Stazione di Topolò/Global Health Incubator. Their second album, “Inland Empire” was released in 2017.

In 2021 their third album, “Slaves and Masters”, comes out on Mahorka, the dialectic as a narrative that examines the exploitation of labour and social stratification, with the latter seen primarily as unequal bargaining power between labour and capital. Particularly when workers are paid comparatively low wages and the latter as a lack of workers’ self-management, fulfilling choices and leisure in an economy.

More specifically, it is a discourse on economics as well as a social critique of consumption as a function of social class and of consumerism, derived from the stratification of people and the division of labor which are social institutions of the feudal period that have continued to this day. Evident in the current state of hacienda farmer’s in the Philippines. A Filipino farmer working at the Hacienda Najalin and Hacienda Luisita gets paid less than 4 Euros a week. Giving them a handful kilos of rice and canned goods as the subsidy to dissmiss their struggles.

In Real Time

Musicians: Carol Liebowitz – piano; Adam Lane – bass; Andrew Drury – drums

IN REAL TIME’s debut CD Blue Shift adds a compelling new sound to the piano–bass–drums story. Adam Lane and Andrew Drury were fellow students at Wesleyan in the 1980s, and though they each have an extensive catalogue of recordings, this outing is their first shared album release. Inspired after meeting Andrew at a Brooklyn jam session in 2016, Carol Liebowitz immediately thought of Adam for a trio and they began performing in 2017.

Adam Shead Quintet

Full Cycle, Thread New is a long form composition in three movements by Chicago multi-disciplinary artist Adam Shead. The piece focuses heavily on concepts of reformation, regeneration, nonlinear time dynamics, and cyclical history. Throughout the three movements which features Shead alongside acclaimed Chicago improvised music stalwarts Jeff Kimmel, clarinets; Ishmael Ali, cello/electronics; Matt Piet, piano; and Andrew Scott Young, double bass. the quintet effortlessly intertwines a diverse spectrum of aesthetic parameters while maintaining the music’s forward momentum.

Manuel Valera New Cuban Express Big Band

The album fuses the music of Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Brazil to forge innovative sounds and textures and draws upon searing personal experiences – going through personal loss, and having to pick up the pieces to move forward. Valera uses the broad palette of the big band to express a wide range of moods and emotions. From the haunting “From Afar,” to the fiery “Gemini,” the writing is dynamic and varied and the ensemble brings out the nuances with both grace and gusto.

The band features some of New York’s best creative musicians, including vocalists Camila Meza and Bogna Kicińska as well as standout soloists Charles Pillow, Remy Le Beouf, and Mike Fahie. Produced by Kabir Sehgal and Doug Davis, Manuel Valera presents a very personal album of engaging contemporary big band jazz.

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