Aural Delights 477

Featuring music from

2 Lost Souls, Colin Moulding, Telefís with Jah Wobble, The Fatima Mansions, Dave Graney ‘n’ The Coral Snakes, Crime & The City Solution, Strømme, Cooper McBean, Adam & Elvis, Bongwater, The Fall, Emmanuele Gattuso, Mark Slater, Bob Andy, Campbell, Mallinder, Benge, Ethyl Meatplow, The Geraldine Fibbers, Andy T, Robin Guthrie, Inca Babies, Isvisible Isinvisible, and Sarah Mc Quaid

  • 2 Lost Souls “Dead Pop Stars” from The Social Life (2022)
    • Paul and Ian return with a new album
  • Colin Moulding “The Hardest Battle” from The Hardest Battle (2021)
    • Former XTC man with a track from a recent EP
  • Telefís “Falun Gong Dancer with Jah Wobble” from Falun Gong Dancer with Jah Wobble (2022)
    • The third single from the debut Telefís album ‘a hAon’ sees members Jacknife Lee and Cathal Coughlan collaborate with legendary post-punk bass maestro Jah Wobble (Public Image Limited, Invaders Of The Heart).
  • The Fatima Mansions “The Loyaliser” from The Loyaliser (1994)
    • More Cathal with a classic Fatima Mansions track from 1994
  • Dave Graney ‘n’ The Coral Snakes “Pianola Roll” from The Devil Drives (1997)
    • Another one from….
  • Crime & The City Solution “Rose Blue” from Just South of Heaven (1985)
    • The EP received quite favorable reviews upon release. Mat Snow, writing for NME, noted similarities of the band’s sound to that of The Birthday Party and compared Simon Bonney’s vocals to “Tom Waits throwing up into a fried-egg sandwich.”
  • Strømme “Journey Home” from Acoustic Meditations, vol.1 (2022)
    • British Guitarist Stuart McCallum releases Journey Home, the fourth single from his new album Acoustic
  • Cooper McBean “Only For Tonight” from The Magnolia Sessions (2022)
    • The fifth installment of the new season of the Sessions today yields a record from COOPER MCBEAN. Born in Vermont, he has traveled quite a bit, currently residing in Austin, Texas with his human companion, two small dogs, and seven chickens. He plays banjo and guitar and sings songs, both under his own name and in The Devil Makes Three.
  • Adam & Elvis “Currency” from Currency (2022)
    • New Single – short tour forthcoming – 11th Feb Peer Hat, Manchester, 12th Feb Dark Horse, Birmingham, 17th Feb The Exchange, Bristol, 26th Feb Hot Box, Chelmsford
  • 2 Lost Souls “Wide Boys” from The Social Life (2022)
  • Bongwater “Rock and Roll Part 2” from Double Bummer (1988)
    • Kramer, and Ann Magnuson in fine form from their debut covering classic British Glam
  • The Fall “New Big Prinz” from I Am Kurious Oranj (1988)
    • The Fall borrow riffs? Surely not?
  • Emmanuele Gattuso “Be My Thing” from Flashlight (2021)
    • Italian musician who recently worked with Georgio “The Dove” Valentino – written between Brussels and Italy and released last june.
  • Mark Slater “Descent” from Insula (2022)
    • The latest single from British Pianist & Composer Mark Slater from his upcoming album Insula, released in full on the 18 March 2022 on new imprint E2 Music. Built on layers using only a Yamaha U3 upright and blending influences from Bjork, Max Richter and Nils Frahm as much as German 80’s electro pop,
  • Bob Andy “Going Home” from Song Book (1970)
    • Classic Coxsone Sound release. Andy had first found fame as the lead vocalist of The Paragons, but his peak as a solo artist came in the late ’60s when he recorded a string of singles for Clement “Coxsone” Dodd’s Studio One label. In 1970, these singles were compiled on the Song Book album
  • Campbell, Mallinder, Benge “Condition Collapsing” from Clinker (2021)
    • A brand new collaborative project by Julie Campbell (aka LoneLady), Stephen Mallinder (Wrangler, Cabaret Voltaire) and Benge (Wrangler, John Foxx).
  • Dave Graney ‘n’ The Coral Snakes “Land of Giants” from The Devil Drives (1997)
  • Ethyl Meatplow “Suck” from Happy Days, Sweetheart (1993)
  • The Geraldine Fibbers “Get Thee Gone” from What Part of Get Thee Gone Don’t You Understand? (1997)
    • A couple of great tracks from the career of Carla Bozulich
  • Andy T “Fragile Minds” from Clinging Onto Sanity With A Broken Fingernail (2021)
    • Rochdale’s favourite punk poet returns with a powerful album
  • Robin Guthrie “Another Part Of Nowhere” fron Springtime (2022)
    • Following the late 2021 releases of the ‘Mockingbird Love’ EP, the full-length album ‘Pearldiving’ and the ‘Riviera’ EP, the new year brings yet another new release by legendary Scottish music sculptor Robin Guthrie
  • 2 Lost Souls “The Wogle Stone” from The Social Life (2022)
  • Inca Babies “Opium Den” from Opium Den (1987)
    • Mini LP from 1987
  • Isvisible Isinvisible “Sea of Space” from Moon-White Water (2021)
    • Electronic music ripped from memories of growing up in the shadows of The Dark Peaks. Influenced by Krautrock, drones, pop, post-punk, death, abandoned buildings, deserted woods.
  • Sarah Mc Quaid “The Tug Of The Moon” from The St Buryan Sessions (2021)
    • New single from the recent album
  • Dave Graney ‘n’ The Coral Snakes “I Love Your Gravity” from The Devil Drives (1997)
  • Emmanuele Gattuso “Dub Soup” from Flashlight (2021)
  • Campbell, Mallinder, Benge “Monochrome” from Clinker (2021)

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